AOC On Manchin’s Voting Rights Excuse: ‘I Don’t Buy It’ 1

AOC On Manchin’s Voting Rights Excuse: ‘I Don’t Buy It’


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls out Sen. Joe Manchin’s reason for opposing the Voting Rights Act: “This is not just about bipartisanship.” 
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  1. Why are these elected leaders allowed to even take money from these corporations they shouldn’t be allowed to interfere with this type of stuff.. now that everybody can see all this stuff it needs to change.. they get paid good enough from our taxes right???

    1. @Grand Springdale You white folks need to stop electing rich entertainers for President.

    2. @Venanzio Calise listen up big cheif, I didn’t vote for anybody because I don’t believe in democracy.

      Angry? Not as angry as all of you are gonna be if you don’t stop drooling and put on a clean shirt

    3. @paulette barrow as opposed to what the GOP is doing? Mitch saying 100% of his energy will be put into stopping anything President Biden wants to get done??

    1. @joyceflowershed There you go being a foolish follower again. It’s what the mentally unwell left do. If he were broke do you think he would shut down The Apprentice to run for president with 15 other candidates?
      He went 4 years without collecting a paycheck. Don’t you feel foolish?

    2. @Grampa Genuity think you will find they were going to cancel the apprentice due to falling figures, he has been a conman all his days and still is

    3. @Bryanhe donated it to the same charity organizations that his children ran and are being investigated for fraud

    4. @Trent Vo well let’s see where he got the money.. He wrote a book, his wife wrote 2 books all#1 sellers, personal appearances on shows, commercials I could go on and on and his paychecks from Uncle Sam for being president. Makes more money now then he did when he was president

    1. pansy’s grow on both sides of a fence. dogs urinate on both sides of a fence. Feeling salty?

    2. It is such a shame and the very tool the foreign elements use to bruise rival countries’ democracies by installing bimbos like Trump. Shame on puppet Manchin for opposing an opportunity to repair damages accumulated over years

    3. Yet The Democrats received over a Billion dollars in Dark money this election $145M to Joe Biden himself and no one knows except his campaign where it came from. No wonder he is so soft on China.

    1. We are a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. Democracy is mob rule i.e., the current administration. A Republic is people rule. I know it’s weird, but if the people rule with representation then the the boarder would be secure and your tax dollars will be used with integrity because there will be accountability.

    2. @Devin Smith So are you saying that you don’t believe that dark money isn’t used to buy off people like Joe Manchin? I think that’s what AOC was referring to, and I think she’s right.

    3. @Madd_ Num I too think that is one of the stronger possibilities. Im just saying that getting the money out of politics will do nothing to remedy that problem. And if someone is sliding money to Manchin under the table that is already illegal so passing one more law isn’t going to matter.

    4. And setting term limits. It doesn’t make sense that people like McConnell will die in office and still making self serving decisions all along the way.

  2. 0:01 Alexandria Ocasio Cortes internal voice while staring at Manchin:
    “I could easily take his back, put him in a body lock, work my elbow under his chin, then squeeze until he goes unconscious.”

    1. @Debra Johnson but McConnell who has been in office since 87 is doing this strictly for the great feeling he gets when helping people GTFOH!! Republicans like trump are scamming people left and right and you have no problem with that? I would say politicians were the problem but they are not. It’s the ignorant people who keep voting them in. It’s like if your husband cheats on you constantly but you are always fighting the girls. One day you have to realize she’s not the one married to you in other words he’s the problem. You want to fix the government stop putting con men in office like trump and McCarthy. Examine your own morals and if that candidate lines up with yours then ok. If you like racist child molesters then Gaetz is your man. Which all republicans seem to be in agreement with so there.

    2. @Debra Johnson what lie did I tell? The facts are the facts. I would say reading is fundamental but that may go over your head

  3. they should be pain minimum wage, and not a penny more.. so they can see how 90% of the rest of the country has to live

    1. Polite Rude Guy Your response shows you are clueless about the facts and the details. Don’t embarrass the rest of us in Texas.

    1. In the modern world, you don’t need a firearm. You just need a smart phone mounted on a selfie stick.

    2. @Nameless Progressive Clone Please go read HR1. It systematically limits potential for corruption and curtails voter suppression. Anyone valuing democracy, should support HR1.

      Alternatively, if you have a specific concern I can help walk you through it.

    3. @Derek H.
      It legalizes ballot harvesting (fraud) and mandates raining ballots on harvesters.

      You have to throw the whole thing away based on those two by itself.

    4. @Nameless Progressive Clone
      Allowing people to sign their consent to explicitly authorize someone else they trust to drop off their ballots on their behalf is not fraud, and based on an avalanche of data from the 26 states which have always let you do that, it doesn’t beget fraud, nor would that hypothetical even favor one party over another.

  4. At this point I think people need to recognize in U.S. that their Democratic ways and history is not what Democraty means today. Either you accept that money is the new law and capitalism is not democracy, or you roll back your laws and thinking to a different norm. I don’t see you can do with the later now, I mean the world works like this. Electric money is the law, and internet and technology will just drive this forward. The rest is just talks and fighting with the winds. Sadly.

  5. West Virginia is 93.08 percent white, and consistently has the lowest rates of educational achievement in the nation. The official state pastimes are frightening off minorities and cousin marriage. What do you expect?

  6. oh boy when talking about political calculus, there’s clearly an aspect that’s really really not being recognized…

    which is that this younger generation is not only being underestimated when it comes to knowing the issues. but who it is responsible for their failures is even backed up by lots and lots of evidence!!

    so if down the road ssi is going to become “a thing” as the kids like to say, then a whole lot of senior citizens are going to have some serious regrets, period!!

  7. Not only is his lie about not wanting a partizan voting law spurious, but, since the Federal Law is designed to end partizan voting laws, Manchin’s lie is illogical at best.

  8. Imagine Manchin fighting along side American soldiers who fought n died in WWI, WWII or any War and he was a traitor! Don’t waste r time…I’m an American n part WVirginian!

  9. Manchin doesn’t want to raise vote to raise the minimum wage b/c his daughter owns several businesses, grifters have to protect their own

  10. at 6:18 she brings the hammer down on Joe’s corrupt lies. This is what makes her formidable

  11. We have some nerve scolding other countries for their corruption when the majority of our politicians are swimming in dark money.

  12. Love AOC. There is hope for our country with young progressives bringing change, or at least calling out the lies of the career politicians.

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