Jury finds Donald Trump sexually abused E. Jean Carroll in civil case #shorts

A jury found Donald Trump liable Tuesday for sexually abusing advice columnist E. Jean Carroll in 1996, awarding her US$5 million in a judgment that could haunt the former president as he campaigns to regain the White House.

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    1. I mean if it’s been a long time, you’ll forget. I was also sa’d as a child, I’m 20 now can’t remember when but it happened.

    2. @BaristaZ A child’s memory and an adults memory are not the same. If it’s traumatic enough to sue for 30 years later, it’s traumatic enough to remember.

    1. Ummmmmm no— unfortunately the world hasn’t supported women speaking up against powerful individuals and she has the right to address this on her own timeline.

    2. It’s not that “she remembers it”, it’s that it’s now something someone can pursue due to laws to protect children.

    3. @Cal P except at no point was she ever a child in regards to the case so what’s the point you’re making?

  1. The reason why she can come out now is that she cant get sued into oblivion by him due to the other charges

  2. Wow. Raped in a busy department store, in the dressing room, and nobody heard or saw a thing?? She can’t remember the date and time?? There were no witnesses or any other form of evidence?? Just her say so!! Why now?? What a joke.

  3. This is madness, it is not liable if he didn’t do it. So you can’t call out a person who says horrible things about you?? He should sue her for liable.

  4. No Republican would get a fair trial in Washington DC?
    The jury pool is full of Trump haters! 😂

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