Joy Reid On Mass Shootings: ‘We As A Nation Have To Take A Hard Look At Who We Are’ | The ReidOut 1

Joy Reid On Mass Shootings: ‘We As A Nation Have To Take A Hard Look At Who We Are’ | The ReidOut


In the past month, we’ve seen 53 mass shootings in this country alone. Joy says, “The country is at a breaking point, folks. Partially because of our refusal to reconcile our violent, racist past.” Aired on 04/16/2021.
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Joy Reid On Mass Shootings: ‘We As A Nation Have To Take A Hard Look At Who We Are’ | The ReidOut


  1. You’ve looked for years, you know who you are and you know what’s required. Still you do nothing. And you will continue to do nothing. If you couldn’t act when a school full of children were slaughtered, you never will.

    1. No human life matters more than a gun in America, it’s way up there on the constitution

      America is a violent country, word to the late great James Baldwin

    2. As a U.S. American in the conservative West, I agree. Indeed, Sandy Hook helped fuel the conspiracy theorists that seem to be the news source for many today. I have no words for it, none.

    1. Become? Lol Americans have been this way for decades. Not only did they spend decades doing the same thing, Americans were proud of themselves for decades on top of that.

  2. Chaos redistributes resources and power. If left unattended, day after day, decade after decade. Hard way to go. We, a democracy built upon genocide and slavery may well have some flaws…perhaps fatal flaws.

    1. 50+ years in the making and you’re finally having a discussion now? It’s pretty obvious Americans don’t have a heart…

  3. There’s a certain population who doesn’t give a sh!t as long as they have the freedom to get, own, carry, and use a gun whenever they see fit. Therein lies the problem.

    1. @John Randolph police have been lying on blacks for centuries. You know the truth, that scapegoat does not, and will not work any more..

    2. @John Randolph I am so tired of Whites pushing others into holes, then telling them its their fault they are down there.

    3. You know how we have been told go with the science on COVID……we’ll go with the facts in this situation, you will be a happier person.

  4. Thank you for putting yourself out there to tell the truth (that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality) at your own risk.

  5. Used to walk around with Dad’s carbine. Uncle Bob would walk down the street with his rifle to meet us and we’d go target shooting. Guys drove with rifles in the back window. Kids walked with their first rifle. No big deal. Now a kid gets shot by police for carrying an obvious toy.

  6. The time to wait is long past. Now is the time for positive action. Rise up. Speak out. No justice, not one minute of peace in opposition to this scourge of hate and racism.

  7. Mental health runs in families. People with flawed personalities do not immediately recognize problematic behaviours.

  8. Don’t know what to say. Heart broken and sad with the families who lost their love ones. Biden cannot stop the bad persons who do evil to hurt people because people in this generation is too much evil.

  9. Mr. Hole last worked at the FedEx facility in 2020, perhaps as recently as the fall of last year, said Deputy Chief Donald Trump of the Mar A Largo Spa and Resort Hotel. He said he did know why Mr. Hole stopped working there Because the Trump Election was stolen and FedEx May have Taken part Mike Lendell And the Indianapolis police Have not shared Details.

  10. It’s not going to end or stop or slow down. 2 Tim 3:16…. This is why…It’s attitudes. People have lack of love for others more than any other time in human history. They are selfish, self assuming, headstrong, puff up with pride, arrogant, lovers of self, FIERCE, having no natural affection, without love of goodness.. ECT….

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