1. I cannot fathom seeing my home gone. However I completely understand what they’re feeling with the PM being on vacation. I hope insurance enables them to rebuild quickly

    1. Can you Fathom English Criminals invading a Black land and slaughtering and beheading Aborigines People?? I CAN AND I’M GLAD THESE DESCENDANTS OF CONVICTS ARE LOSING EVERYTHING..IT’S DIVINE JUSTICE…SUCK ON IT!🖕🖕🖕

    1. @Age of Atheism what do you want, wish for bad luck? Maybe a death? Some help and good fortune is all we can do from here

    1. Melbourne is muggy right now from smoke an we are reasonably far away, by comparison. There is half a million native (several of which are endangered) animals dead. I sit and tell you from Melbourne when you can’t see the city from 4km away. Thank you for our volunteer firefighters. It’s not a volcano that has covered the tables in ash.

  2. I’ve always wanted to visit Australia but I am sooo sad now bec of the fire

    Some of my favorite YouTuber live in Australia and I hope everyone is safe

    1. Been there. The entire place is a crime ridden shithole. The media plays it up like its a paradise. Its not. Its a crime infested shithole.

  3. seeing that volunteer firefighter break down really hit me in a different way. you can tell he’s a genuinely good person.

    1. A very Good 2020! 1 The Trump Boom is going strong. The unemployment rate recently hit its lowest mark in 50 years. All told, since President Trump’s election, our economy has added more than 7 million jobs—over half a million in manufacturing alone _(^_^)_/
      2 The stock market keeps breaking records: The Dow Jones and S&P 500 hit record closes again on Friday _(^_^)_/
      3 The working class is thriving, as are previously forgotten communities. Wages are now rising the fastest for low-income workers, and poverty rates for African Americans and Hispanic Americans have reached all-time lows.
      4 Accountable government is back. Since taking office, President Trump has rolled back nearly 8 regulations for every new one, saving American taxpayers more than $50 billion in the process—with bigger savings still to come.
      5 Better trade deals are putting America back in the driver’s seat. Congress approved President Trump’s USMCA this month—a huge win for U.S. workers, farmers, and manufacturers that will create 176,000 new jobs.
      6 Trade with China in particular is about to get a whole lot fairer. As part of a historic “phase 1” deal, Beijing has agreed to structural reforms in its trade practices and to make substantial purchases of American agricultural products.
      7 Security is paying off and making our country safer. President Trump struck new agreements with Mexico and Central American countries this year to help stop the flood of illegal immigration. Thanks to this swift action, border apprehensions fell by more than 70 percent from May to November.
      8 On health care, President Trump is fighting to give our patients the best system on Earth. While Democrats try to take away choice, the President’s focus on affordability led to the largest year-over-year drop in drug prices ever recorded.
      9 American interests. In just one example: After years of not paying their fair share, NATO Allies will have increased defense spending by $130 billion by the end of next year.
      10 Our great military took out the world’s top terrorist in October. Our troops are now getting the support they deserve. President Trump recently signed the National Defense Authorization Act for the 2020 fiscal year, which includes the biggest pay raise for our military in a decade.
      ‘And after that three years were fulfilled, the dRATS took counsel to kill him: But their laying await was known of the President. And they watched the gates day and night to kill him’, Acts9:23,24 KJV. But God was with him, and overcame all arrogant, haughty, ungodly, hatred and do-nothing enemies.

    2. Yes because that what you want in a fire fighter someone who is emotional and brakes down because of fire. Shut up libtard.

  4. It breaks my heart seeing all these people whove lost their home. I couldn’t imagine losing my home and coming back to see nothing. Even the firefighters who are doing everything they can to stop these fires getting choked up knowing this could be them.

    1. toasty cheez-it Don’t get too attached to material things. Sure they are nice, but in the end they can all be replaced with the same thing or something even better. The process can simple repeat and none of it truly matters unless of course a an item has sentimental value.

    2. @ItsDevinHere While the larger picture is far more complex – that is literally exactly what a house is.

      10-15 years ago, our lives were very different. Today, losing you phone _can_ actually be *_very much_*_ similar_ to “losing” a house. It’s losing your memories vs losing your memories. Your home, vs the thing that literally ties together your everyday, social, family and work life. The pictures on your wall, vs the pictures on your phone.

      The analogy is of course not perfect. Good, solid and widely reaching routines for backing up your phone’s content to whatever off-site backup solution you prefer – will in case of a lost phone, if working as intented, make recoverable much more of the personal and sentimental value – than insurance on a burnt, swallowed or razed house will. But the idea that losing a phone is *always* gonna be a very minute, rather meaningless thing compared to a house – is not just no longer accurate in 2020. It’s inching more and more towards false. Especially for younger generations, that didn’t really experience much of a life filled with *primarily* so much material stuff and connotations, before our lives started going digital for reals.

  5. Instead of wars the world should mobilize with more manpower and resources to help when disasters strike.

    1. @Dudeman516 You shut your dirty mouth everyone is trying to help as much as possible. You guys complaining isn’t gonna help at all.

  6. I am From India🇮🇳 And we are praying to God for Heavy Rain over the Effected Forest Area and give Relief to Australia.. and whole India🇮🇳 with Australia.. 😖😔😭😭

    1. She was about to expand on why we are angry with our Prime Minister. I guess they just made the call that from that point on it became Australian Politics and not International News so it didn’t get covered.

    2. That’s exactly what they did! ✂—Felt her about to start criticizing the gov’t and limited her freedom of speech. That’s how democracy is now days. No such thing as free speech.

    1. Thanks. Just wanted to say that they are the worst because the do gooder activist’s stopped our fire service’s from back burning in the last few winters. The Aborigines were back burning over a thousand years ago because they understood how important it was but apparently now it’s “harmful.” Also, 87% of the fires are a result of arson. I’m safe but currently consumed by smoke. Human climate change is a hoax, it was hotter in the 15th century and Greenland was called Greenland for a reason. Let us all, as you did, focus on the people and not the politics. Thanks again.

  7. Both my sister’s and parent’s house burned down in the Santa Rosa, California fire. Hard to watch.

    1. Wow that’s devastating.🙏Prayers for you and your family. Hope everyone is safe. I couldn’t imagine.

    2. @j m I don’t think they “gave” the trees to California, they were brought here (in the 1800s) because they are fast growing, drought tolerant, disease resistant. But the worst fires of the last few years have not been in Eucalyptus areas, and in recent years there have not been many planted. Also wouldn’t call Australia “Hardcore” environmentalist, that’s a big stretch !

    3. @Marianna Tubman Didnt Australia’s Agriculture Minister threaten to kill johnny depp’s 2 little dogs that he brought over there cause of not doing the proper papers

  8. God bless these people and families who lost their homes, loved ones, or livelihoods. 🙏🇦🇺 Praying for Australia 🇦🇺🙏

  9. How about covering the Arsonists that started most of the fires? If there was ever a crime that deserved public executions, this is it.

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