Joy Reid Calls Lauren Boebert ‘The Absolute Worst’ For Fundraising Off Mass Shootings | The ReidOut 1

Joy Reid Calls Lauren Boebert ‘The Absolute Worst’ For Fundraising Off Mass Shootings | The ReidOut


After 2 hours police responded to a shooting in Boulder, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert sent out a fundraising email defending guns. Aired on 03/25/2021.
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Joy Reid Calls Lauren Boebert ‘The Absolute Worst’ For Fundraising Off Mass Shootings | The ReidOut


    1. @Gerald McKencie – discharged from the military for testing positive for cocaine and several videos after that showing him with a crack pipe. But that is not the point, the point is WHY HAVE BIASED CHANNELS LIKE MSNBC not investigated this story or reported on it??????

    1. @El R. I don’t believe all of them are uneducated. I believe their ignorance is willful in order to support the truth that they failed in life despite the privilege they’ve had. They’ve been taught by conservative fear mongering to play the victim by always blaming Other.

    1. Denise, it’s not that they’re “ALLOWED” in that’s the problem — it’s that they’re VOTED in. If voters had brains, they would never LET someone like this into Congress, but they do it all the time. They vote for the least qualified, most repugnant, lowest information candidate. People like this are *allowed* in because it’s a free country. But they get *voted* in because too many Americans don’t understand that with freedom comes responsibility, and voting for idiots is irresponsible.

    1. @Jonathan Mol I think Denver n Boulder are more progressive but the other parts of Colorado are still living in the 1800s trapping coyotes n making pelts out of them like in the revnent

  1. She should not be in Congress at all. She also didn’t know the constitution had 27 amendments to it.

    1. AOC thought the 3 branches of government were the house, senate, and white house. Should she be in congress?

  2. That laren thing is putrid.
    I’ve wiped stuff off the bottom of my shoe that had more intelligence and empathy.

    1. @gerald brundage What a pathetic comment. Because AOC shows up what a horrid being Boebert is? How low to do you have to be when you hear “Shooting?” “Let’s fund raise on that”?

    2. @gerald brundage Boebert doesn’t have the intelligence or seriousness to be in the same league with Cortez.

    1. I think it’s more like she is crazy. Not just profit….she is a racist person who has misplaced ideas about what constitutes as being brave.

    1. The brain stem, much like the reptilian brain is all that is needed to move through the halls of congress, or parts of western Colorado, so it seems.

    1. oh yes. attacking her democrat affiliated network’s political enemies. forget about the fact that colorado is controlled by democrats at all levels, lets continue bashing republicans. yea, that will unify the country!!! go joy go!!!!

    2. Just started watching her and already love her! So I guess Republicans are butt hurt that the Democrats are fighting back. Look at what we had the past 4 years, a complete nightmare.

  3. How does someone who sounds like a Valley girl and barely has control of the English language make it to Congress. Total mind blow?

    1. @m jones I didn’t read that as being her point! I heard a comparison to Joy’s figures 10,000 (?) Gun murders & knifes at 300 (?) In 2019. I don’t think she was addressing the banishment of knives here or any other Countries.

    2. @Bj Lucas thanks..I meant to say guns should be regulated no matter what numbers are for other weapons.

    3. @Bj Lucas She said are we going to be like other countries that even ban knives. I want to know what countries ban knives…

  4. So I am an Australian living in Australia and even I know immigrants to the US undergo background checks. How come I know US immigration law better than a sitting Rep.?

    1. It’s frightening how many non-Americans know American history and law better than their own lawmakers and citizens. There’s not enough decent Americans, though it does seem that while the bad ones are getting worse, the good ones are getting better and (very slowly) the number of good ones seems to be increasing.

  5. When our congress people only have a 3rd grade education and a GED, they really don’t know a whole lot.

  6. I’m from Colorado and we agree: The absolute worst. I’m waiting for the day this Capitol sedition tour-guide gets charged for her role in the January 6th coup attempt.

    1. Kevin do you wake up every morning and think of more ways to make yourself an ill logical misinformed loser

    1. @William Stewart I have no idea. As long as she and her family are safe, I don’t care. I like her statements today. I’m going to use that quote like I wrote it!!

  7. We as the people need to have background checks for all these senators and Congress people that we’re voting for

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