Joyce Vance: ‘A New Era In Anti-Abortion Legislation’

Former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance joins Morning Joe to discuss Texas' new abortion law, which the Supreme Court declined to block on Wednesday.

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Joyce Vance: 'A New Era In Anti-Abortion Legislation'


    1. @TurtleGaming HD and being pro-life isn’t a requirement to be an American. That’s also part of this. It’s an attempt to legislate people’s beliefs.

    2. @TurtleGaming HD What exactly are you basing your “pro life” stsnce on? Why do you think you have the right to force someone to have a child?

  1. Republicans: You must bring this child into the world, we will NOT provide you assistance with Healthcare, child care, food, or housing. Don’t fear, the child can be placed in the hand of child service. But we don’t believe in funding those programs. The child will struggle and eventually end up in our prison system where we can then start to profit from the individual. Its God’s plan!

    1. @TurtleGaming HD It’s good you saying BOTH parents…that’s NOT the case in hundreds of thousands or millions for WOMEN!..THEY’RE LEFT ALONE!..

    2. @Casey Creason no one rewrote history cupcake 😂 the party switch happened during and around the time of the Civil rights movement … can’t rewrite history to fit your narrative sweety talk about brainwashed

    3. @JustCallMeKitty sorry but that’s a liberal lie. The Democrats just changed tactics. They kept the slaves in the cities and used “social programs” to pay for them.
      Republican jave always treated people equally. Anything else is racism.

    1. @John Smith right, like deny vaccine mandates. Except you’re wrong on many levels. No person in this country has the right to murder. Abortion is murder.
      So you really are advocating for legal murder

    2. @Adam Antigey You’re a hypocrite. So in your mind you have the right to say about your body, but others do not?!

    3. @John Smith yes.
      That is correct. Nothing wrong with what I wrote. I’m being consistent not hypocritical. I have beliefs.
      You don’t have to like them but in a free nation I have the right to believe in whatever I want.
      I would gladly vote for a man who removes the right from mothers to murder their offspring because it’s morally wrong to murder a baby

    1. @I am jacks complete lack of surprise i don’t think you want to make the argument that the ability to think is what defines life, because you’ll be the first one to have the cord pulled after 6 hours in a coma.

    2. @Special K yeah, I agree. I dont know about u, but life is precious and I think even if u live an average or even poor life its still better than being in the void of time and space. I am somewhat religious but I’m still not sure if heaven exists. No offense god if ur reading this 🙂

    3. @Radagast Brown Well, considering I’m not old enough to adopt I can’t. I wouldnt mind when I’m older though. However, this is a dumb arguement. Just because I’m not adopting babies myself doesnt mean I’m not allowed to be against babies being killed in the womb. I have morals, u people dont seem too.

  2. As a conservative who is pro choice, this law is fooking scary. The implications go beyond an abortion ban. Texas essentially has deputized millions and in so doing created a fascist system. Anyone involved in the chain of events that leads to an abortion can be sued into oblivion. If you get an Uber to the clinic, that driver can be sued, along with everyone who knew about it. This is frightening stuff.

    1. Under this law if you aid a woman in any way to get access to an abortion in Texas after six weeks you can be sued by anyone. Anyone. The state is not enforcing this law using government legal resources. They’re leaving it up to the citizenry to enforce this new law. That’s the definition of vigilantism.

    2. @Cee Rawlins and the fact this hurts lower income individuals (who can’t afford to leave the state &/or, to whom $10, 000 is alot of money)

    3. @Special K they cant sue the women…they sue the taxi driver that drive them there and the put the clinics that help women…its designed to sue clinics out of existence

  3. it’s funny how evangelical s are so restrictive on abortion, once here they care nothing about education or health care for them, only prisons and churches.

    1. That’s just dumb that’s a dumb comment. 80% of abortions are minorities and women. Yes people find out they’re having a baby girl and they go and get it aborted happens thousands of times a week.

