1. @censorshipleads totheNWO That’s the opposite of what I meant. You can easily point out someone is wrong without stooping to their level.

    2. @censorshipleads totheNWO DAMN SKIPPY “YUP.” As Bill Burr suggests, we need more people on cruise ships. XD

    3. No Americans need to stop voting for politicians who take dark money. People always expect the crooks to get rid of themselves but it’s voters who keep electing the crooks. Every American could have Googled trump and discovered a lifetime of grifting and racism but the still elected him President. Now they want him punished for their lack of judgment.

  2. This is what happens when politicians are elected by machines. They will never give up the power. This will go to a weak and corrupt supreme court.

    1. @Xuii your racism is appalling, thinking like that has whats kept PoC poor and marginalized your bigotry of low expectations is cancer.

    2. Restriction of voting hours doesn’t sound like freedom to me.

      And neither does making it a crime to give water to people in the voting line.

    3. @Bublito because at the same time they are defunding democrats DMVs for people to renew or receive a ID, and closing them down and allowing few to 1 for a city of millions. Along with that defunding other things like the upkeep of registar for voting, purging many registered voters until they find out day of voting they we’re purged while also putting in place no same day registration and limiting when people can vote and setting cut off times to vote when people are still in line. Just to name a few

    4. @Bublito It’s not Id’s that are restrictive.
      It’s limitations on polling places, drop boxes and mail in voting.
      Get there faster, guy.

    5. @ArkAthiest Cc Very simple ppl….you need a picture ID card, you need proof of citizenship also. priod end of discussion. dont like it GTFO.

    1. @Brian Tharps they do have less time to vote , shorter voting opening times they are required to have ID, less days to vote , less polling stations , less time to get a postal vote in. And they need their information verified

    2. Delaware: Non-photographic forms of ID allowed at polling places as of 2013.

      Georgia: Existing law tightened in 2005 to require a photo ID; in 2006, passed a law providing for the issuance of voter ID cards on request at no cost to registered voters who do not have a driver’s license or state-issued ID card. Photo ID was required to vote in the 2012 elections. Photo ID required for absentee voting as of 2021, pending legal challenges.

    3. @Marci LK you missed out the less days to vote , the shorter opening times , the less days to get your postal vote in , your address varied

    4. @Marci LK Delaware

      Identification: The state requests any identification with a name and address, or address and photo. People can still vote on Election Day without an ID if they sign an affidavit.

      Voter registration: Delaware allows mail and online voter registration up until 24 days before the election.

      Felonies: Delaware permanently strips voting rights for felons who have committed certain types of crimes, including murder and rape. Others can vote after they’ve completed their sentences.

      Early: Delaware only allows early voting for those who have one of the approved excused.

      Absentee voting: Delaware only allows early voting via absentee ballot for those who have one of the approved excuses.

  3. My thoughts and prayers will go out to you every day that you can stop this. America is losing its treasure of freedom to the waves of prejudice and classism.

  4. Actions will always speak louder than words.

    All we can do is wait & see.

    Stay safe everyone & have a magnificent day!

  5. Sooo.. lemme get this straight.
    Requiring an ID to:
    Have a license
    Buy alcohol (If you’re old enough but don’t look like it).
    Have a library membership card.
    Getting a loan
    Buying & registering a car
    Owning / buying a firearm

    Is totally A-Ok.

    But requiring an ID to vote, for national election, for the highest seat in a whole country, is not? Make it make sense, I’ll wait.

  6. Well hallelujah common sense appears to be coming. Without fair and honest voting we have nothing as a democracy

  7. The new Georgia voting laws are less restrictive than
    Clueless Joe’s home state of Delaware.

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