14 Dead In New York And New Jersey After Severe Flooding And Damage

14 people have died after remnants of Hurricane Ida impacted New York and New Jersey with severe flooding, tornadoes and damage. NBC's Morgan Chesky reports on rescue efforts that are still underway.

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14 Dead In New York And New Jersey After Severe Flooding And Damage


  1. Stop saying things like no one could have anticipated that power lines would blow down in a hurricane. That’s absolutely foreseeable. By saying that, you absolve those responsible for having foresight and planning.

    1. It’s even broader than that. We know these storms will be occurring more severely and more often due to global warming. So there shouldn’t be any surprise at all.

    2. @tariq pryor I wholeheartedly agree with individual preparedness. However, it also means the electric companies and those in charge need to be prepared to protect infrastructure because that’s their job. You having water in your house and cash in your pocket doesn’t negate their responsibilities just because you’ve done your part to be responsible personally.

    3. @Roxanne yes as you can see it’s all about unity , the people that’s in “charge” should always prepare us before hand not also just the news but as a community a town etc

  2. Much of Europe and Canada have their powerlines buried underground. Japan started burying lines in 2008. Saves them from flooding, fire, ice storms.
    Time the US gets with the times

    1. That’s actually pretty feasible for the Northeast, as it is densely populated and mostly more compacted soil. It’s a little harder with places like Louisiana that are sparsely populated and marshy.

    1. Weather manipulation so they can pass crazy climate control locked down’s next just a conspiracy theory I’m joking , I hope

    1. @Ashley Horne No, we would have invested in development of solar, wind, hydro and nuclear technologies rather then leave it to China to develop the technologies.
      Also once we were focused on stopping climate change we would even have eliminated the billions of dollars we spend annually subsidizing the oil and gas industry.
      The GOP has sold the US down the river for immediate profit and handed the world to China on a silver platter.

    2. @Borvo Learn the difference between GOP and RINO and you will begin to understand what has been going on. Don’t be naive and believe everyone is who they say they are. What you call GOP, most conservatives call RINOs. They have not been good for America….we AGREE with you! Many Republicans are still being fooled.

    3. @Clint Berry Well, as a long time republican, I too, tried to tell myself that it was the Trump cultists that were the RINO’s, but now that it is down to only two or three Republicans that do not rally around the Orange man (and the GOP wants to throw them out of the party) I have come to the conclusion that Trump cultists and the GOP have become one and the same and that they have all taken a Trump oath, similar to the Hitler oath, pledging themselves to an individual rather than to the tenets of the USA as stated in our Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

  3. It’s time for all people to help each other, open their hearts and become one family, one humanity. We all have only one enemy – consumerism with its money at the top. We can unite and begin to build a new world for each of us – a Creative Society, at the top of which is human life. And we will be able to survive as a civilization in this difficult period of growing global cataclysms.

  4. Will these places keep being habitable as conditions worsen every year? Is climate change real? It’s too late now.

  5. Times like these, you kinda hope for someone in the Governor’s Mansion who’s really great at tackling emergencies with the added ability to reassure and comfort people.
    Who does that remind me of?
    Anybody heard from the current one?

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