Joy: ‘Republicans Fetishizing Firearms’ The ‘Absolute Worst’ | MSNBC 1

Joy: ‘Republicans Fetishizing Firearms’ The ‘Absolute Worst’ | MSNBC


In response to the American epidemic of gun violence and 232 mass shootings this year, states around the country are passing laws that allow people to carry a gun without a license. Joy calls the Republicans rush to pass these laws the “absolute worst.”
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  1. This is sick and the people against gun control should be ashamed before God. They will be held accountable.

    1. @Santiago Pina = thinking face. = shrugging man/woman. Don’t change it Santiago, his comment was dumb! Cheers, have a nice day

    2. @Santiago Pina “I also didn’t propose anyone to go to prison
      Why not send murderers to prison? Abortion is murder, right? That makes the 40 million babies who were killed in the womb, murder victims. What else would you call them? We can safely assume each baby had a mother, a woman who chose to have an abortion. Why shouldn’t she (and her doctor) go to prison for murder? If abortion really is murder, as you believe, then how can you let these 40 million murders go unpunished?

    3. @Paul Ferrante Judging by Mr. Pina’s weak-sauce arguments, I doubt if he’s capable of thought.

    4. @Paul Ferrante Also, I took the precaution of cut&pasting Mr. Pina’s original post, including the laughing-face emoji. If you go back and look at his comment now, you will see that it has been edited, and the emoji has been changed to a thinking-face. That’s Mr. Pina covering his tracks, after the fact. He’s intellectually dishonest.

    5. @Paul Ferrante On second thought… I see now that Mr. Pina said in his post: “I will fix it.” I didn’t notice that before. My apologies, I wasn’t reading closely enough. I’ll let my previous post stand, un-edited, to show that I made an error.

    1. What’s the obsession with Texas ? Gun crime is worse in democrat cities with gun laws . You know this right ? Chicago, Baltimore , St. Louis , Detroit. ?

    2. @N W The rest of the world has comparable or stricter laws but they don’t have Mass Shooting Specials of the Day. Probably because they’re not bordered by red states that will let anyone buy guns no serious questions asked.

    3. @N W Missouri is under full Republican control, while Maryland has a Republican governor and Michigan a Republican legislature. This is not a Republican or Democrat issue.

    1. @NJ Walks I wonder how Ras Baraka is handling the gun crime in Newark all while NJ has very strict gun laws? Hmmm… It’s almost like criminals don’t care about any laws and still get to do whatever they want to do. It seems like the blue states need to enact CCW and or open carry. I don’t think a criminal would try someone with something nice hanging off their hip.

    1. @MrSnicker14 how much money you want to bet that your logical common sense reply gets no response from the original commenter

    2. If it was that easy, all of America’s black people would be in Cali, New England or Canada already. :v

    3. Yep. I moved to Canada. The only reason you need a gun here is for bears. Proud boys are labeled as terrorists, and will be arrested immediately. There are no Magats, so there are no mass shooters. And they have an actual education system up here, so people aren’t ignorant and buy guns instead of food for their children.

  2. Jesus told Peter to put his sword away, He said if you live by the sword you will die by the sword! Keep worshipping the second amendment and people will keep dying. What’s more important the sanctity of life or guns?

    1. @jordan elliott The same general idea is encompassed in the saying violence begets violence, or an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. A world of weapons only means a world of death, a gun can be a great tool for feeding your family, but in modern society entites like the NRA propose guns as solutions to problems, which they are not in most cases. Take even your average shooting in a store, unless you have trained personal who can handle high stress situations then taking a shot is more likely to injure someone else instead of the intended target. Why? Because flight or fight reaction causes a surge of adrenaline which can cause hand shaking, blurred vision, ect. Which all can impact your ability to hit a target on the range, also do not forget you then place a target on yourself once law enforcement arrives and your brandishing a weapon.

    2. @Angel 1973 – You’re question is a false and impossible choice. Abolishing guns held by the public leads to a tyrannical government, which then leads to unspeakable atrocities committed by the authoritarian regime abusing the majority of the people and slaughtering any who dare speak out against them. So you can have Freedom and sanctity of life ONLY if you accept guns to prevent an authoritarian takeover. Give up the guns, and you give up your freedom and the sanctity of life along with it.

