1. *politicians* are *FAKING* positive Covid tests *(90% of the Canadian COVID-19 cases false positives Westphalian Times and Journal of Clinical Virology)…* isn’t this goal *based on cases after all?… Premier Ford even knew about the test-faking as far back as July but KEPT doing them,* so why aren’t the courts fining *him,* or putting HIM in jail?

    2. And are intellectually challenged and full of 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩.

    1. Don’t you recall that this is the ‘new normal’?

      You’re hopelessly pathetic or delusional if you think they’ll allow life to return to the way it was

    2. Don’t kid yourself, it will be their version of normal. Welcome the new boss same as the old boss!

    1. VikingMale 👍 That’s how I feel and only if I’m forced, absolutely forced. I really don’t want to get it at all.

  1. What does BC have to do with NS? What does AB have to do with ON or PQ? What does PEI care about SK? Canada is so divided

  2. Deaths in Canada (all cause mortality)

    2016 = 262,090
    2017 = 274,240 (+12,150 from 2016)
    2018 = 283,770 (+9,530 from 2017)
    2019 = 287,460 (+3,690 from 2018)
    2020 = 300,210 (+12,750 from 2019)

  3. Wonder why there is such hesitancy to curtail outdoor amenities….which of our “on the pedestal” medical fraternity have been pushing for this approach to outdoor space….hmmmm?

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