Just Because America Is Changing Doesn’t Mean All Americans Are Changing With It | MSNBC 1

Just Because America Is Changing Doesn’t Mean All Americans Are Changing With It | MSNBC


The violent attack on Capitol Hill carried out by a mob of President Trump’s supporters is shocking but not surprising for those who have watched President Trump’s incendiary rhetoric divide the nation over the past 4 years. MSNBC’s host of "American Voices" Alicia Menendez discusses how we got here.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Just Because America Is Changing Doesn’t Mean All Americans Are Changing With It | MSNBC


    1. @9000ck he sure do what’s sad is the hold he have on his supporters the guy pretty much groomed them with lies from the jump now every platform using them for ratings views and donations trump supporters are straight suckers right now

    2. @LH if you truly think even for a second that it’s not going to happen again an that Trump will see any jail time you are just as naive as the woman reporting this.

  1. Don’t try to convince them, these terrorits do know trump is lying about the election.

    They just choose this lame excuse to attempt a coup.

    1. @cc 1k right, just becauae you have book smarts, there is absolutely no guarantee that there is any emotional intelligence to be found, which is more important, I think. Especially to be a good leader. We all know he’s just a blowhard with no moral compass.

    2. I realize they are impervious to logic and facts. These idiots think that if they FEEL something, that makes it MORE important than facts and truth.

    3. @Barnabas Collins There’s a lot of overlap with church messaging. Their church leaders said Trump was chosen by God, and that everybody would come against him but that it would all be lies. It is existentially, definitionally, unquestionably true to them that he won and there is fraud – which of course they didn’t find, “because of the coverup conspiracy”. That explanation will always be there anytime they hit a logical pothole or other moment of doubt. It’s been going for 2000 years – why stop now?

    4. @Emily Curewitz no I think they felt they haven’t been heard. The orange nazi wouldn’t make a difference. The point is evil Pelosi. She now creating nazi like purges.

    1. Psychological projection is a defense mechanism in which the ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves by attributing them to others. … Projection has been described as an early phase of introjection.

      My favorite scientist is Albert Einstein.
      Albert Einstein: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

    2. @Gamer Live Studio BLM is fighting for humanity peacefully? By burning down police stations and government buildings and razing police cars? By walking through the suburbs screaming into people’s houses to get out on the street and protest with them because “your silence is your violence”?
      Here’s some more evidence of their peaceful fight for humanity:
      *“The white man will not be our equal but our slave. History is changing. No justice, no peace BLM.” – Tweeted by BLM leader Sasha Johnson*
      *“I want to to put these police in a f—ing grave … I want to f—ing burn the White House down… I f—k police up in New York, I f—k police up in DC” – BLM leader, PORTLAND (30th August 2020)*

    1. @Janet Barber Those summer protests by BLM & Antifa were not peaceful. Did you watch the news, see the videos on TV & internet? Those two groups set buildings on fire, set cars on fire, looted stores, damaged property, attacked people, etc. It looked like a war zone overseas. How can you say it was a peaceful march when the opposite happened? Justine Damond a white woman from Australia was killed by a black Somali officer in Minneapolis but you never mentioned her name. Cannon Hinnant a 5 year old from NC riding his bike was shot at point-blank range by his black neighbor. The child died. Rowan Sweeney a 4 year old from Ohio was killed in his home by a black man who broke into the house and opened fire killing him. I didn’t see any rioting and looting. No one talks about those people.

    2. @AT 1984 Geez, AT. I think you just WANT to be racist and ridiculous. First let me say that I’m very familiar with and have prayed for both Little Cannon Hinnant AND Ms. Justine Damond. She and I work in the same field. Thanks for informing me about Little R. Sweeney. Was the neighbor purposely after this innocent child!? Scary.

