1. It’s based on the total population. They assess the infection rate based on the collective population.

    2. @matt i No, %8 of covid cases die in Canada, only %4 die in USA. IT IS BASED ON THE TOTAL NUMBER OF COVID CASES AND DEATHS.

    3. USA has 140k deaths and counting while Canada has less than 9k with very few new deaths. I wonder which country is doing better?

    4. @Mark Steenson I would say the country with the less death rate is way better. Considering the virus was spread mostly by travel the spread to the USA was ten times greater , nobody comes to Canada in the winter.

  1. If only the CDC and WHO had not been so concerned about lying to the public to stop panic instead of doing their job of saving lives. Fire them all!

  2. Let’s not forget that Trudeau failed to do anything about international arrivals into Canada for 90 days AFTER the pandemic was declared.

  3. The Americans just do not follow simple guidelines. They crowd together and act that the coronavirus is non existant.

  4. Least u have trump to take control I’m sure it will just go away that’s what he told u. 😂

    1. Don’t worry all our kids will learn that lesson the hard way when they’re applying for a mortgage to get a food stamp

  5. The United States government should punish the states that open too early most of the states that seeing the spikes are Republican lead States

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