1. US is meeting with terrorist state Saudi Arabia. You know that the people that participated in 9/11 we’re from Saudi Arabia.

    1. Also worth pointing out that al Qaeda and ISIS were Salafist movements, Salafism being Saudi Arabia’s other export.

    1. @Average Joe …. It is a word made of two words. First word is a color. Second word is a body part that is below the chin and above the chest.

    1. Yep, just like the previous wars was laid out, written before they happened. It has all been played out to go exactly as planned (designed). People who are not the chosen ones are used as cattle. Farmed and used as slaves who believe they are free (except the ones who know they aren’t free), but are slaves nonetheless.

    1. I have yet to see anybody in this thread pose the right question: All these Enemies packed in like sardines, Why havent we Carpet Bombed this whole procession from one end to the other and made the whole world a better place??? Cant ask for a better setup….

    2. @Skilgannon the Damned same reason it doesn’t happen at inbred conventions.. I mean drump rallies. 🤷‍♂️

    1. @t1tacal 30 missiles strikes . there are dead people . Iraqi and some USA . What is general Trump going to do . talk about his great rallies . I hope the republicans wake up and remove this lunatic from office .

    2. @LUIS VELEZ No news of any USA dead. Maybe you are at Al Assad and know better than the news and the military? You are looking stupid tonight with your fake news.

    3. @t1tacal the families are told first ,This is not over , your president has got us in another war . enjoy it ,

    1. @J M – Too late. Iran is now firing missiles at us. This is what you wanted. You wanted war with the Ron you’re going to get it. But one week ago you were praising your cut leader for getting us out of there. Think about that.

  2. Wow just a little while ago he killed 1500 citizens for protesting the government , ya think they had guns to there backs? Attend or else!

    1. Kolin Mademe – At a population of 360 million, that’s statistically minuscule compared to the stampeded sheeple in Iran.

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