Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Over Hospital Vaccine Mandate | MSNBC 1

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Over Hospital Vaccine Mandate | MSNBC


A federal court in Texas on Saturday dismissed a lawsuit by 117 hospital employees who challenged their employer's vaccination requirement. The Morning Joe panel discusses the suit and the importance of vaccinations and the history of vaccines.

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Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Over Hospital Vaccine Mandate | MSNBC


    1. @Random User point is if you don’t want someone telling you what to do with your body,then don’t tell someone else what to do with theirs.

    2. @Sarah Riles right? It’s just an “I just picked a bouquet of oopsie daisies” form of birth control. Just another way to empower people from taking responsibility for their actions.

    3. @keshamico1 I’m saying that telling people they have to wear masks because youre scared is totalitarian and wrong. It’s not their job to pander to other people’s fears. While employers and businesses may be able to enforce a mask mandate within their buildings alit if people would rather choose no mask than work somewhere that would try to enforce such rules. When hospitals start running short of nurses you don’t have to look hard to find the reason. When the demand for nurses becomes to high they will end up reversing these decisions quietly in the back rooms with little to no coverage to hide the idiocy of these decisions.

  1. Let’s be real here, if my doctor was anti-vaccine, I’d get a different doctor. Much like how if the person making my pizza doesn’t wash their hands after taking a s***, I’d go to a different pizza place.

    1. @Dr.D Fargo how are viruses spread though the mouth and nose, this isn’t rocket science, wake up

  2. I heard a lady who was an anti-masker who said “I have to wear a mask NOW because vaccinated people are infectious.” No kidding!

    1. @nogoodwolf considering 1/4 people have a mental health disorder

      I don’t think you know alot of people outside of discord pal.

    2. @nogoodwolf the statistics are absolutely flawed and that’s evident by the PCR test which isn’t accurate (the maker of the PCR said this and it’s well documented and the way they labelled covid deaths for all sorts like cancer/car crashes,suicides,general pneumonia etc all evidenced.

      There are multiple biologists and virologists speaking out against the vaccine (for whatever reason) all over the world. The mainstream media pick who you listen to. So stop saying “you don’t believe in the science”.

      I’ve had the vax for medical reasons and age.. You’re just a complete simpleton

    3. @Rising Superstar Frost ask your self why people who had covid are told to vaccinate…because they don’t know how long the immunity will last because it’s a novel virus? Funny how they can make the vax at warp speed when they know so little about the viral immunity also why do they not test for co vid before giving the vax, after all someone could have it and not know it or so they said for more than a year. I can’t imagine giving a vaccination to some one with an active virus inside of them would be too healthy… lastly no other vaccine has ever given anyone blood clots….THINK.

    4. @liza divine I mean look at India the death toll was so high they had to start cremation people in the streets.

  3. That’s why we hardly have measles, and polio. There are areas in the Netherlands where I am from who don’t vaccinate on religious beliefs
    And so whenever one of them would get polio the whole county would have to take a booster sugarcube

  4. That is probably the hardest lesson for Americans: “It is fine to pursue happiness so long as you don’t endanger, infringe on others’ similar pursuit of the same or harm anyone else in doing so!” – but of course, that maybe to complicated to understand in a country where free speech means inciting violence without consequence and the right to bear arms includes shooting children at school or total strangers in a supermarket. So, so sad!

  5. How nice of them to create new jobs in the work force for the graduating class of medical workers. Bet all of the new graduates that want a job there will have their vaccination.

    1. Bebo: it’s simple
      _”Testosterone make you STUPID!”_
      (and frequently, a pompous blowhard).

      The answe4 to this stupidity (the anti vaxxers) is as simple as it is impossible to implement (aka, _”You can’t fix stupid”_ ).
      The field of study is called “epistemology”. Which is “How & why do you come to believe he things you believe?”

      For any question, the simplest best, most universally applicable strategy is: find out the CONSENSUS opinion of REAL experts in the specific field, & go with that.
      You have to go with “consensus of the experts” because no degree (M.D./PhD/etc.) immunized people from crazy or greedy. You can always find a very small number of people in any field who are politically driven or just contrarians (like the anti-vax healthcare workers cited in this story). Charlatans search these people out & spread their stupidity.

      And “expertise” is extremely specific. Trump chose Scott Atlas (a neuro-radiologist) to be in charge of the govt’s Coronavirus task force precisely because his politics “trumped” his medical ignorance. In the case of a pandemic, the only REAL experts are epidemiologists & public health docs with solid backgrounds in infectious viruses, like Fauci. If the AMAwere doing its job, then Atlas should lose him medical credentials. When offered the position, he was ethically obligated to decline the offer, explaining, “I don’t have the qualifications.” When he started making assertions that were 180° opposed to the consensus of real epidemiologists & the CDC, the AMA should have IMMEDIATELY intervened & pulled his medical license.

    2. @teefkay2 Not testosterone, just time on TV with empty air to fill, with “hot air” usually! Self proclaimed “experts” can be found on every street corner!

    3. @Brad84 LOL, he’s not a liberal by any stretch of the imagination. He’s a whiney Republican.

    4. @Brad84 Denouncing his affiliation doesn’t make him a liberal, LOL. He’s the same jerk he always was.

    1. Soon you will cry about needing a license to drive, oh no. I need to be 21 to buy alcohol??? Oh the humanity….

      Dont like working for a boss, become one… im sure youd change your mind pretty quick if the guvment told you that you had to let sick people in… and lost business because you dont care about safety… smort.

    2. @Jonathan G not rly… its a decent requirement to ensure kids dont die… but i guess your selfish attitude is a right… so….

  6. Joe, you’ve got two ears and only one mouth. You should listen twice as much as you speak. There are others in the room too.

  7. Funny how the foreign trolls came out to play all of a sudden, and a bunch of them use the same 3 terms I’ve never heard before from anyone in America…

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