Judge orders Ont. church to close for ignoring COVID-19 restrictions

The doors of the Church of God Restoration in Aylmer, Ont. have been locked on the orders of an Ontario judge after the organization was found in contempt of court.

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    1. I do, and I haven’t lived in Ontario for more than 15 years. He looks a lot older than I remember, though.

  1. But keep all the Walmarts and Coctcos open thousands going in and out all day long remember when its time to vote

    1. @DeadNorth 86 It’s not essential, it’s a preference.

      Essential includes things like eating food, congregating and spreading disease is not essential. You know what you said wasn’t true, but you said it anyways… Kiddo, you’re the one who needs to grow up.

    2. Walmart and Costco sell food, an essential item. all the other parts of the stores are roped off.

    3. @Rockwell Rhodes
      ” Yes, Your Majesty… and neither are you to society.”
      Actually, I am considered an essential worker because I’m in healthcare.

      Nice temper tantrum though kiddo.

    1. @Colin Kunkel it may be essential to some. Looks like your obese, so if your concerned about Covid and your health then YOU should stay home. Each person needs to take responsibility for THIER health both physically, mentally, spiritually. We all have different risk depending on age and health. This isn’t a one size fits all.

    2. @Randy Parton definitely is one size fits all. That’s how health guidelines go. If you disagree that doesn’t mean you are right.

  2. Churches can EASILY do a live stream of the service but its harder for them to claw dollar bills outta yer pockets that way.

    1. Not true they can do it with e-transfer. Televangelists have done for decades with snail mail so that blows that theory.

    2. But it’s not really fellowship since you cannot see or be with fellow congregrants. Our church does stream but I only see the pastor and a musician with a guitar. Haven’t seen most congregants in more than a year and they say we can’t even visit them outside of church although many do anyway – visiting outside their household.

    1. What mall is open? They are closed in Ontario but I guess you can’t see that from your parents basement

    2. Even grocery stores have to rope off those aisles that contain items not considered essential, so this is a specious argument.

    1. The time has been near since the beginning of time. Every time there is a crisis, which is all the time, we hear that the time is near. And only fools would still believe it.

    2. @gearsofwargamer4life lol its a peace of literacy FROM history, not history created by a peace of literacy… Christian straight to judgement. We think about real ppl that actually died for oir lives and freedoms… Your so devoted you”ve suspended critical thinking…

    3. @Greg McQueen never in history has it been like this…show me proof? Everything that is occurring worldwide? Go back under your rock blind one.

    1. @DeadNorth 86 What about countries who don’t have democrats? Do they not have Covid?

    1. @TheKosmikid Why are you afraid of a virus with a 99.08% survival/recovery rate in Ontario for non-LTC cases? You do know that’s the official figure, right? It comes from THE GOVERNMENT’S OWN DATA.

      You have looked at the data for yourself, right? You don’t get your information just from the six o’clock news, do you?

    2. @Primmakin Sofis they only believe scientists that wear makeup…🤔

      But still keep dropping the bombs on these losers one day theyll get it.

    3. @DeadNorth 86 what bombs have been dropped?
      Are you implying that a scientist that wears make up is incapable of doing their jobs?
      Do you think before you type?

    4. @Primmakin Sofis Why you should believe the 6 pm news is if you end up dead from the virus, that means you are 100% dead. Gone. Finito. No more life. Do you get it?

  3. They could just have their congregation outside. Seems like they have the space for that.

  4. “If having to destroy thousands of lives means saving one person from contracting COVID-19, it’s worth it.”
    – Canada

    1. Whose lives are being destroyed because they have to talk to their imaginary friends at home?

    2. I’m a solo parent of two, lost my home, had the file bankruptcy, and I think its worth it

  5. It is interesting that only and exclusively churches that are ever singled out. Every single instance it’s a church.

    1. @Ruth C. Hey Ruth, where’d ya go bud, aren’t going to answer the question or what bud?

    2. @Ruth C. More like you are checkmated and have nothing to say lol.
      I didn’t really expect any differently :3

    3. one of the primary BeliefsOfCommunism is that the state is absolute and paternalised, and religion is criminalized, since it teaches conflicting ideology … True Dough was brought up with CommunistRoleModels ie., the expose ” *TheTrudeauFamily’sLoveOfTyrants* ” (make sure to remove spaces)

    4. @juliette Irene So you say that and we should believe you? Get some life keyboard warrior. No use pitting one religion against another.

    1. There is a difference between picking up milk or a prescription and sitting shoulder to shoulder in a church for 2 hours.

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