NWLC Pres.: ‘These Pullbacks On benefits Are Going To Hit Women Of Color’

As some states move to roll back the CARES Act federal unemployment boost, women and people of color may be hit especially hard. American Voices host Alicia Menendez speaks with Fatima Goss Graves, President and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center, about the barriers to rejoining the workforce women are continuing to face.

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NWLC Pres.: 'These Pullbacks On benefits Are Going To Hit Women Of Color'


  1. There are jobs … just not real jobs. Restauranteurs want to get back to their scam of people paying them for food and subsidizing their ’employees’ wages with a 15% tax on that food … assuming, of course, that they ante up on all the electronic tips … honestly. What are the chances of that? Only they know what the day’s total was.

    1. There are no more than a restaurant jobs out there. There are construction jobs, mechanic jobs, jobs in the trades, local OTR truck driving jobs. There are hundreds of thousands of good paying jobs out there and employers are even offering hiring bonuses. Joe has ordered Americans back to work. We all voted for Joe and now it’s time that we become successful and make John successful also.

    2. @Midnightspecia1 I believe a lot of people voted for him and now that we have him we must do everything we can do to make him successful. This is what we voted for so now we all have to go to work and get some of those high-paying jobs that are out there. If you had a job before that you hated perhaps now is the time to change careers. There are many women going into male-dominated fields. The trades can be especially rewarding. Over the road truck driving will give a person a great deal of freedom and allow an individual to see the country.
      Jordan Americans to go back to work so let’s go back to work.

  2. This reminds me of the scene from ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ when the Beggar was offended that he only received 10 drachmas when it was customary for the Patron to give him 20 drachmas. ‘Business has been bad’, said the Patron, to which the Beggar replied, ‘What? Why should I suffer?’

  3. Can’t believe states are taking away $300 government benefits under covid restrictions who would vote for these politicians doing this to women supporting children is a disgrace.

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  5. I got an air fryer, and stopped going to restaurants, they need to start serving good food at a fair price and pay their employees fair wages, even if the CEOs have to take a foking pay cut, and fok the investors too! Anyways humans are being replaced by robots, they can work all day without a pee break!

    1. Boycot all Restaurants!!! Factory farming is a disgrace!!! The people that work there need to go live in a car until they finish college!!!

  6. Coronavirus is not why people are in financial pain; the reason why is lockdowns. It was a choice. Maybe the choice was worth it, but stop downplaying the cons of the choice.

  7. Interesting how we don’t hear about jobs paying living wages with benefits having a hard time finding employees, it is mainly low wage jobs with no benefits that can not fill positions.
    Maybe because this is not a labor shortage or a ‘laziness’ issue, it is BC many who had to have 2 jobs to get by, found one job that pays better, now does not need the second or third low wage job leaving behind 2 or more positions that need to be filled.

    1. “White” is pink, beige, pale, ashen, dull, reddish, orangish, taupe, etc

      Also, all cultures All Over the World has a Pale face, a “white” complexion, you can’t own that, America.

  8. How low wage jobs help to fill other low wage jobs.
    When job A @ 40hrs/wk does not pay the bills you go out and get job B, or 2 positions filled by one employee.
    But, if job A paid a living wage one would not need job B requiring a second person to fill job B.


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