Judge tells killer he'll 'never be seen in public again' while sentencing him for murders in Oshawa 1

Judge tells killer he’ll ‘never be seen in public again’ while sentencing him for murders in Oshawa


A 47-year-old Oshawa man has been sentenced to life in prison for killing and dismembering two young women.

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  1. I am anti capital punishment (for fiscal reasons, not philosophical). That said, there needs to be a life sentence without the possibility of parole in Canada. It needs to be reserved for cases like this one. Bernardo and homolka types.

    1. You are out of your mind! Life sentences will not solve anything our high recidivism rates. We are close to becoming like America with a high prison population. Our country needs to work on PRISON REFORM where we reimagine our prisons, to the ones in the Scandinavian countries like Norway, Sweden and Finland! As well, we should observe Norway’s 21 year maximum sentence where there are no life sentences and weigh the pros and cons of our life sentences!

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