Inside Biden’s ‘Remarkable’ Evening With American Scholars And Historians | The Last Word | MSNBC

Professor Michael Eric Dyson joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss his “rather remarkable evening” at the White House with President Biden and other top historians and scholars. Prof. Dyson commended President Biden’s “intellectual curiosity” and his ability to be “humble enough to receive the input of these figures, and yet great enough to engage them in a very serious and honest conversation.” Aired on 03/26/2021.

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Eric Dyson: Meeting With Historians Showed Biden’s Curiosity And Humility | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. we are seeing what 47 years in the political game, and being a compassionate human can bring to the office of the presidency…
    as opposed to none of the above, as exemplified by the previous occupant

    1. Doubling down on Obama’s cages or encouraging family’s to have their kids go off and break federal laws in foreign countries – just in tears with all the compassion!!!

      Most compassionate president our TV has ever seen!

    2. 4 yrs vs 47 yrs political experience, Trump is a total failure, thanks to the smart American voters this time round. I just can’t make sense of a president of USA inciting a riot in Capitol Hill behaving like a mafia instead

  2. Yeah, but Trump knew about the Revolutionary War era airports. Did Biden mention those?

    Irony. Trump was a moron that thought he knew everything.

    It is refreshing to hear intelligent people remark on the intelligence of our president for a change.

  3. That’s how his cabinet was assembled . The most qualified , honest & hard working , not the least , most corrupt & loyal to the liar . In with the sunshine & out with the shady .

    1. @ILLEGITIMATE DEMENTED Joe Oh yeah ?😅 Define shallowness & apply it to the current liberals .

    2. @ILLEGITIMATE DEMENTED Joe Trump the great negotiator, nuclear physicist and vaccine scientist… yes lets talk about Liberal shallowness of character compared to that narcissist.

  4. Joe Budden is a good man and he tried to do his job I’m happy to say I’m glad he’s my president. I know he’s ain’t perfect but nobody else. 🤔

  5. The part where he said the President wanted to learn for the sake of learning and answering the crisis, that part described a president I could endorse in spite of our differences. Sounds like a great example. This man preserved. How many times did he run for office? 3 Times!

  6. Although I’m not particularly a big Biden’s fan, I still voted for him; & now I must say it’s quite refreshing to have a SMART President who’s humble enough to seek advice before deciding on an important topic for the country! Republicans should take pointers!!

  7. Imagine that, a president with intellectual curiosity and the humility to show he’s not above suggestions and more information to make critical decisions.

  8. LMFAO!!! Hearing how open minded and refreshingly intellectually coherent Biden has been from the mouth of a consummate professional historian was…….well, lets just say it brought more than hope, joy, and a hearty chuckle to my mood.

  9. Since Biden’s brain bank has taken over, this 65 years old male with suffocating health issues (literally) is sleeping better. This compassionately qualified leader has enhanced my health. Everything the last administration did felt disastrous. The opportunistic vultures around Trump still seem willing and able to do nothing but divide and destroy democracy’s design to keep building this “more perfect Union”.
    Loan sharks hold Trump’s mortgage, ready to foreclose on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    A brain bank is underwriting Biden’s White House.

  10. I appreciate his curiosity of the history and crises, particularly on the Cold War and War On Drugs from its origins. I’m here reflecting on how US interventions in Honduras, Salvador, and Guatemala have led to the largest immigration and refugee movement in 20 years. I have to call it a night. I have research to do in the morning.

  11. I bet none of them could recite Trump’s famous words as proof of his superior intelligence: “Person, woman, man, camera, TV”. And has even one of them an uncle who is super smart? Huh?

    1. @James Smith the Republicans never hid trump in the basement and not let him talk to reporter whatever make u sleep at night haha

  12. Biden, is not afraid to lead. Usually Dyson speaks, in a way, that is way “above my head” as the lyric goes. Yes, Biden is not afraid to “engage” and encourage experts in their field of knowledge, to contribute to the agenda facing Americans.

  13. Astounding, wow, to think that there’s a president of the United States at this point in time who has the grasp and compassion to deal with these grave and unprecedented threats to his country and the world at large. From the rise of authoritarian governments to the climate crisis that’s changing this planet as we know it, President Biden is a leader who could enact a change to the course of history.

  14. Would have loved to have been in that room!! America deserves so much more than the last 4yrs! Can we as a Country truly achieve better, lift each other up, lift ALL Americans up??

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