    2. @N Q And your point is? How does your comment pertain to this segment. Trump LOST! Did Trump have an exit plan to get out of Afghanistan? Trump 👉 “I alone can fix it” “I know more than anybody”. What did Trump and supporters as yourself do on 01/06/21? That insurrection caused casualties on AMERICAN SOIL! He tried to OVERTHROW our CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES! Trump wanted or rather still is wanting to cause a civil war. There is NO denying that! Your BS is astounding!

    1. They do. It’s called being a christian and waiting for someone to help raise the kids in a two parent home, before being sexually active.
      It’s an old doctrine but would stop 100% of “unwanted” pregnancies.

    2. @Adam Antigey no. It would not stop 100% of unwanted pregnancy and it never has. It never will. You people have been preaching this for eons. It doesn’t work.

    3. @Adam Antigey Wow that’s great. I’ve couldn’t written any better. Thank you. God bless you and your family. 🙏🙏🙏

  4. I guess the Republicans want to go back to the more ‘traditional’ methods involving DIY kits and illegal clinics run by criminal gangs.

    1. Republicans are pushing more women to die in child bearing and or commit suicide. They say they’re pro-life. But look at what they’re doing with not getting vaccinated. They’re contributing and letting children suffer or succumb to this pandemic. Ya right, pro-life indeed. THE HYPOCRISY IS ASTOUNDING, to say the least. Be well and be safe✌️.

    2. @flamingo boot Come now, I called you out on it and you diverted from answering the questions. Why so hesitant about it? I’m good! I say what I mean and mean what I say.

  5. NEW LAW:
    All Texas Christians MUST adopt one unwanted child from our already overburdened foster care system

    1. @Bud Fudlacker That would be men. Mandatory vasectomy for every man in Texas. Then there’s no need for abortion.

  6. Hey abbot how about saving people who’s hearts are beating now the ones you have allowed to infect and spread delta through out your state

    1. Well he provided free vaccine, but so many are refusing that. He has tried to get people to understand how wearing a mask prevents the spread. But some people reject that. How can a president, any president, force people to stop the spread and protect themselves and others. He has done a great job, but others have to do their share in stopping this pandemic. It takes all of us.

  7. Texans, you voted for this when you elected these evil people. You Texans have set the stage for repeal of Roe. The same people you elected are placing the rest of us at risk of Covid. What are you going to do about this mess you’ve created.

  8. One thing they fail to say is these states will not support poor children heath, education, child care programs with tax dollars or additional access to aid throughout their lives and usually are the first basic programs cut, except these states will support prisons. Thank goodness for the new Federal programs to end child poverty in America.

  9. God I wish people actually would read this. Why not challenge this law with mandatory vasectomy for all men in Texas.

    1. Good analogy Bishop Mockabee. I always say, why not force men to marry the woman they impregnate but I like yours better.

  10. Anti-abortionists are like child groomers in that once their object of fascination gets too old (or actually born, in this case) they promptly lose interest and abandon them. Not a coincidence that many anti-abortionists also oppose social services like child care and welfare because saving their own money is more important than the wellbeing of children they considered sacred while they were still gestating. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    1. @TooBadThatDidn’tKillMe beats being killed, by a sadistic stupid mother. Have you ever talked to an abortion survivor.

    2. @TooBadThatDidn’tKillMe
      Democrats Warn Millions Of Lives Could Be Saved If Texas Abortion Ban Goes Into Effect

  11. As the daily COVID stats from Texas show, the Governor and legislature are willing to act concerned about the unborn, but not about the living.

  12. In future accounts of American history, the Roberts’ Court will be ranked as among the most retrograde and partisan in the long history of the American Supreme Court.

    1. @Manuel “Will be ranked as the best ” – because if you can’t just grab power with clown coup’s, filling the court with creflow dollar-style religious cranks will do. What’s next for the Y’allQaeda – stoning people to death?


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