Sturgis 2020 Superspreader Event Roaring Back In Time For Delta Variant 1

Sturgis 2020 Superspreader Event Roaring Back In Time For Delta Variant


The annual motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota wound up being one of the most catastrophic pandemic events of 2020. So, what’s going to happen this year with the highly transmissible delta variant tearing through the country?

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    1. @Sheila Stean MILLIONS of people daily going out burning, killing, destroying, and looting ALL summer long. Many of which travelled from one big city to the next. And we all saw the videos. Most of them with no masks. You are just going to try not believe that they were the ones spreading covid??? Enjoy your fantasy then loser. I suppose you don’t really believe that they caused billions of dollars in damages either. What color is the sky in your world Sheila?

    1. na, families will want to keep it as a memento, so you’ll need to wait until the hospital bill comes in & bankrupts them before you can buy one of the tens of thousands with that good deal

  1. On the other hand, when they all end up in hospital – we will have some nice peace and quiet as their obnoxious small pipi extenders fall silent.


      When you’re told that you ride the short bus by a welfare hillbilly…. understandable, have a good day.

  2. If you think the governor of South Dakota is going to cancel the Motocycle rally in Sturgis think again. The event is a BIG cash cow for the city and surrounding areas. The businesses there make more money at that event than they do at any other event in Sturgis.

    1. Soon stir gigs will be in competition with Florida!!!!! Most of those loser maga riders probably are not even vaccinated!!!! That’s ok less retrumplican voters

    2. @Rhoda Watkins Things don’t work that way, and if they want economic opportunity, they need to integrate into society.

    1. @Bud Fudlacker perfect. Repugs are completely screwing up their response and watching their citizens die, so blame the brown people. Fox Newz taught you well. South Park says Blame Canada, try that next.

  3. Only 37% of Sturgis has been vaccinated. It will be interesting to how many new cases result because of the event. Hopefully, they tabulated how many of the remaining 63% of the town’s population gets infected. And they totally need to keep track of any resulting deaths due to Covid.

    1. @david rogers Last Sunday I delivered 2 dinners to a friend home. He called me Monday morning informing me his brother tested positive with Covid-19. Which he hadn’t taken a vaccination. The next day him and I got sick. Him and I had mild Flu like symptoms. His brother has been in the hospital for a week and it’s not looking good for him.

    2. @david rogers it’s clear the MSM is going to pick and choose events that they claim are “super spreaders” based on the type of people that go to the events and what state the event is in. The MSM thinks a bike rally is going to be a bunch of Republican voters that are unvaccinated while Democratic cities have huge concerts, events and even a huge nationwide “protest” at the end of the month. There will be NO mention of the phrase “super spreader” for ANYTHING held in places like New York City. What is really sickening is the comments on here with people wishing bikers would die.

    3. a 10 day religious event is what caused India. This religious event will be no different in it’s outcome, it’s impact will be unavoidably obvious, but far too pronounced to actually tabulate numbers infected there – especially when considering that delta infects 100% of household members & then all those people will go out & spread it in their home communities!

    4. @Mr. White vaccinated aren’t tested unless hospitalised in America now, so there simply are no stats on democrat events being super spreader events. Biden’s much better at this political spin stuff than trump was. I was thinking it would be interesting to look at that health care worker thank you parade in NY & how many cases it spawned, but the stats simply won’t exist

  4. Considering how many bikers there would wear masks over their mouth and nose to stop bugs while they’re riding, you’d think they could wear them to help prevent catching a virus.

    1. That doesn’t look cool. Knd of like masks being the norm on jan 6 but none of those law breaking yokels hid their faces. They don’t have a good brain.

    2. @old school outlaw – you’re not ‘old school’ – sounds like you’re ‘never finished’ school.

    1. America’s enemies are watching closely – instead of going head-to-head with America on the battlefield they can just encourage the natural idiocy of the red-hats and the country will eat itself from the inside.
      It’s like the scuttling charges in a ship, and Trump showed them exactly where the switch is.

  5. Don’t any of these people think about the children and young people who are getting infected? Some are to young to be vaccinated and others need parental permission to be vaccinated. So many selfish and uncaring people in this country.

    1. @Will Leonard No. She’s right. Are you wearing a face covering to protect kids when they’re around? Are you vaccinated, which would protect everyone around you?
      If not, you’re the hypocrite, and dangerously misinformed. If you choose to remain that way, you may not be around for long. Or wind up with long-term health problems.

    2. @francis salaets Maybe your friend are no smarter, or caring about others, than you are. That ever occur to you?

    3. @Will Leonard Possibly because those are two different things.
      Good lord, you people are not the brightest.

    4. No. Their IQs are too low to allow them to think of anything but themselves and the latest Faux News propaganda.

  6. Demand empathy from your leaders. An honest leader who only cares about their own political image and not the people they represent is not a good leader.

    1. Tell us why biden released 1500 covid infected “migrants” into McAllen Texas last week? I’ll wait.

    2. @David linn Pearson It is baffling and clearly horse crap that this page get ANY views. If its the from the left wing media. Its a lie. Its from the press secretary, its a lie. Arent the addresses of many of our elected officials published somewhere? If not they should be. We should push back on them and make FREEDOMS VOICE HEARD.

    1. Stop being scared! I’ve had covid a few times. You body has immunity. It’s barely even noticable.

  7. Sure, if you can trust anybody to be “personally responsible” it’s half a million “outsiders” getting drunk and sexually assaulting one another in public. Way to go. Ugh.

  8. On the bright side, this has a good chance of sinking yet another sociopath’s presidential ambitions.

    1. @Mark Navarro Why would I want to? Trump trolls never listen to anyone. All they do,is sneer so they can get the attention their dads never gave them. Just like Trump.

    1. The same could be said for Obamas huge birthday party. He cut it down a little bit because of negative publicity but it still gonna be a big one. A lot of important people there and likely a super spreader.

  9. What Christie Gnome got Right (not correct) is one of the nation’s highest COVID infections per capita in the entire USA. This is a stunning accomplishment considering her state’s very low population total and its extreme lack of population density. Governor Gnome did everything she could to ensure maximum COVID infection within her state.

    1. So true, but most people don’t look at the density or per capita data. My personal opinion is that some of these Republican governors are not giving accurate death counts on COVID. Example: DeSantis is hiding thousands of deaths by using preexisting conditions as the main cause of death. Low IQ, misinformed, misinformation, conspiracy theories, Fake News media and lying politicians are killing a lot of folks in our country yet nobody is being held accountable.

    1. I live in West Virginia. I’m not sure on the stats, but almost everyone I work with refuses to get vaccinated.

      I guess in this instance, it’s a good thing that we are last (number 50) on the list of states ranked by “fun”.

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