Judge Dismisses Lawsuit By Hospital Employees Over Vaccinations

A federal court in Texas on Saturday dismissed a lawsuit by 117 hospital employees who challenged their employer's vaccination requirement.

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Judge Dismisses Lawsuit By Hospital Employees Over Vaccinations


  1. Imagine having to receive critical life supporting care from someone who doesn’t believe in what they are even doing. Scary.

    1. Oh they don’t believe in forced experimental toxins and spike proteins with no long term studies being injected into their bodies? The ones where animals died in the studies so they shut them down? I’d rather them work on me than a jabbed sheep!

    2. @Nota Cent please get the jab. Specifically the mRNA one, with extra special spike proteins that seek out and destroy health. Hurry!

    1. @Scurra It’s not just about the Flu numbers. It’s about the cardiovascular disease numbers also. And those numbers are driven up from the high Obesity rates.

      The driving force behind 90% percent of Covid-19 deaths is the Obesity rate. It is over 40% in america. That is what drove up the death numbers in New York. It is what is driving the numbers up in India right now. In India Covid-19 is hitting the middle class hard and they have adopted the West’s poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles.

    2. @FreeThinker4021 THE NURSE IS A FOLLOWER OF Q. My god I had to spell it out. Now the joke is ruined, ruined I tell you. I hope you can live with yourself for ruining the best play on words ever typed by thumbs.

    3. @FreeThinker4021 the emails weren’t leaked either just in case you wanna try to use that lie. They were obtained by a request through the freedom of information act 🤣.

  2. Hundreds of medical staff about to walk out the door in a job climate where ppl are being paid not to work entire comment section says why not just find another job. LOL

    1. @Midnightspecia1 Just get another job! Preferably one where you don’t have to deal with cancer patients or patients who are immuno compromised. And no, having to get another job is not comparable to being placed in a gas chamber, you psycho. What a bunch of delicate princesses and snowflakes you guys all are.

    2. That’s their choice. Over half the states have pulled out of Federal benefits. And you can’t collect unemployment for quitting your job. Sure these nurses can go work at Hardees or something.

    3. @Stephan Branczyk Last I checked it wasn’t the right-wingers who were cowering in fear of a virus that has a 99.5% survival rate for anyone under 30 and a 98% survival rate under 60.

    4. @Snausages Mcgee no, they said it wasn’t real?!? What’s your point again? Let’s not forget some of the first people who got the stab was the frontman for this bs… Again what’s your point?

    1. I agree. The utter selfishness of these employees in complete disregard of their Hippocratic oath, “Do no harm.” Patients first.

    2. @Antonjlavey  And the millions of lives being saved, for those who think science is real.

  3. I thought the HIPAA law expressly prohibited questioning people about their medical information and history.

    1. If you want to rely on HIPAA, you need to cite the section. It is a long, complicated document. It requires certain covered entities to protect medical data. I can’t find anything saying a covered entity may not ask their employees for documentation of their required vaccinations. Of course they would have a duty to keep the documentation private, as it pertains to individuals. It is not a violation for them to say “all of our employees are vaccinated against Covid-19.”

    2. There are many jobs that already require you to show that you are vaccinated against several diseases. You’re obviously a victim of misinformation.

    3. No disrespect: perhaps consider reading a document rather than “thinking” what it means. Your opinions will be much more informed.

    1. This isn’t something new. Only the type of vaccination is. My wife works in healthcare and has been required to get a flu shot every year or face termination.

    2. Inquiring employee medical information is a HiPAA violation $50K-250k lawsuit. Consult your lawyer. Hospitals are not exempt from HIPAA penalties, in fact medical staff including doctors are the ones that appear most on the list of HIPAA violators.

    3. @Robot exactly it seems these Zionist employers are above the law. Thanks for sharing I’ll read about it.

  4. Is it just me or are judges skirting they’re duties more and more? I seem to come across at least one example every day or two of judges failing to put in the work and have a backbone in order to make some definite decisions on several on-going issues. They’re just passing the buck.
    Of course, it could just be the algorithm that feeds me.

  5. There is strong federal precedent for allowing organizations to require vaccines as a condition for continued employment. These cases go back for years. This result was not at all surprising.

    1. Imagine if the Experimental drug was FDA approved people might be more accepting of it. What will you all say in 3 to 5 years when people start having sickness and deaths. Most likely this will be a booster inoculations yearly or every 6 months.

  6. They were once called hero’s . Now there called employees. I agree . No mandatory orders . Continue wearing ppe if needed

  7. I should have the right to choose the facility I get care in, regardless of deals made with my insurance company.

    1. There so many illnesses and millions take meds that are not approved by the FDA but they take it because is saving their lives. Im an example of that.


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