Jury Deliberations Begin In Derek Chauvin Trial | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Jury Deliberations Begin In Derek Chauvin Trial | Morning Joe | MSNBC


After three weeks of witness and expert testimony, the prosecution and the defense in the murder trial of Derek Chauvin have rested their cases and given closing arguments. The Morning Joe panel discusses. Aired on 04/20/2021.
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Jury Deliberations Begin In Derek Chauvin Trial | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Doo Luv The biggest 2 letter word ever….IF…Well lets go with it. IF Floyd had sat down in the police vehicle, we would not be having a trial. So how does he come out of a vehicle that is the same size and all of a sudden become CLAUSTROPHOBIC?

    2. @Wisconsin Man IF u read what I said in relation to the person I’m replying to who replied to another, yhen you will understand my reply. Also at no time did u see me defend GF. I was merely calling out someone’s stupidity. Now I’m calling out you Forrest Grump

    3. @Wisconsin Man U right, IF GF sat in the car we wouldn’t have a trial and IF the thug didn’t show we wouldn’t be having a trial either. Two side of a coin

    4. @Doo Luv So you are calling Floyd a Thug? About time someone was truthful. Oh, you mean Chauvin who showed up because dispatch requested back up? How dare he huh? Comply, you DON’T DIE.

  1. I hope you make the right decision! I see so many videos of us cops now. who have a very high potential for violence; a very tense body language. aggressive communication. ….

    1. @Hard Boiled Mahoney Drug overdose, and bad heart contributed to the cause . The Jury will decide Innocent AF or Guilty. 😀 I really don’t care either way 😀

    2. I strongly believe the need for cops patrolling neighborhoods is a necessity, but Chavin and other cops like him need to be put away for good…and the good cops that remain silent just to protect another cop, just because he IS a cop, in my view, only perpetuate the crimes like this against citizens. If you’re “presumed innocent until proven guilty”, why would you treat an innocent person in this matter?

    3. @Larry’s McLean Then in your thinking even if a man kills another in plain site of an officer until they are in court it is the officers word against the shooter. You presume them innocent? LOL

    4. @Alex Hamilton The LAW presumes them innocent until proven guilty. The cop on the street doesn’t get to be judge, jury, and executioner…

  2. Here’s a fun fact. People who are arrested and have addiction issues die all the time in our jails. The death reports state (in most cases) that the person died because of a heart related issue exacerbated from their addiction. In other words even though addiction is classified as a disease, it’s still acceptable to allow someone to die from a disease in custody.

    1. Doesn’t make it right. Denying people the right to proper medical care and attention while in custody is dark and barbaric.

  3. I back the blue in most situations but this was terrible & this guy needs to pay for his actions. IMO it’s in the same category as Rodney King

    1. Even if he held him down with his knee on his neck for 2 mintutes…he would still be charged with Murder but for 9 minutes and a half!!!

    2. Alex Hamilton he was beaten within an inch of his life FFS..All those cops should have been canned & found guilty PERIOD. And to set the record straight in no way do I justify either incident

    3. IF *O.J was video taped* & witnessed by a crowd pleading with him to stop! Then, his defense was, “It wasn’t me”, they “had health conditions & did drugs!” …

  4. Just imagine what BS the defense lawyer would have produced, if there was not the video that obviously shows the murder…!!!

    1. @Sam Izdat The Medical Examiner said homicide and the RESPIRATORY SPECIALIST said he died from lack of oxygen. The medical defense witness was destroyed on cross. Oh, and justice was served.

    2. @Mike Hunt67 There are NO people who’ve had the same done to them over the. years and lived. The dose he had was nowhere near 11 times. the safe level. Fentanyl is highly tolerance. specific. According to DUI drug testing data people take the amount Floyd had and survive ALL THE TIME. He did co-operate with cops. He offered his hands for cuffing. He never resisted arrest, he only resisted.going in the car because he was claustrophobic. He didn’t know the note was fake. Oh and by the way, justice was served.

    3. @Andy Snadden there are NO people who’ve had the same done to them and lived??? Do you even know anything about police holds and submissions? Police have been using this same technique to hold people down for DECADES without people dying. If you don’t think he resisted then why don’t you watch the video of them trying to take him out of the car just before this happened. He was resisting them. Go watch Steven Crowder who copied the event as close as he could for the same amount of time and he’s still alive. He had 3 people hold him down as close as they could make it to the same as the video. Also according to you people there is no lethal dose of fentanyl as long as they build up an immunity??? Why don’t you talk to a doctor to see if they agree with you on that because according to you people can’t overdose. I have talked to a doctor about this because I happen to be on fentanyl patches and have been for 15yrs because I have small fiber neuropathy in both feet. Not only that he had meth in his system and it’s obvious you don’t know how conflicting drugs in the system work against each other.

    1. @Chris Mitchell he was using lethal force on a suspect with no pulse while refusing to give aid… thats not negligence or inadequacy…

    2. @Noreb How is it stupid? Did you not watch the trial? Or is ad hominem your thing because you never have a valid argument? Maybe you are just lost in the unreality of video game land.

    3. @ImYour Huckleberry i did watch the trial. did you? guilty on all 3 counts. i guess the jury agrees with me too..

  5. Brace yourselves for a Super Duper *Mostly Peaceful Protest* tonight.
    If you haven’t boarded up yo windows by now… you better hop to it son.

  6. Chauvin got a thrill obvious to me Most people would be embarrassed to say it but it’s obviously true

  7. It’s amazing, even with video footage, the defense is hoping that one jurror doesn’t completely agree with the rest. Had there not been video, George Floyd would have been dehuminized as another trophy.

    1. The good is that if the jury is deadlocked, the judge can rule a mistrial and order a new trial. He doesn’t have to, but he can.

    2. All the defense has to do is convince 1 juror that Chauvin was not directly involved, and it was the lethal dose of drugs Floyd was on.

    3. @Jim Barrett verdict was already reached so a hung jury has been ruled out. I kno its gunna be a guilty verdict because that jury is full of a bunch of morons.. the answers to their questionnaire were biased

    4. @Jim Barrett How can they think that when both autopsies done confirmed that the cause of his death was the officer.

  8. Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Isaiah 5:20.

  9. Chauvin’s defense lawyer should ask myself this “Would Floyd have died THAT very moment or that day if Chauvin didn’t put his knee on Floyd’s neck??”

    1. I’m sure he has. Thing about it is that’s his job. Some attorneys who knew their clients were guilty would constantly tell themselves that they weren’t so they can defend them better. Moral conflict.

  10. Whatever health issues George floyd had- it was the knee on his neck and chest that killed him. Chauvin has to be found guilty

  11. Associate Supreme Court Justice, William Brennan, who served the Court from 1956-1990, once said regarding a case “FROM A MULTITUDE OF TONGUES COMES THE TRUTH.”
    And there was a multitude of tongues that spoke during the trial of Derek Chavan and how they witnessed George Floyd’s murder.

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