1. We are very young country and we need a rich old guy to fix it oh wait who’s in the white house then???

    1. Your fiend Judge Judy is backing the dems who maker her the highest paid $150 million a year entertainer, at the expense of you.

    2. @Myron Helton – Moyron, have you any sense of how ridiculous you appear making such gross and erroneous claims publicly?

  2. someone who’s already filthy rich endorses a candidate whose policies would make sure that she gets even filthier and richer … who knew?

    1. @Jack Lemon head 1. and the worst thing about her is she is a talmudic jew who enjoys watching this countries demise.

    2. The amount of money is not the person. The heart is the person. Gates and Buffett are filthy rich but committed to giving away their money. Trump is rich at a much lower standard but has no heart. Bloomberg has heart.

    3. And they’re from the same tribe. Sorry, but true. I’m from back east, I’ve seen very blatant favoritism that certain people have for their own.

    1. She’s just so nasty. People who like her like Trump for his nastiness, too. They relish the misfortune of others as long as it’s not them. But it will be one day.

    1. @Liche Christ Listen, I’m from an area of the United States with a lot of them. I’ve seen a ton of favoritism. People that don’t know this either haven’t lived in an area like I have, OR, they have a difficult time identifying them and so they don’t know that it’s occurring.
      See, there’s prejudice based on “ignorance”, then there’s prejudice based on EXPERIENCE like my coworkers and I had.
      Don’t play like you’re that naive. What tribe did you think I meant ? The Diné tribe ? LOL.

  3. The fact he’s wearing tennis shoes 👏🏽👏🏽 he’s good at what he does as well. CNN HE DESERVES A RAISE!!

    1. @fanmaxis3004 – So, you would compromise your actual values and judgement for what … to possibly be a ‘winner’? … or to prevent an alternative candidate’s possibility of being elected? Honest reply, please?

    2. @kenny ross – No, of course not kenny. If one just did not vote, for any reason, that would be wasting a vote opportunity but voting one’s ‘decision choice’ for whomever does in fact satisfy the right to express his honest choice.
      Thank you for asking.

  4. tl;dr:
    “Question: Is the sky blue? Yes or no?”
    “Look … I mean … I’m not … it is not my place to … I have … I haven’t … well … maybe … just … vote for a billionaire.”

    You’re welcome.

  5. So tired of this BS. How can the economy be great when you have the highest deficit in history??? The stock market is NOT an indicator of how well the economy is doing, btw.

    1. DragonFae16 The deficit has always been high and is getting higher everyday. It should have been dealt with 40 years ago. A strong economy with low unemployment helps greatly since more people are paying taxes. The real problem is government overspending. The government is going to have to cut more programs. The United States must stop paying for other nations defenses. I don’t know how the United States is going to get out of debt now.

      I would never rate a president solely on the present economy.

    1. sis.smmrbrze Yang or more old white rich people. Vote for Bernie so we can have more old white men running this country! Bern or real change, Yang2020!

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