Judge Compares AR-15 To Swiss Army Knife

Kris Brown, the president of anti-gun violence and gun reform advocacy group Brady, reflects on the latest string of shootings across the country and responds to a federal judge's ruling to overturn California's ban on assault weapons — likening an AR-15 to a Swiss Army knife. She tells Stephanie Ruhle that the comparison is "absurd" and "insulting" to families who have lost loved ones to gun violence.
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  1. So a Swiss army knife is now a weapon of mass destruction? Did he eat too many bowls of Cocoa Puffs?

    1. I would say mass murder, not mass destruction. Many of the mass shooting events have used an AR-15. I can think of no incident of mass murder committed with a Swiss Army knife.

    2. @Deborah Freedman Very few multiple shootings are done with an AR.
      Pistols are hands down the go to weapon. I know cnn is telling you that every gun used is an AR but once the truth comes out, it’s seldom an AR

    3. Are all you people incapable of understanding an analogy? That judge was making a figurative comparison, not literal. The AR15 is versatile and can have dozens of different attachments like a Swiss army knife.

  2. Completely unqualified judges are appointed all the time as evidenced by Moscow Mitch cramming thru anyone who could walk & chew gum at the same time for FOUR YEARS.

  3. I wonder if the judge in this case would have ruled differently if one of his children was a victim at Sandy Hook?

    1. Wow it does not matter what his feelings are… It matters that he followed our constitution!

    2. @Tony Smith Exactly. This is why we must cherish and protect the Constitution. The Constitution limits the power of government against the people.

    1. 1) local law enforcement isn’t doing their job 2) spree killers and organized crime dont care about laws 3) mental health is corroding and right wing extremism is increasing

  4. As a Bernie progressive who grew up on a farm around guns- This is a good analogy. AR-15s can be configured quickly and easily for many purposes for ergonomics of many different size shooters. Plinking, small and larger game hunting, competition, home defense, etc. as such the AR-15 is extremely versatile which is why it’s the number 1 selling guns in the US for like 15 years. If the AR was a car you could easily change it from an SUV to a sports car to a pickup in minutes. Just because a few bad guys use it doesn’t mean the most popular gun should be banned. By that logic Ford F-150s and Toyota Corolla should be banned because they’re statistically used for the most vehicular homicides. And by the way- what happened within 1year of the 1994 AWB? Oklahoma Cuty Bombing. Right wing radicals and criminals are the root. Not their tools. They will get them no matter what laws you pass.

  5. THE PROFESSIONAL INSURRECTIONIST —- Laws open up resources to address the issue… which is exactly what this judge doesn’t want to do.

    1. There was a time when USA people thought that Canadians were strange.
      Things have turned. Nobody believes what USAs say anymore.

    1. Gun owners hate the NRA. They’ve been laundering money for Russians and paying for Wayne’s mistresses’ Rodeo Drive shopping sprees far more than advancing gun judges in the last 10 years. They HAVE been enraging liberals on purpose to create a wedge issue where they capture moderate voters who like guns. Urban liberals have been hoodwinked into hating guns

  6. Swiss army knife ayy, can you use the ar15 as a fork, spoon, saw, scissors. God some Americans are just daft.

    1. I can confirm it will most certainly open a can of beans. The bugs and critters will thank you for the treat.

  7. I’m just not sure the toothpaste can go back in the tube. It slabs in other countries. But I’m the face or autocracy rising it may not be the best idea to disarm yourselves

  8. In a not so distant future: “USA! USA!! WOOOHooo!!!!” – Shouting noises and gunshots in the air from Tr*mp rallies

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