Sen. Amy Klobuchar: Monopolies Are Bullies When It Comes To The Economy | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Sen. Amy Klobuchar: Monopolies Are Bullies When It Comes To The Economy | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., discusses her new book 'Antitrust: Taking on Monopoly Power from the Gilded Age to the Digital Age.'

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Sen. Amy Klobuchar: Monopolies Are Bullies When It Comes To The Economy | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Independence Day 2018, Ron Johnson went to Moscow Russia. Did he go there to get his marching orders from his Russian handlers?

    1. @Blaine Boyle. Oops, typo. I usually dictate into this thing when I am flying and I didn’t check that one. It was 1.5 million. Thanks for correcting me. So far as the weed, I have never touch the stuff. I get along just fine with JD and Coca-Cola with a lime twist.

    2. T.R. Campbell, first, Joe Biden was not involved in his son’s dealings. There was an investigation by investigative journalists that found no connection between Joe Biden and any of his son’s deals. Trump attempted to find connections, and the only connection was Hunter’s former “partner” who made unsubstantiated allegations about a deal that never materialized. There was never any indication of impropriety. Trump has been tied to so many deals with China both before and especially after his election, and the half billion dollar loan for a golf resort in Thailand was delayed because Congress refused to budge until the CEO of ZTE was fired. Then the sanctions were lifted. Trump never confronted Xi about human rights abuses for the Buyers or Hong Kong, Biden has addressed those already. Trump is invested in China, multimillion dollar loans coming due in 2022, half billion dollar loan for a golf resort, hundreds of millions in patents and copyrights. Trump has been for sale for years, once he became president the office was as well. Hundreds of millions in loans and investments kept him from criticizing Russia and Saudi Arabia, as well as Qatar for loans to Kushner. Some of the domestic contracts were awarded to companies with no experience or equipment and literally had to build factories. Kodak was given a contract for chemicals, another company got a contract to produce syringes, and is still building the factory. Graft and corruption became the business of the day under Trump.

    3. @John DiGiacomo Investigative journalist. My stars and garters. Add investigation by investigative journalist should really clear things up then. Investigative journalist? Lol.

    4. T. R. Campbell, investigative journalists are more likely to be objective, and dig deeper to find any signs of scandal. The “story” would be in finding the scandal, not refuting it. Your response just invalidated any credibility you had. Mocking an independent investigation merely proves you have no interest in facts just agenda. You’re ignoring over a billion dollars in corruption by Trump and his administration to not pick disproved minutia by Biden. Typical Trumpublican, don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind’s made up. Get lost moron.

    5. @John DiGiacomo Absolutely not and I don’t know how you can come to that conclusion. Remember the warnings that WikiLeaks sounded right after our DNC corruption became evident during the Hillary/Bernie primary. We were warned that the media was compliant with globalists along with the corrupt and entrenched political class. If you carefully examine the media take on national issues we are basically all the same, often times using the same wording. I have to disagree with your assessment. The only time I watch the MSM is on a breaking news situation. Otherwise I usually ‘ Off’ button on my clicker.

  2. I have said for at least 40 years, why is it allowed for a few companies to buy up everything and be the only that occupies all malls. So much for supporting small business. I live in Sweden, a country that always talk about protecting small business, but with no regulations of big companies it is just talk.

    1. small business does it to themselves. The owners keep all the profits and don’t give their employees raises or decent bonuses. Then they sell off to some big business that buys their brands instead of letting the employees buy the company. It all screws over the workers. I know cuse I worked for small businesses while growing up. It’s big business too now that do it because small business does it so now its a G’D nightmare to be working anywhere these days as an employee. So unless you got a fix for greed theres no where to run. The only thing is fair is for higher taxes for the rich they should pay what we pay at leqast all the workers in the world wouldnt feel like spitting in their bosses coffee everyday.

  3. I”ve wondered for a long time what happened to anti-trust laws like the Sherman Anti-Trust law? I want to buy from American companies and not have to purchase all my products that are now made in China. These monopolies don’t pay taxes in our country, they pay workers in other countries low wages so they can make more profit, and they own our politicians (Republlcans) who prevent anyone competing with them and make policies that benefit them only. I was looking for American made natural fiber clothing and came up zero. We need change. Thank you, Amy, for addressing this huge issue. It does threaten our democracy!

    1. Exactly! I spent days and days researching school supplies made in the USA. I had a terrible time finding paper and pencils made here. Then there’s backpacks, chargers, lunch boxes, etc. It shouldn’t be this difficult to support American workers and the local economy.

    2. Imagine how expensive the products would be, if they were made in the USA. The workers want a decent salary. Everything would be so expensive, the wages had to go up. So everything would even be more expensive. It’s a vicious circle.

    1. pro tip: you can watch series at Flixzone. I’ve been using them for watching loads of movies recently.

  4. I’d vote anytime for Sen. Amy Klobuchar to be our next president ..what a smart ,down-home and great person she truly is ..

    1. She is good through and through. I like Biden but he was not even my third choice. Warren, Klobuchar & Harris in 2020. I think the Dems realized Trump was only worried about Biden. So Biden had to be the nominee & by gum he got Trump out of office. that has now paved the way for the female lead.

    2. @Susan Ford Pete was my first choice. But I am not too unhappy about how things are turning out right now.

  5. When the rich wanted to get their money out of building atomic power plants, they found the means to squelch all the small alternate energy start ups of the 70’s, wind, solar and battery development companies. Those people never had a fair voice.



    3. @Michael And the waste we will leave for the generation after us, for thousands of years. And it will leak, for sure. If you can’t clear the waste you make while alive, you should not create the waste. Water, wind and sun are nature’s gift of clean energy to us. That should do it. That must do it.

  6. Ron Johnson’s comment show that he is literally incapable of conceiving that people would do something for the benefit of society as a whole. That fact alone should disqualify him for high office.

  7. Who are the “most vulnerable”, Ron Johnson? People over 80? Over 60? Anyone with one or two underlying major health issues? Someone who has to care for or lives with the “most vulnerable?” First responders? Teachers? Some random people who just might be unlucky and get a serious case of COVID-19 and die, or who’s severely ill for weeks and months? We are all the “most vulnerable!”

  8. Does the book have scratch and sniff? We need a good scratch and sniff. LUL! Seriously though, we should consider Google, Amazon and Facebook for antitrust measures. I would also consider AT&T for antitrust.

  9. I think we need to do something about immunity 4 politicians district attorneys anybody in government who expects to be immunity it should be removed

  10. Good job Amy. Greed is the problem. It’s always been the problem. Also greed disguised as ideology. I gotta find something to do.

  11. Amy always talks such common sense. I love the way she gets to the core of issues that affect regular folks. An intelligent, hard-working woman with integrity and a solid moral compass. Respect.

  12. Any company that is “too big to fail” is too big to exist. In the last 100 years, we’ve seen the consolidation of so many small and medium size businesses into these mega-conglomerates or simply driven out of business: airlines, defense contractors, banks, supermarkets, retailers, etc. So much and so badly that they are flouting laws, regulators, and even criminal offenses with impudence.

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