1. I wonder if they are angry because csis has been showing the amount of Canadian politicians involved with china and high powered Canadians….our government has done nothing about the Chinese threat…

  2. Most Canadians want to get back to work open up the oil patch in Alberta and Saskatchewan stop regulating the crap out of everybody let everybody make some money here so Canada can thrive

    1. Like the system the judge is enveloped in? There is no doubt there is corruption with such claims as these but I doubt the claims are credible which would make the accuser guilty.

  3. The ‘units’ looking to “FIX” CSIS are just more LIberal hacks who will work for 2 years at $1000 per day and achieve absolutely nothing. This is standard operating procedure for Liberals. They know that the fat, dumb, and happy Canadian collecting their CERB will soon forget Liberals making Liberals rich. LIES, LIES, LIES…..

  4. Taking away Canadian rights it’s not looking after Canadians cencering Canadians is not looking after Canadians ???🤬

  5. If CSIS has a cavalier attitude towards the rule of law it is consistent with the government’s attitude to the rule of law. Remember SNC Lavalin? Remember that the former RCMP security service also had a cavalier attitude towards the rule of law which resulted in the creation of CSIS.

  6. Just to inform everyone: CSIS stands for Canadian Security Intelligence Service. Get Canada’s own Tom Quiggan on your show.

  7. The truth of All of this, hinges on whether trudeau has any power over CSIS, or not….
    If he has power over them…. CSIS is corrupt.
    If he has no power over them…. they might just be Heros of Canada.

  8. What a clown these guys have no power on the world stage what a joke. Whatcha gonna do really against other major country weaklings

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