Jury selection begins in the trial of Derek Chauvin | USA TODAY 1

Jury selection begins in the trial of Derek Chauvin | USA TODAY


Jury selection was delayed Monday in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin while an appeal proceeds over the possible reinstatement of a third-degree murder charge.

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    1. @SnowWhalez Well whether he is or not, he will be found guilty he’s going to be sacrificed for the countries sake i can assure you he isn’t going to be found innocent

    2. @BETTYJO’S GLITTERING ANGELS If they re-instate the third degree murder charge, one does not need intent. Time will tell.

    3. @- he won’t be. And that’s why you saw BLM out there intimidating the public. They already know what is about to happen.

  1. Where is the teargas, rubber bullets and riot gear. These are “terrorist protesters”, but don’t send the national guard for 3 to 4 hours. It is amazing how all of this riot suppression was in place here and NOT in Washington.

  2. “Just because Oj’s got’z blood, don’t mean he did it.. Lotz of peoples gotz blood”
    Actual quote from the OK juror.. Good luck with this one!

    1. Okay but the world see this man and the man neck, it’s different from OJ Simpson case okay!

  3. Blast from the past!
    OJ trial juror explains the process. “ the judge sent us out to get deliberatated” .. “peers” can be highly subjective

  4. That was a terrible thing to inflict on any human being regardless of the circumstances hope he gets the Max’s never see the outside again (peace)

  5. I’ve watched 5 courtroom videos and all I’ve seen so far is old white men. Not a good start.

  6. We are all in agreement that George Floyd had a lengthy criminal record but that doesn’t give Derek Chauvin the right to end his life. I watched the murder take place, at any time Chauvin and his henchmen to cuff him and put him in a wagon.
    Truth is we all watched his last breath, it happened on the street and not in ambulance or hospital. Derek Chauvin murdered a man by his flagrant disregard for law.
    It was murder we know that.

    1. They did put him in the “wagon” partially he refused to get in which lead to them pinning him to the ground go watch the body camera footage

  7. The abhorrent landmine immuhistochemically disagree because october endogenously retire during a rabid appeal. poised, ten biology

  8. It’s about time white people and police pay for what they do to other people are to black people.

  9. This officer worked with Floyd and hated or feared him. He knew This man was FLOYD and murdered him. Ask his former boss.

  10. We are about to witness the most bias trial in US history. This will surpass Charlie Manson being convicted on 7 counts of murder even though he wasn’t even there for 5 of them.
    This guy is toast. There’s no way he will be found not guilty, even if the evidence proves otherwise. There’s no way anyone is going to be allowed to destroy this country with savage protests, and that’s what’s going to happen if he is found not guilty. Grab the popcorn.

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