Justice Kavanaugh Parrots Trump Talking Points On Mail-In Ballots | All In | MSNBC

Justice Kavanaugh Parrots Trump Talking Points On Mail-In Ballots | All In | MSNBC 1


“Before Justice Brett Kavanaugh took the position he took in that opinion, lawyer Brett Kavanaugh stood in court and argued that votes could be added to the tally as late as Thanksgiving,” says Biden senior advisor Ron Klain, “There’s no way to look at this other than rank hypocrisy and a reversal of convenience.” Aired on 10/27/2020.
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Justice Kavanaugh Parrots Trump Talking Points On Mail-In Ballots | All In | MSNBC

70 Comments on "Justice Kavanaugh Parrots Trump Talking Points On Mail-In Ballots | All In | MSNBC"

  1. The Republican Party is no longer a political party/movement. It’s a criminal organization

    • @Sim1 Manson This laptop thing if false would greatest scam in American history. Step outside the echo chamber.

    • @Sim1 Manson
      Fox is trash.
      They’re attempting to get ahead of an embarrassing story.

    • @Armandhammer LOL..trump said the very same thing of his racist birther conspiracy.

    • @Mario Lopez embarrassing for who?

    • CONSTANTLY WATCHING | October 27, 2020 at 11:04 PM | Reply

      @David Gambler if its postmarked before election day, they are completely fair game. You don’t want mail in voting because you know the vast majority of mail in votes will be Democratic. If it was reversed you’d be all for it. Just like the supreme court nominees. It wasn’t ok for obama to nominate a judge, because the election was months away. But when it’s a Republican nominee? A week and a half from an election? The mental gymnastics you have to do to justify it is insane. Listen to what Ted Cruz said in 2016 vs what he said this time around. see the hypocrisy. Not that you care. You know what’s going on and CHOOSE to ignore it. I’m an independent, I’ve never voted for a Democrat or a Republican. But for the party that claims to be Patriots, you guys sure like undermining Americas well being.


  3. Reportedly, kavanaugh is getting a keg a week for life from bunkerboy……after watching kav before Congress, he doesn’t deserve to be z judge in a pumpkin carving contest

    • House of Representatives can impeach the moron. Then the Senate will hold a trial. There maybe a way.

    • @Christine King is accusing you of a sexual assault with zero evidence, no witnesses and you can’t give the time, day or place…isn’t that slander? From what I understand, you must have some type of evidence or can place this person at the scene or have a witness to make an accusation. Otherwise you are in fact damaging someone’s reputation. In print it’s called Libel, with speech it’s called slander. Those are actual crimes, not made up ones by someone motivated by a political ideology.

    • @V Biden doesn’t know the law. He tells people to shoot shotguns out into the air, he tells people to shoot dangerous criminals in the leg. He is a senile basket case and can’t be trusted to know who or where he is from day to day. He can’t make any decisions besides bad decisions. He is already back Leda,one on his crime bill he passed and drafted that put all those Predators (blacks) in prison for having unwed mothers. You should go watch his crime bill speech. It’s a doozie.

    • Christine Sortino | October 27, 2020 at 11:13 PM | Reply


    • @Teri Hibbert you lost the election. You very well may lose it again. Live with it.

  4. I bet Brett Kavanaugh’s daughter was invaded a few times

  5. Diana Concepcion | October 27, 2020 at 10:28 PM | Reply

    Kavanaugh is dangerous to justice!.

  6. Oh Donald Trumpkin is going to do his best to steal this election. The only way to stop him is everyone voting completely blue.

  7. “Trump deserves the title of traitor.”

    – Rick Wilson

  8. Now we have an activist SCOTUS. GOOD GRIEF

  9. Freedom Finder | October 27, 2020 at 10:32 PM | Reply

    So, Kavanaugh is a liar and hypocrite. What a surprise! 😏 Vote Biden-Harris and Blue down the ballot to help preserve our democracy and save our Republic.

    • Stella Rocquie | October 27, 2020 at 11:11 PM | Reply

      You’d think after HIS Broadway production, he’d want to keep a low profile, but you know Narcissists. . . .

  10. Michael Hoerig | October 27, 2020 at 10:33 PM | Reply

    Whatever happened to judges being non-partisan?

    • Good point. I think there are people/judges who can be non-partisan, but those who are partisan would throw a tantrum if the decision didn’t go their way. It’s probably just a lose/lose.

    • Criminal trump and Mitch McConnell soiled it

    • They are supposed to be. However there maybe a way to remove him. He was brought up on impeachment September 26,2019 gor alleged sexual misconduct. Maybe this rpund…misrepresentation of our constitutional rights. Its a thought.

  11. fourthqtrplayer | October 27, 2020 at 10:34 PM | Reply

    I don’t like SCOTUS that shows favoritism towards presidents!! BLUE TSUNAMI!! BYEDON!!

  12. if democrats end up winning the presidency and senate they gotta hit back hard, can’t let there be no consequences to these schemes republicans been pulling.

    • They should hire the Lincoln project because they have balls and brains!

    • I’m afraid Democrats are total wussies. Always trying to take the high ground to get to the bottom. In my life of there’s something that needs to be done I’ll break an egg or two getting it done.

  13. Fake President, and now we have a Fake Supreme Court. Sigh. VOTE, we need this Blue Wave more than ever.

    Polls meant nothing if you don’t get out and vote!

  15. One of the first things to do for a new Dem government is going after Kavanaugh for perjury, and wiping him off the charts forever.

  16. If The Supreme Court Justices assist in the republican destruction of Our Democracy, ” THEY SHALL REAP THE WHIRLWIND”.

  17. A lot of REPUBLICANS deserve the title of traitor!!

  18. There’s nothing in the constitution that says we have to know the night of elections.

  19. This Supreme Court Ruling is such BS, that they let kavanaugh write for the majority. Because they did NOT want to look “THE FOOL”.

  20. Louise Pacifico | October 27, 2020 at 10:49 PM | Reply

    Millions will vote in person if he does this he will lose everyone who can walk crawl if you have to please. God bless all americans people take back your goverment.

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