      Though I agree with the commenter, Bombastic (below), still let me say this: we are NOT talking about crazed, πurdering neighbors here, AT. And the Somalian officer that shot Justine was arrested and jailed quickly. That was no surprise to any person of color. Little Cannon’s crazed and drugged neighbor killer is in jail also. The killer knew Cannon’s dad and had eaten and “smoked” with him the day before (if I recall correctly). And do you think Mohamed Noor, the Somalian police officer, responed to the call from Justine, then saw a white woman, and decided: Oh, she’s white, I think just ki!l her? No. These cases are not like a Black man being stopped for a rear light out and ending up dead by some jittery, racist, excuse-seeking white officer. And this is NOT to say every last one of them are this way. So DON’T twist this, as you are prone to do.
      AT, it must be very tiring to work this hard at remaining racist. Just stop it; you’ll feel better: practice spiritual meditation, truth, mindfulness, and love.
      Now, are you ready to read the hundreds of thousands of people across the world that are πurdered on an everyday basis by any ‘ole’ body? No, you’re not. You’d be reading for a year. This NOT what we’re talking about here! You prefer to be blind and ignorant of the racism >> overt, systematic AND systemic in America.
      The people, overwhelmingly Black, I listed earlier were k!lled by g√n carrying public servants who are supposed to protect us ALL.
      I don’t hold drugged, crazed, or mentally challenged neighbors to the same standard as our police officers. Should I, AT? I see that you do. Stop being racist and just plain mean.

    1. @Steve Jakubowski that’s already covered under the murder and homicide laws , just having ” white supremacist ” beliefs is legal and part of the multi cultural that some people love so much

    2. @Steve Jakubowski yes but being a white supremacist or member of the KKK isn’t against the law by itself , there are plenty of law abiding racist bigoted people

    3. @Carlos Carlos ok, I see your point, guess I failed in mine
      After all it was law abiding racists that took over a bird sanctuary and caused millions in damages
      And Law abiding Dylan roof,
      And…wasn’t there that wonderful man in Kentucky that killed two blacks in an attempt to start a race war and….hmmm
      Is.there a pattern?..
      Nah, just my imagination

      Anyway, have a great week and take care, keep your powder dry…

    1. @ferociousgumby Thanks very much. I had another look and I think he meant that if it was 6 months ago they should get him out. He’s concentrating on the 20th so it seems to me. Hardly the urgently needed action you’d expect. Still he has no real power yet so perhaps all the other reps and sens will do their duty. No – I’m not too hopeful!!!

    1. I say leave Melania out of this. She’s got nothing to do with whats happening. Like her or not, she’s not the problem.

  2. Trump has two parts of a brain: ‘left’ and ‘right’.

    In the left side there’s nothing right.
    And in the right side there’s nothing left.

    1. @Sun Dial in that case what does it say about our country when a shithole country takes better care of it’s citizens then we do. Before answering do some homework.

    2. @idor ski
      2nd class medical is no reason to say Canada is better…How do you explain more Canadians going to USA for medical procedures ????
      And as i said MORE Canadians apply to emigrate to States than vice versa
      No doubt you probably live in BC which is full of Obama cocksuckers and live on government welfare…

    3. @ Sun Dial that’s why I told you to do your homework. You probably would not believe me if I were to tell you things that go against your beliefs anyway.

      Canada has less livable land than the USA therefore we have more job opportunities. People, specially the young, tend to migrate where they think they have more opportunities only to find the dream did not live up to the reality, in many cases.

      To find the truth you need to put in the work and not just believe what you are told.

    4. @idor ski
      Canada is 2nd LARGEST COUNTRY in the WORLD…with LOW Population and PLENTY OF LIVABLE SPACE…so i think you may need to read a Geography book…..

    1. @Cycle of Life Hillary Clinton is 1 person. It was directed to her. The liberals would like to lock up and punish all 75 million people who voted for Trump. Look at the comments on the internet and what they’re saying. Isn’t that what China is doing and other communist countries? You cannot do that here. We have a constitution.

    2. @AT 1984 What “liberals” are you talking about? All liberals don’t have the same beliefs and not all Democrats are liberals. Some are moderates. Some are converted Republicans.

  3. W/O Republicans defending the criminal, he shall be in jail by now. Their position is to betray and destroy the Nation as much as possible under the “Make America Great Again,” slogan. They thought they are above the law.

  4. I for one don’t want Trump out. I think it is in the best interest of the country for Trump to be in. In jail that is.

    1. @DynaCatlovesme I’m trying to imagine Pence and Cruz running against each other in 2024. They have so much dirt to talk about.

    2. Pelosi wants to invoke the 25th because she is in a panic,they stole her laptop and she’s afraid that Trump has access to it and he will expose her shenanigans like they did with Hunter’s laptop.

    3. @Roxie Jackson Pence might have to do it. Pelosi gave him an ultimatum. He either invoke the 25th amendment or risk losing 100+ state representatives and 8 senators to the 14th amendment. He’s has 48 hours to decide.

    1. @Mary Akin is every comment written by you all in caps? you know you can turn caps lock off right? I feel like you’ve pushed it once and now everything you write is all in caps.

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