1. IMO prosecution has completely sunk this case when they argued having a weapon nullifies the idea of self defense. Any forward thinking jury would recognize how much of a landmark case this would become if the words he had a gun so he is guilty was able to pass off a guilty verdict

    1. Forsure, also there’s absolutely nothing for the prosecution to work with, the only option they have is to grasp at straws.

      I think regardless of who’s on the prosecution, they’d be destined to come out looking silly.

    2. @Nichole Lopez he deserves jail time. He was looking for trouble he got it. You don’t simply cross state lines with a loaded gun just to prove a political statement moron. Get educated and stop defending this crook. Hes a terrorist . Had he been here in California it been a rap. Oh he used a AR against people without guns . Yea thats man . I’m sorry he can’t fight like a man with his fists .

    3. Kyle and the team had photo with gun , time they were called to the area to help . So obvious , he and the group was allowed with guns . The old folks who assigned them did not
      questioned Kyle with his rifle . Kyle when gotten the attention by those someone who chased and even kicked and hit him used the gun as that time he was on critical condition . He used the gun to defend and protect him from those
      people who had sighted him differently . He is not guilty .

  2. What is the sentence for Arson? In most states it’s a class 2 or 3 felony for the first offense, a serious offense! So why are these people setting fires to property not being arrested and PROSECUTED???

    1. kind of a whataboutism argument. There is no evidence the men killed were arsonists. And I’m sure if any arsonists are identified then they will be arrested and PROSECUTED!!!

    2. What is the sentence for Douchebaggery? If there there was one, you’d be serving a life w/o the possibility of parole. Do us all a favor a buy an education.

    3. Prove they didn’t get arrested. Not all protestors are violent or destructive. But you know Trump sent thugs there to cause trouble.. so maybe thats why they didnt get arrested!!!!

  3. I opened this video. I then promptly paused it, and noticed there was no count of dislikes visible. As such, I decided to place this comment here as my dislike.
    After watching this entire trial, you, the corporate press, are all confirmed liars, obfuscating the facts of this case with character attacks on people, instead of focusing on the clear cut evidence and testimony of this case very clearly supporting self defense in all 3 shootings.
    The legality of his possession of the rifle is irrelevant in the law as to whether self defense was justified under Wisconsin Law.
    Kyle Rittenhouse’s firearm was not a short barrel rifle and was legal.
    There is no objective evidence that he came there intending to cause trouble. He had as much a right to be there as anyone else. And loads of video and witness testimony proving all three assailants assaulted him as he fled.
    Have some integrity, like Anna Kasparian, shame on all of you. I will not bother to watch your ads nor the video. I can view the full trial without your edits and commentary.

    1. @AtomicTelemule
      Kyle had every much a right to be there as anyone else there by law.
      Kyle’s firearm is legal.
      There is no evidence of provocation, and no Constitutional carry is not provocation.
      There is zero evidence nor testimony of guilt here. It shpuld never have gone to trial.
      The prosecutor violated ethics and the 5th Amendment by commenting in front of a jury aboit the defendants post arrest silence. Grounds for a mistrial with prejudice that should have been granted and will be on appeal in the event of any possible conviction.
      You are welcome to your opinion, but we lost hundreds of thousands of soldiers to defeat 2 racially identitarian socialist governments who were fond of political show trials and racial group guilt.

      Im also not at all concerned with Jan 6th after the 2020 leftist/marxist insurrection that included assaults on Congressmen, raids on the capitol, attempted arson of occupied federal buildings, 30+ murders, 2Billion in damage, abd ooen funding and endorsements of high kevel democrat donors and officials.
      When the FBI and yourself, decide to be as outraged at the larger problem of left wing domestic and racial terrorism, as you are about 500 unarmed boomers taking selfies and breaking windows, Ill take you seriously.
      Until then, have some integrity, and stick to the facts in this individual case.

    2. @AtomicTelemule ‘A civilian bringing a weapon of any kind to a volatile situation like that …’
      So you admit that the left were engaged in criminality creating a volatile situation. Good, thanks for confirming that.
      Also, you say a civilian should not bring a weapon…funny how you neglect to call out the no bicep guy who had a concealed Glock with no CCW(meaning illegal), pulled it and pointed it at Kyle. Who then, legally, shot the bastard….
      Oh, one other thing, it has been established many weeks ago that the incident at the capitol was a riot, nothing more, according to the FBI, as well, there was no inciting by Trump. All facts. But I am sure you will continue to spew what the msm told you to without complaint or verification because you are a sheep.

      All in all, your post says that you really haven’t got a clue as the legality, or facts, of any of the events that transpired.

    3. @Two B Correct. Good post.
      The right of self defense is an individual right, and whether the person is armed or unarmed is irrelevant.
      Fists kill more people than AR15s every year, an assailant does not need to be armed for self defense to be justified under the law. Another point that the prosecutor blatantly lied to the jury about during closing arguments, and one of many.

    1. The only way he’s going to be found guilty is if they can’t hear and they can’t speak and they can’t write

    2. The only way he’s going to be found guilty as if they can’t write can’t hear and can’t speak this is an open and closed case he’s not guilty of anything whatsoever his friend is more guilty than he is I think the Judge understands that he made an awful Mistake by taking the gun

  4. Wish the judge was on my side during my last visit to a court. Now i have to pay lifetime alimony. Would have been nice if the judge had stuck up for me against my ex’s lawyer.

  5. Jury deliberation: Man, did you see that moron Binger Point that rifle at us? Two weeks after Alec Baldwin killed a woman with an “empty“ gun?

  6. This is such a violation of Kyle’s rights. You defend yourself and your town you go to jail, you burn and steal, the vice president bails you out …

  7. The only reason (in my opinion) that USA News chose to post this certain photo is to make it appear Kyle thinks he’s in big trouble because of the incident when in all reality he’s probably thinking thank God this is over. Whew!!!
    Not Guilty!!!!!!!

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