PM Trudeau’s story on China’s foreign interference is ‘starting to fall apart’: Mulcair

CTV News Political Commentator Tom Mulcair explains Canada's need for a foreign agent registry, and the inaccuracies in Mendicino's claims.

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  1. At this point, it is a matter to understand if this keeps happening because this gov. is just weak or corrupt

  2. Tom why don’t you just come out and say Trudeau and the rest of his cabinet are unqualified, don’t have a clue what there doing and it’s time to get rid of them

    1. @d barna ..nah…Mulcair has his MP pension. Jughead needs two more years to qualify for his

  3. Justin Trudeau is seedy know one can believe anything that comes out of his mouth Canadians are sick of even looking at him

    1. We saw Trudeau’s drama degree in action at the liberal convention when he was telling Pollievre to wake up. It was one of his most cringe worthy moments….and he set the bar pretty high on that some time ago

  4. The time to show concern for Alberta was 4 days ago when it was 30 degrees and the fires were spreading rapidly and unpredictably. Funny how he thought it was such a priority to show concern for Alberta now that the situation has stabilized a bit and immediately after being asked a tough question during QUESTION period. What a ham.

    1. @Stephan Macfarlane ..nah… Notley would sell off the remaining water bombers during fire season

  5. I enjoy Mulclair’s perspective in these videos (however I cannot stand NDP or the liberals)

    1. Yeah, I never liked Mulcair as the NDP leader but as a former politician that comes from neither a Liberal or Conservative background, he offers an unbiased point of view regarding the 2 Parties that form federal governments in Canada.

    1. If he was honest he would point out that Justin has NEVER had a straight answer, to anything. He’s always answered on a completely different topic to the question asked, or resorted to personal attacks as rebuttal. This did not start just today…

  6. What does Mr Mulcair think of the Liberal and NDP coalition, without it we would have been rid of the Liberals by now

    1. this is , in my lifetime the worst governance i have ever seen. the fact jagmeet isn’t pulling the plug on this, whatever this govt is…. is disgusting.

  7. Tom could you please talk to Jagmeet and make him understand his coalition is hurting Canadians

  8. Are you saying Magic Marco isn’t telling the whole truth – would it be proper for Mr. Speaker to start calling him a liar???

  9. If it wasn’t for the opposition to bring this situation to the fore front, trudeau would’ve kept Canadians unaware of this politically dire situation …he has for the last 2 years kept this hidden…there, there is proof of trudeau’s guilt and inaction..Not only does he avoids situations and is NON transparent, he is the divider and evasive king of politics.

  10. Hope it all comes to light, Canadians deserve to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth. That might mean court for these hoods!

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