    3. How are people going to be Christians if they’re not allowed to defile Christ’s words by invoking his name while doing evil deeds?
      That’s socialism, hippie! :v

  3. Texas should allow people to carry guns inside their Capitol Building. Oh wait no they don’t want to be shot

    1. You might want to do a little research before posting- they do. With a concealed-carry permit you actually get to use a separate line (since you would set off the metal detector). People that needed access to the statehouse have been getting their carry permit so they can bypass the long security line.

      The rational, I think, is that if you have a permit, you’ve passed an actual background check, so you’re somewhat less likely to be a homicidal nutcase.

      Not sure how they’ll handle this if they actually drop the bar all the way down.

    2. First Amendment – destroyed by big tech.
      Second Amendment – destroyed by Socialist fascists calling everyone Racists, Nazis and fascists.

    3. @Regulatory Affairs If you actually read the second amendment, it says only well regulated militias should have guns, and only to defend themselves from a tyrannical government should the need arise.

      Nowhere does it say “sell guns to literally everyone including criminals and mentally unstable people with no regulations or oversight.”

      So if anyone’s destroying the second amendment, it’s the Texas Republicans.

  4. So how do you know when you’re living in a 3rd world sh’thole country?
    When it’s easier to buy a gun, than it is to vote.
    There’s your sign.

    1. @Doug Parker
      what you call tight laws are actually as thin as tissue paper.
      “In a well-regulated . . .

    2. @Tamera Chance a well regulated militia means the people know how to handle their weapon.
      America didn’t have a traditional army like the British
      If you paid attention in history class you’d know that

    1. So do Remington, Colt, Winchester, Smith&Wesson, Raytheon, Lockheed and the Koch brothers. I’ve left out a whole bunch of others, but you get the idea.

    2. Let trial shoot combats. I take Wacko MTG over the white old man Kennedy, cuz I’m not sure he had any bullet left on him, lol

  5. It will also constitute a reason to fire on people by the police and guess who they will be shooting

  6. We need to stop depending on the government to do their jobs. We need to depend on each other for a change.

  7. Why is it always the people who go around halfcocked and got no balls with the gun fetishes?

  8. Appears Elmer Fudd is giving a demonstration on how he polishes his knob, a little self-love, except the short barrel on that weapon is much bigger and it’s actually capable of ejecting things out.

    1. Beto ORourge is on this in El Paso, Texas! You bet. He might run for Governor of Texas. It’s just a thoughtful idea folks. Yup. Be positive for changes. We deserve better! Hats off to Beto! He’s a really good Texan! You bet!

    2. @Robert Genson “anoulage” ??? try again mate… as that’s as bad as Elmer’s… “Belive”

    1. janny: Vote, as if your life depended upon it, because it does. Vote, vote, vote–thank you, my dear.

  9. Aaaaaannd, here are the states where mass shootings can now occur far more easily.
    I used to live in a state that didn’t require permits. There was abundant crime there.
    I moved to a state where permits are required. And I feel safer.

    1. Wasn’t Chicago was it. 52 shot 12 killed just this last week end including a 15 year old boy shot dead on his front porch. But if you get your news from MSNBC, CNN and the likes you wont hear about that kind of stuff. Keep drinking the cool aid.

  10. Nothing like American freedom… the freedom to die at the hands of a maniac with a gun.
    You can’t get a more American death than that.

    1. Said something very similar on another video. Apparently “Your freedom ends at someone else’s nose.” Is a pinko socialist sentiment. :v

    2. Synathidy, bravo. Apparently gun owners have more rights than anyone else. Great way to sabotage Democrats trying to improve things. Republicans in charge not even pretending to help average Americans. How many students in my school will eventually die for someone else to make money?

  11. Way too many angry maga supporters out there angry with the world to let them have access to guns.

    1. Falling Down.
      A gun makes you king for a day.
      If you’re white, cops won’t even shoot you for it. Might just get on TV. Sell the gun on the internet. Whee.

    2. @Red Spiral Ray There is and obvious need for @N W to get some help with grammar and spelling.

  12. Haha, who needs relationship counseling when you can shoot your partner, good advice Senator Kennedy!

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