President Biden Set To Visit New Orleans To Survey Damage From Ida

President Biden is set to visit New Orleans on Friday following the devastation of Hurricane Ida. Senior Advisor to the President, Cedric Richmond, is formerly a House member from Louisiana, and he joins Morning Joe to discuss Ida and the effort to rebuild.

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President Biden Set To Visit New Orleans To Survey Damage From Ida


    1. 49% of the state of LA is below sea level according to the World Atlas and overbuilding has eliminated the benefits of the barrier islands and the wetlands. The Netherlands spent hundreds of years reclaiming and responsibility managing the land from the North Sea. No such dumb luck down yonder.

  1. Rebuild to watch God tear it down again. Global warning is going to cost more in damages than it ever would in abatement.

    1. People in the area don’t want to hear that. They want to keep moving back there and dealing with this every other year.

    1. Biden made sure that the area was shored up. Buildings and electric lines were reinforced. He made sure generators were give to places that need them (like hospitals and shelters and community centers). Had response teams ready to jump in for rescue and repair as soon as it was safe. He’s done vastly more than the last guy ever did.

  2. “I will visit New Orleans. But I won’t be answering any question. They told me not to. I don’t know why. If I can’t answer questions, I probably shouldn’t ask questions either.”
    – _illegitimate_ President Joe “you ain’t Pinocchio” Biden

  3. Trump: Did the Governor LA kiss my butt. Can’t remember did I carry that State or is it blue?
    Trump Aide: No Mr President it’s a blue State and the Governor didn’t but is asking for Fed help.
    Trump: screw him, and if it’s a blue State I don’t care. Unless he wants to contribute to my next campaign and come out and endorse me and say what a great job I’m doing.
    Hyperbole??? Nah, not after 4 years of Trump. This is a sad fact!!!!!

    1. Well after 200 days of Biden we have Americans trapped behind enemy lines awaiting execution, Americans he promised to get out.

  4. Or Joe could take a cue from Dubya and just have Air Force One fly a little lower over New Orleans. That was the GOP approach to Katrina.

    1. Love your telling about one fourth the story. Better yet, just drop Joe down from a copter (one we still have) and let him walk on water saving all in his path.

    2. Didn’t Biden say America was going to be destroyed not just because of African Americans? Yes. Yes he did say that.

  5. Shout out to George Floyd on sixteen months of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals🖕

    1. michaeldaniel73 You are a lonely person I can tell, I fell sorry that you have no one to love you, by your comment

    1. @Real American Joe Biden is an evil, empty, failure of a human (and I use the term loosely) being. Trump is Francis of Assusi compared to Biden. Don’t call me “dear” and you’re as far from “Real American” as Biden is from sainthood, in other words, as far as one can get. They ought to throw entire rolls of paper towels at Joey, the world’s worst president.

    2. @RMPsumma Oh darling, I’m more American than you’ll ever be and more woman than you’ll ever get. MAGA is dead, chestnut.

  6. Omg…if Biden comes surely more disaster will follow…stay clear of bad karma and it is starting to hit the Democratic and wait.

  7. Joe Biden (Afghanistan)
    .. now is the number one issuer of AK -47’s weapons in the world without a background check..

    1. Like he’s iratticated covid.
      Close the border like the Judge said. Even the Obama appointed judges are turning on him.

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