Sen. Schumer On Passing President Biden’s Agenda With 50-50 Senate | Mehdi Hasan | MSNBC 1

Sen. Schumer On Passing President Biden’s Agenda With 50-50 Senate | Mehdi Hasan | MSNBC


With the Senate split right down party lines, and much of President Joe Biden’s agenda still in the pipeline as the end of his First 100 Days draws to a close, the Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, talks with Mehdi Hasan about what comes next, including on the crucial election reform bill. How long can Democrats afford to wait on reforming the filibuster? Sen. Schumer says “August” is the probable deadline for the bill to undo some of the “frankly racist changes” to voting being made by GOP state leg

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Sen. Schumer On Passing President Biden’s Agenda With 50-50 Senate | Mehdi Hasan | MSNBC


    1. @nister e150 Yep. The globalists have made the monopolies and billionaires richer and gain the most wealth in history in the past year while countless mom and pop shops have closed. Courtesy of the democrap party (and some republicans)

    2. @Batgirl P The filibuster is a check on government power. When will you learn that not everything the media and creepy Joe tell you is true?

    3. @true patriot If you have one side determined to be obstructionist to the point where governing for the good of the people is impossible, then I say eliminate it.

    4. @Batgirl P Absolute PIGS calling for a one party state you people are. Openly clamoring for it. Treason all around

    1. @Sun Dial don’t even know the meaning of the word Communism. Uneducated are always commenting on issues they have no idea what they are about.

    2. @normal human ..well according to him, so is using the highways, the public schools, libraries, police, firemen, our court system are all Communism…just shake your head at the uneducated and move on, they aren’t intelligent enough to understand these issues.

    3. @Maria Lipscomb
      I’m actually an Emeritus Professor of Political Science and Theoretical Physics at Stanford…so i am an expert on communism..America has never been closer to communism now than at any time in American history….

    4. @Sun Dial ..yeah sure you are! Anyone can say what you said, present your bona fides? My niece is at Stanford Medical, I bet you aren’t even on staff of anything because you DON’T know what Communism is…saying we are close to becoming a communist country is a fallacy. Democrats are Democratic Progressive Socialists, if you need to label others.

    5. @Maria Lipscomb
      Stanford Medical is NOT Stanford proper…its a lower school..just phone them..ask for Prof. Sunny K Dial…first black Professor in Physics dept…also Democrats were socialists under Obama…but Biden is being used by the real leaders AOC and far left looneys to take a hard turn left which even Lenin would find uncomfortable……..

  1. By Joe manchin saying he’s not getting rid of the filibuster Republicans don’t have to worry about the joint in the Democrats with anything

    1. I don’t see how he can’t..It was a campaign promise..He does not need Republicans to pass raise, just Democrats…I hear there is two different amounts in Senate now…One is a raise to $107? a monthe the other $144? a month…President Biden promised above poverty level, that would be the $144? a month…I put a question mark on number I could not remember…Pray lol we all need it on SS….

  2. it’s just a cute sassy ring; it’s doesn’t necessarily mean anything or is it necessarily targeted towards anyone.

  3. Funny, I don’t recall ” big, bold change” being on Shumer’s lips when Bernie was running …. ?

  4. I trust Chuck . We do not have to worry about him holding up a budget at Christmas because Biden is pouting about getting a wall built.

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