'Just Why': 61-Year-Old Asian Man Attacked In NYC Still In Critical Condition | MSNBC 1

‘Just Why’: 61-Year-Old Asian Man Attacked In NYC Still In Critical Condition | MSNBC


Richard Lui joins American Voices with Alicia Menendez after speaking exclusively with the niece of a 61-year-old Asian man, who was brutally attacked in East Harlem on Friday night. Governor Andrew Cuomo has directed the Hate Crimes Task Force to assist in the investigation. Authorities have yet to determine whether the attack was racially motivated.

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'Just Why': 61-Year-Old Asian Man Attacked In NYC Still In Critical Condition | MSNBC


  1. OF COURSE it’s a hate crime. Stop acting like we don’t know/see what this is. The man who did this MUST be apprehended & prosecuted to the fullest extent. I hope he receives therapy & medication for obvious deep psychological issues. Prayers to this family & to this man who was so tragically brutalized.

    1. it’s refreshing to see someone wants the full extent of the law push, but still wants the offender to get the obvious help they need. Never understood how putting a criminal in a place with all of the other criminals and not social or mental support would change them to not commit crimes again.

    2. I rather see the animal being arrested by police where they yell out, “stop resisting.” And when they write the report it says, “perpetrator attacked our fists with his head.” “Perp also used the back of legs to savagely kick our police dogs teeth.”… I will believe the report to be very accurate and truthful.

    3. @Laura Goldschmitt Guess that goes for you as well. You support a Racist hate crime attack where a man was kicked into a coma simply for being Asian, suggesting the beast who attacked him needs therapy and help. Yeah…most of society does not agree with that point of view.

  2. As a Chinese American, who is originally from New York City, this is terrible to hear. I hope he recovers and the family gets justice with the perpetrator being caught and arrested.

    1. @Immortal Asirpa; I may have read like five (5) whole comic books in my life, the nuns weren’t real fond of those childish rags.

    2. pro tip: you can watch movies on Flixzone. I’ve been using it for watching a lot of movies lately.

    3. @Justin Chan Too bad New York doesn’t have open carry laws like we do here inTexas. That perpetrator would think twice approaching a person who is armed.

  3. Doesn’t matter what his skin color is. Just call it aggravated attempted murder. Lock him up for several decades.
    Ps, criminals don’t have to declare “this is a hate crime” for it to be one!

    1. @Laura Goldschmitt hahahaha. Yeah ok RACIST.
      So fake that you been having a conversation with. Hilarious

    2. @Laura Goldschmitt you’re a RACIST. Is that better ?
      The spelling doesn’t change the fact you’re a RACIST.
      You defend racist that attack Asians

    1. @Laura Goldschmitt yeah ok. More childish nonsense. Is that all the left is ? Children ?
      Must be if they take advice from 16/19 year olds about adult issues

  4. Why? Just Why? Pleaseeee This made me cry, Fundraising for the victim’s family, Please help. May God Bless the Victim Family

    1. It will happen over and over and over again. Asians especially Chinese would be badly hated by blackies and whiteys. One wonders….. Chinese exclusive act 2.0

    2. @Timm loo not true. My best friend of 30+ years are not in agreement with your ignorance. Please don’t speak on behalf of all Asians.

  5. If this is not a hate crime, it’s definitely attempted murder! And if the victim dies, it’s plain and simple murder in the first degree!

  6. This type of thing will continue until these types of crimes are prosecuted and people are taught to respect all people. My heartfelt thoughts are with this family.

  7. They say mental illness.
    Didn’t know being a person of color is a mental illness.
    But thanks for clarifying that

  8. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  9. This is the most disgusting act ever. The scum bag who did this , and any other persons doing this don’t deserve to live on. My prayers go out to this man and his family, and that there not alone. God Bless.

  10. What the actual f-. What human could do that? They are sick. Lock them up for the rest of their life. They clearly aren’t capable of living life normally on the streets with the rest of society.

  11. How can someone do this to another person??????
    Do they not feel any empathy or any kind of human emotion inside of thier minds or souls?
    I honestly cant wrap my head around this type of violence. I don’t even want to understand it by it hear reason. It is pure evil
    Everyone tell the people you love exactly how you feel, times are just getting worse and worse in so many way. Don’t take life for granted
    Take care of eachother

  12. I bet 9 out of 10 these attackers has a rap sheet as long as their arms. They know attacking an elderly person is a serious offense but they don’t care.

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