Derek Chauvin Case Now With The Jury | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Derek Chauvin Case Now With The Jury | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


The prosecution and defense made their final arguments to the jury today in the Derek Chauvin trial. Aired on 04/20/2021.
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Derek Chauvin Case Now With The Jury | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. I have a feeling there’s going to be a guilty verdict for sure, however, it’s only going to be a manslaughter conviction, eventually resulting in less than 5 years in jail.

    1. The Jury should deliberate for 9 minutes and 29 seconds, and come back with a guilty verdict on all three counts!

    2. @Ash Roskell The Blue Ribbon jury is intended to overcome the problems of ordinary juries in interpretating complex technical questions within a specific case that gain an unbiased highly fair resolution for everyone.

    1. Ashley
      you think so? wow What about the Jury? You think they will have to leave town? wow .To be honest. anyone with brains shouldn’t live thee.

    2. The lib tards will ruot again creating more ghertos because thats just what they do. Democrats and rioting cause every ghetto in America since slavery and Jim Crow

    1. Exactly, even his colleague asked to put him in recovery position (essentially trying to save his life) but no,my knee is staying there and I couldn’t care less Chavin, even if hes unconscious or has no pulse I dont give a f! Imagine if he gets off with it, not only will the juror who voted not guilty, will be essentially signing his own death warrant, he will be placing the whole country into carnage! This just can’t go unpunished or even leniency shown, especially with the heat on police right now! He knows what he did, and only he knows why he did it! (Personally I think he was angry and wanted to teach Floyd a lesson) He would have got torn apart if he took that stand, and he knew it! Just can’t justify what he did and he has got to pay the price!!!

    2. @Furry Bear yup. My comment on another video here was if Chauvin was a real man, he would admit to and apologize for the killing of George Floyd.. . Oh wait, it was this video.. explain your name.. I’m a native American fire keeper that works with bear medicine.

  2. I have a feeling it will be a guilty verdict for 2nd degree manslaughter and judge will give him the max 10 years.

    1. ​@D L
      1. GUILTY
      2. GUILTY
      3. GUILTY
      You can delete all your embarrassing comments now lmfao

    2. Guilty guilty guilty…Glad I was wrong and the jury did their proper duty. Now lets see some real reform in the system.

    1. @terryrollins1973 you can’t leave anyone in the prone position for an extended amount of time period! You prone them to cuff them then rotate them once cuffed. Any added pressure is EXCESSIVE.

    1. truth speaker
      you should change your screen name to
      truth according to truth speaker
      That way no one can call you a liar because it is just your opinion. You think?

    2. @truth speaker are we ignoring the fact BLM and Maxine Waters threatened the jurors’ lives if he as found innocent on even one charge?

      Since you stand so strongly behind your claim, elaborate on what makes him guilty and what leads you to believe so.

    1. @Greg Lian I stated facts only fools choice to keep the crust in their eyes to see the truth

    2. @Calvin R. Johnson Jr. yet democrats are legit the ones encouraging people to burn down cities. Tell me, what does the right like destroying and how do they do it?

    1. META MUTT
      I don’t think that is the point. The point is to use Water’s stupid remark as part of the appeal if he is found guilty.

  3. “All these things existed before Mr. Chauvin arrived “… To say that he was living with all those health issues, operating word lived/living, all ended when Chauvin showed up and murdered him while showing no restraint in a police officer capacity where preservation of life and professionalism should be the most prestige characteristic operating always, with that said, I hope Chauvin never walks another free step on this earth for the rest of his life. As a man and as a human, he consciously knew what he was doing and knows the power/ authority and protection the badge has and I hope it gets destroyed so my 2 kids NEVER encounter an officer like him again. Don’t preach to me about body cameras, obeying commands, or that all cops aren’t bad. Cameras never secure convictions. Obeying commands won’t keep you alive if the officer has been groomed through his entire life to precieve us as threats, no amount of obedience will save you when they WANT to harm you, and finally, you silent good cops will be blanketed until you decide your selfishness of silence isn’t worth allowing cops to degrade and deny humanity of others. The uniform and the badge all mean the same regardless of who wears it just like the treatment of black and brown men and women, the way you treat poor whites and segregated your own kind, when the uniform is represented differently which will take generational legislation changes, this is the world you’ve created for yourselves.

  4. The United States is like a gta server, we got drug dealings, mass shootings, police shooting without question, and protests. We’re only missing the oppressor mk3

    1. The global banking cartel have you just where they want you. Debt slaves watching everything else.

    2. No that’s just what the media wants you to believe. Per capita the United Stares is 23rd in terms of gun related deaths.

    3. @WorldIsFilledB I know I’m just going with what people are saying on the streets, if I was the officer and I know you have a gun and you make a sudden movement especially after running from me and only running from me but also running into a dark alleyway like the 13 year old who unfortunately lost his life I’m sorry but you’re getting shot no matter what age, I have a life too my life matters. The way I see it cooperate and go home and see your family tonight or play hard and get played hard

  5. I think politicians to stay out of the courtroom on their opinions on stuff because you could cause a mistrial to happen I really believe this man will be convicted because the evidence show it they can say everything about a bad heart but at the end of the time that he died somebody’s knee was on his neck common sense is there

  6. Regular citizen juries shouldnt be used at all!! There should be Blue Ribbon juries. Bcuz juries r making a very important decision that will affect the rest of someones life!! Stop getting these ppl off the streets that don’t know $#!+ from shineola about the law.

  7. A picture of health with a 9 minute knee to the neck … would be just as dead. The defense really didn’t have a chance… we know murder when we see it

  8. *The judge said Monday publicly in the courtroom that “this whole trial could be overturned” bec. of Rep. Maxine Waters’ comments in Minnesota over the weekend promoting confrontation if the verdict isn’t the one they want! AN AMAZING PUBLIC STATEMENT BY A JUDGE!*

    1. Lmao, finish his statement. After he said that he said that her statement will not affect the case, and denied the defense a mistrial. He said the trial could be overturned on APPEAL if they wanted to use that, if and when they appeal, but that’s nothing to do with this case. Maxine Waters does need to sthu tho!!!

    2. @Kreativekingz Radio I would laugh if he was found guilty and it was turned over on appeal. It does prove the point that most of the time agitators from outside the community
      are mostly to blame when a riot breaks out from a protest.

  9. This is going to be very interesting. Everything is in the hands of the jury. Probably the first day they did some housekeeping work and selected a foreman. They went over some of the responsibilities and the instructions given to them by the judge. They may have had time to take a straw poll. The foreman would’ve passed out sheets of paper and instructed the jurors to write down whether they thought the defendant was guilty or not guilty. There are several likely charges so that may have taken some time to wade through. If everybody agreed, that day the foreman would have instructed the judge that they reached a decision. The fact that we have heard nothing is interesting. It means that right at first there might not be a unanimous decision. If today goes without a verdict that will mean that there is some reasonable doubt.
    Let’s see if they have come to an agreement today.

  10. If Chauvin would have sat Floyd up and offered aid at any time prior to his death, Floyd would still be alive and that despite defense’s smokescreen of the alleged drug use and other medical conditions.

    1. Its not alleged drug use. Floyd swallowed his drug stash of Meth and fentanyl – thats what killed him. If Floyd wasnt being a criminal and attempting to use counterfeit cash he would be alive.

      Has propaganda msnbc ever mentioned that Floyd went to prison for home invasion and held a gun to a pregnant womans stomach ? Bet you never knew that about the angel Floyd. The guy was a drug addicted violent criminal.

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