Justice Department insists Trump return all classified documents

Justice Department officials have demanded in recent weeks to former President Donald Trump’s attorneys that he return any outstanding documents marked as classified, making clear they do not believe he has returned all materials taken when he left the White House, a person familiar with the outreach told CNN.
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    1. @Belly Dancer Em wasn’t defending her, she has done nothing wrong, I was replying to a usual blind to the truth retrumplican.

    2. @baritone broker it doesn’t matter the rich think of him as their own.
      They think it’s bad precedent to punish anyone rich.

  1. This is just beyond pathetic.


    The world would be laughing if they weren’t so terrified of the implications.

    1. @Kate Hanley In English: Since most of us don’t read world news, many are unaware that the world has been laughing at us since Trump was elected.

  2. It’s not a matter of whether or not he thinks he’s entitled to keep these documents, it is simply the fact that he’s a thief who doesn’t want to give back the proceeds of his crimes. You wouldn’t politely ask a bank robber to give back the cash from the raid, you’d arrest the SOB and search every hideout he frequented.

    1. @frederick hildebrandt That’s Totally Untrue…You’re Excusing him..that’s the problem in the country…his followers keep celebrating his wrongdoings…

  3. Next step is charging him & his lawyers/associates/administration with the Espionage Act, which will determine where he took these documents & whom he gave them to

    1. @Linda Camacho then why have a lot of his former lawyers hired lawyers of their own? Including the one that signed an affidavit stating Trump had turned over all the classified documents

    1. @Jason M “Genius” yes you are right I learned everything I need to Know by 4th grade. Thanks for praise🤣

  4. This is just simply nuts. It’s such a gross misconduct beyond words and a warning to the rest of the world that somebody like Trump who is totally crazy can become president in the United States. My heart weeps.

    1. As any dangerous psycopath should.
      Clear and Present danger (murderer)
      But they keep letting him GO!

  5. just like with his taxes.. people dont try so hard to keep something hidden unless there is something in there that they dont want the authorities or public to see.

    1. Of course there’s stuff they don’t want the public to see. That wouldn’t be very good security, would it?

  6. It’ll be particularly interesting to see what the 48 empty folders were about, if we can ever be told. BTW weren’t they all marked ‘classified’?

    1. Yep. And that marking has a legal basis — documents that are declassified immediately lose their classified marking by law.

  7. The big question should be: Where are these documents? America should be worried that if the FBI did not find them, they might be in the hands of others here or abroad. This man and his family would do anything for money and admiration!

    1. @Ja mes Appling neither would Vegas. Of course several foreign nations have those documents, or have copies of those documents

    2. @Turn and Burn Duh! You just worked that out?
      He’s been a selfish, spoiled brat his entire life.
      All he’s really achieved is spending his old man’s money.
      Most everything he’s touched has failed.

  8. I think they know exactly what is missing and they know the possible damage someone could do if they elected to. The question is has that damage already been done? Capitol punishment could be the penalty for such a crime.

    1. They have actually said they don’t even know everything thing that is missing but I’m sure they know many documents that should exist but they don’t have. The Kim letters where the big tip off

  9. Not just an ongoing struggle trying to get them back, simply refusing to return the documents altogether and claiming that they all belong to h!m! There is something very sinister about the refusal and the intense legal battle about returning all documents and the classified documents. Maybe some have already been sold off and cannot be retrieved, therefore no longer his to return, so he needs to make sure he is being legally protected from handing them back, hence the intense legal battles!?

  10. There’s a VERY GOOD REASON that DOJ knows he hasn’t turned all the classified documents over: those documents are very carefully tracked and have to be signed over. I’m sure there’s a detailed record of what documents were given to Trump and when. They’re also supposed to be returned to some National Security officer, who would definitely know that they weren’t returned.

    1. well.. they are supposed to be tracked very carefully.
      If they weren’t (and it’s pretty clear they weren’t), then there was a break in people following the law and boom.. you document that and charge them if necessary. At the very least, they lose any clearances they might still have and never get one again. It’s quite apparent that the WH staff didn’t think it was important. Mulvaney said as much although he claims he followed all procedures (they just aren’t important unless there’s a “dead body there” because he doesn’t f’ing get it).

    2. @Francis Hurley
      That’s good to know. Seems like there are so many points of vulnerability, that without trump (and I’m not complimenting him in any way), we wouldn’t have been shown those weak spots.

    3. @Taricus
      It was followed to a point. My concern is why the documents in question were allowed to remain with trump, indefinitely.

    4. @dreamcoyote
      Couldn’t agree more. That’s what happens when you hire on the fly and skirt the confirmation process by putting “acting” in front of their title. Trump has always been like this; exploiting every loophole, yet for some crazy reason his flock thinks this is a good business model. Truly mind boggling!!!

  11. I don’t understand why the former POTUS is being given such latitude. Anyone else, having committed these crimes, would have been indicted, arrested, charged, convicted and jailed for life. Unless the Justice Department is still building an air tight case. One can only hope.

  12. He’s been refusing to return these stolen documents for almost two years. It’s far past time to lock him up. The government need to stop with the kids gloves and treat him like an adult. Lock him up!!!!!

    1. I willing to bet that he will not get anything out of this I like that he can appoint people to do things he should not be able to do anything like that if that’s the case if I have to go to court for something I did wrong can I appoint someone that I want.

  13. He’s not just being stubborn. Hes fighting to retain then because he shared them with others for profit and needs to cover his tracks

  14. What’s really shocking and unacceptable is that there are judges in the judicial system that gives cover for this lawlessness.

    1. What are you talking about? Appointing a special master just makes the process slower while giving the FBI some protection from accusations of impropriety. This does nothing to lessen the chance of an indictment against the former president.

    2. @Bad Luck – Are you serious? Eileen Cannon entered into this claiming equal jurisdiction – which most, if not all legal experts scoff at. She also ruled that the classified documents that the government owns could not be investigated by the government – 😂 . The 11th Circuit quickly bench slapped that whacky, out of left field ruling. She ruled against the special master’s request that the Trump team provide affidavits on what is and isn’t classified. When you are the plaintiff in the case you must present evidence supporting your case. Trump is the plaintiff. The special master has more experience and credibility than Eileen Cannon. For her to overrule him is nothing more than legal mischief. She’s doing Trump’s biding pure and simple. She’s been so far out in left field that’s why the DOJ has appealed her rulings to the conservative 11th Circuit who will more than likely rule against her batshit crazy antics. Appointing the special master has nothing to do with protecting the FBI or DOJ. The whole purpose is to slow things down. That’s what Trump does in all of his legal battles.

    3. @KD What nonsense are you talking about? All she did is not exempt the classified documents from being reviewed by the special master. This doesn’t mean the government can’t investigate. It just means the government had to wait for the special master to review it first. It is also stupid to claim anyone except higher courts should have the ability to override federal judges.

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