Joy Reid Calls Out GOP Leaders Re-Tooling Party Around Vaccine Refusal 1

Joy Reid Calls Out GOP Leaders Re-Tooling Party Around Vaccine Refusal

Republican leaders who are focused on vaccine refusal as COVID-19 infections surge are slammed by Joy Reid for discouraging people from getting vaccinated, and masking. Dr. Lipi Roy and MSNBC analyst David Jolly join The ReidOut with their expert analysis.
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    1. @Demetria Karnavas The new term for the bottom feeders is the celebration of ignorance and deploring science because it makes feel incredibly stupid.

  1. What they don’t understand is that the government already comes to your door every day. Just ask your letter carrier.

    1. @Trey Sharpe When kids first go to school, they have to show they have been vaccinated for a lot of deasses already.

    2. The NSA, CIA, FBI are inside your home, traveling with you in your car, etc every hour of every day. GWB’s PATRIOT ACT did that. A person coming to your door is a lot less surreptitious.

    3. I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Yes they’re government officials, but all they do is deliver your mail. They’re not coming to rob your house.

    1. @JKD Studio Are socialists writing Joy’s, “script?” You Trump cult members blame everything on some Socialist bogeyman. Tell us who exactly you believe is writing Joy’s, “Script?”

    2. anything we disagree with is partisan. she is speaking the truth that could be said to anyone ALL AROUND THE WORLD. it is a global pandemic.

    3. @JKD Studio Some people make poor career choices, others work at it. Good luck with that thing you do. /s

  2. It’s extremely frustrating for us who live outside the US to hear of the wastage of vaccinations through mismanagement and inability to get the unvaccinated to just line up. I understand President Biden’s strategy but it’s time to balance this with the needs of the rest of the world. With limited production an oversupply in the US equals an undersupply elsewhere.

    1. @David LaRue What do you mean “people like me”? I was just repeating something I saw on YouTube. I was trying to be empathetic. You jump to conclusions

    2. @LJ Re Thank you. I have been following the events not just there in the US but worldwide. I hope we all soon realize that we are all one. If we do not achieve herd immunity worldwide, it would give the virus the opportunity to mutate again until we run out of Greek letters to name them. Now we have the Delta. I pray we don’t get to Omega. For now, I hope the vaccines hold out. If it doesn’t, it wouldn’t matter if we’re vaccinated on our side of the globe for eventually, the new virus variant will somehow find its way to our shores and we will all be back to square one.
      Wish all of us well.

    3. I live in the United States. I am SO ASHAMED of the stupidity, greed, hatred, and PRIVALEGE of my fellow Americans. I’m so so sorry for your position, and those worse off than you. Please don’t blame all Americans for this. Even though I wouldn’t blame you if you did, please know there are Millions of good people like myself here, who have done everything necessary to protect the lives of others. I am EXTREMELY frustrated and angry at this situation.

    4. Yep. I’m in Australia. We paid for Vaccines months ago & can’t get enough. And we have facilities to make them here. God only knows what’s happening in countries that can’t afford to pay upfront.
      @Lynda Koers – Please don’t refer to Human Beings as ‘Illegals’. We’re all just trying to survive at the moment.

    5. @Other Aion Thank you. It’s not your fault. It’s not just America, there also lots of other countries like in Europe. Besides, I find it useless to blame anyone. Pointing fingers will not help our situation or anyone else’s. I’m frustrated as you are but we cannot let anger eat the best of us. Not now. There’s so much at stake. The comment is a plea and not intended to find fault.
      Personally, I find the situation so dire, I can’t afford to be emotional about it. Otherwise, I’m going to lose it.

  3. These retrumpicans are so brainwashed, they can’t come up with a reasonable thought. They would rather be lied to than accept the facts. I wouldn’t want that nurse to take care of me. A health care worker should know better. Welcome back, lady!

    1. @Ugly German Truths I would argue that it is mostly about lack of good education and culture, rather than mental competence.

