Judge Says ‘Drug Dealers’ Are Convicted On Less Evidence Than What’s Facing Trump | MSNBC

Judge Says 'Drug Dealers' Are Convicted On Less Evidence Than What's Facing Trump | MSNBC 1


Former Federal Judge Nancy Gertner says drug dealers in her courtroom have been convicted on less evidence than what Trump now faces in the impeachment probe. Aired on 12/13/19.
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Judge Says 'Drug Dealers' Are Convicted On Less Evidence Than What's Facing Trump | MSNBC

23 Comments on "Judge Says ‘Drug Dealers’ Are Convicted On Less Evidence Than What’s Facing Trump | MSNBC"

  1. Melber is the best interviewer on the planet. He has brilliant guests on his show and they discuss topics objectively.

  2. That’s why Trump hired defendant Mcconnell

  3. All Trump has to do is Be Best and he’ll get through this.

  4. John Edward Culp | December 13, 2019 at 10:08 PM | Reply

    Yes, Quite right. Hope more viewers see this. Pretty simple.

  5. She’s ABSOLUTELY right……and they said it all out loud on video

  6. Republicans are synonymous with corruption… wake up and smell the coffee America …. your becoming Putins puppet with his Patsy in the WH … so unbelievably sad .. 🙈😔 what happened to the USA 🇺🇸?????

    • To be fair, most Republicans want to be ruled and told what to do. They are scared out of their minds at the idea of Democracy and diversity.

      Give them a field to work and they are more than happy to going back to the Serf life, working themselves to death to please their lords.

  7. Thumbs up if you find that Trump belongs in prison.

  8. Trump and Gouliani both Russian Agents!…😉

  9. “Before mass leaders seize the power to fit reality to their lies, their propaganda is marked by its extreme contempt for facts as such, for in their opinion fact depends entirely on the power of man who can fabricate it.” ― Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism

  10. The judge who gave Manafort a year in prison gives life for first time, nonviolent drug possession.

  11. If this was held in any court Room the drug dealer would have been able to call his own witnesses have his own lawyer and all this hearsay with no evidence would have been thrown out of court. And he would have walked out of court a free man welcome to the Justice system. Liberalism is so un-factual, that it is ridiculous.

  12. Your one incompetent judge!

  13. Yeah, I’d like to see that “Biden was bad” Defence in a real court of law…LMFAO

  14. She’s stopping and stuttering too many times..
    And this isnt anything like a drug court or drug dealer!!!
    Trying to make a mountain out of mole hill. Not gonna work!!!!!

  15. Michael Patterson | December 13, 2019 at 10:23 PM | Reply

    He was a crappy bussiness man he is a crappy president, he’s a crappy human being, and he’s a really crappy criminal !

  16. Not to mention getting much longer and worse sentences and more rights removed from them than what Trump is going to get and taken away from him for impeachment…

  17. I bet that the drug dealers that she ruled over who landed in jail were not rich and White.


  19. ‪Jail all republicans for being #Foreignagents‬

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