    2. @Cid Sapient no. like when republicans were sounding that it was patriotic let people die of covid just save the stock market. I don’t see the relevance of Cuomo and the patients in nursing homes. Granted that it’s true, does it make right to sacrifice people’s lives? This is a clear case of “whataboutism”

    3. We in the hospital industry call them covidiots. Wait until the unvaccinated find out their medical coverage will be denied! It’s coming!

  4. I’m an ICU nurse…these people are insane…talking about the vaccine is experimental…but when they’re in the icu unable to breath are willing to take all the “experimental” treatments to live…wtf!

    1. God Bless you and your family,please stay safe sending XXX from Oz All health care worker must be burnoutGod Bless and give strength to all health care worker

    2. @L. Austin You’re obviously expressing exasperation through sarcasm. I would agree, it’s astounding that many health workers are actually that misinformed.

    3. @Daryl Makarenko And politicians in the “party of personal responsibility” are now blaming immigrants and Democrats for them getting sick when they exercise their FREE-DUM to not use masks, not get vaccinated and not exercise social distancing.

  5. When Dr. Salk was questioned about his ” intellectual property rights”, he replied: Could One patent the SUN?

    1. Dr.Jonas Salk can’t be compared to the unconscionable scoundrels who dominate today’s pharmaceutical industry.

    2. Dr Salk was almost being hit with awards from parents who finally could stop stressing every year about a polio out break. Before my parents got vaccinated they would wear wreaths soaked with kerosene to prevent infection. Ah the good old days when ignorant uninformed people did stupid things to ward off disease. Now ignorant stupid people fight for their right to spread disease around!

    1. Louie NYC…well would you mind not keeping vaccines from those who want it in those states? I’m a North Carolinian waiting to be allowed to take my booster shot. There are many of us with incredibly good sense.

    2. I live in texas dallas at that I’m a d Democrat we are getting the shots now if the Republican want to Die that’s on them we want to live god bless everyone

    3. Us Red Staters LOVE that idea. Lock us down and we’ll build the wall
      Keep your Blue State crime waves, defund the police, homelessness, unemployment, open border for Covid carriers, slaving to Teachers Unions, and insane deficits.
      Can we please do that yesterday????

  6. As Covid races to one million deaths ; there are still unbelievables lining up for their last lesson.

    1. And… There have been vaccine mandates for decades. No vaccinations, no school enrollment or travel with a passport.

    2. @HalfCrazy520 I’m 83 and had a heap of vaccinations at 7/8, at the end of the war. No vaccination against nits though. I caught those and shared them with my much older siblings/aunts several times
      Oh, and Chickenpox and Mumps. I was very generous.

    1. So because you care so much about black lives, do you believe that they should or shouldn’t get the vaccine?

  7. MTG doesn’t want people to take the shot, unless it’s a shot from one of her fellow gun lover’s guns!

    1. Hold on now… My wife and I are avid shooters… however we are NOT single-issue voters nor are we idiots who can’t seem to grasp hypocrisy.
      If people come to your door uninvited, you simply ask them to leave… you don’t shoot them. No one shoots at the Jehovah’s Witnesses.
      Please don’t use terms like “Gun lovers” in a derogatory way. It’s juvenile.

    2. @HalfCrazy520 I liked your comment. Avid shooters maybe don’t call yourself a gun lover or compare you and your wife to MTG and her false flag ideals

    3. @Brittany — We are gun lovers. This is a Sunday morning at our home…
      My wife wakes up and rolls over… “How much 9mm ball do you have?”
      Plenty, why?
      “Grab 4-5 hundred rounds and lets ride down to the range”.
      Can a brother get some coffee first?

      However, we are reasonable people and law abiding citizens. We never talk smack with a puffed out chest. The absolute WORST thing that could possibly happen is if one of us was forced to shoot someone. Ego and bravado don’t enter into it. A gun is like a fire extinguisher… when you need one, you need one, you can’t just use substitute something else. “I NEED A GUN!”. Here, just use these scissors instead…

  8. Previous generations sacrificed their sons, brothers, fathers to war for the good of the country, for ideals like freedom and democracy. Today’s generation can’t do a simple thing wear masks and get vaccinated to protect themselves and their loved ones. Now it’s: “Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you”. Sad.

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