Justices Gorsuch, Robert Join Liberals On Majority LGBTQ Workplace-Bias Ruling | MSNBC

Supreme Court analyst Tom Goldstein and MSNBC legal analyst Neal Katyal weigh in on the Supreme Court’s decision on Bostock vs. Clayton County, Ga., which has ruled that a 1964 existing civil rights law protects gay and lesbian workers. Aired on 06/15/2020.
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Justices Gorsuch, Robert Join Liberals On Majority LGBTQ Workplace-Bias Ruling | MSNBC


  1. Good. Hope they have as much sense about fascism and Trump taxes. Remember, this is the court leadership that gave us Citizen’s United.

    1. You do not have a right to see his taxes..there is no law saying he is required by law to show his taxes to the public

    2. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr when the authorities have probable cause that someone has committed a crime, they can go to the courts and ask for a subpoena for specific evidence that would prove the crime.
      In this case, Deutsche Bank alleges that Donald Frump is involved in money laundering and insursnce/tax fraud. There has been congressional sworn-in testimony that he did those things by someone who witnessed and conspired with the suspect.
      The evidence that would corroborate or disprove the allegation are his tax returns.
      Are you saying he is above the law, the law doesn’t apply to him?

    3. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr how many times has he promised to release them? Trump has said repeatedly he has no issue with releasing them and has promised to do repeatedly. So why he is still trying to hide them?

    4. SSS🌙 I did. I stand by my point. The current bench did vote for Citizens United. Do you have evidence of that not happening.

    1. @The Ropes of Renovation well good for you. Too bad you can’t even remember what you posted this morning. Too busy attacking decent folk trying to share a sense of humor. You must’ve forgotten to take your meds this morning, as well. Get a grip.

    2. The Ropes of Renovation Your self hatred is severe. You lack self esteem and you are low class.

    3. @15k DOW 2022
      Trump’s numbers were never that *”bigly”* to begin with. His only recieved about 25% of the vote from eligible American citizens in 2016. His re-election may be in question if we ask ourselves if we are actually *”…better off now than 4 years ago?”*

    4. I’m grateful for the decision today and I will stand with that until some can die out and a DEM president elected next term.

  2. Three of the Supreme Court Justices voted against LGBTQ rights. It is sad that we consider this a win.

    1. @H. A. L. Sure that is good no one have a right to discriminate anyone but there are people who do and they also have a right to hire who they want in their business, read again what I said, not about firing but hiring, this law is not good for people who are looking for a job business will not want to hire someone that can sue them, Black people experience that look what the law did to them they just can’t get a job a few will be let in to divert the intention but the majority are out doing what they have to do to survive

    2. @manny mo They can only sue them if they are being fired for their sexuality. That is very hard to prove, especially when corporations can afford top-notch lawyers. Fox is melting your brain.

    3. @Keenan Thomas The judges aren’t supposed to represent opposing political ideology. They are supposed to interpret laws and how they apply to more narrow and unseen circumstances in a manner that is equitable. Yet two justices who went to the same schools and understand the law in an entirely similar manner will end up making completely different interpretations based upon their political party. The entire system has mutated into something that is unrecognizable.

    4. @Keenan Thomas There are plenty of cases where I would be completely fine with split decisions, but when it comes to split decisions based solely on identity politics, then it shows the system is broken.

    5. H. A. L. I agree my point is how it got to the Supreme Court in the first place. People focus on the wrong thing or put the 2 before the one. Trump didn’t make racism, racism made Trump. So, while people are whining distracted by ONE impotent man his legion grows stronger. 3 out of 6 tells me what I’m working with to stop with to getting to the Supreme Court.

    1. @Lisa Reid you are in this society, whether you like it or not .
      Be happy we are fighting to make it a better one ,and one that is more fair to EVERYONE ,little by little. ✌

    2. @Lisa Reid what is your problem? Why should it be legal for you to fire me for who I am? Would you have me fired because I don’t believe in your faith?

  3. Looks like trump may have to fire his SCOTUS picks that don’t consult him first for -their- his opinion

  4. I wonder how do Evangelical Conservatives feel now about Trump’s Supreme Court Judge Gorsuch, 🤔.

    1. @The Ropes of Renovation
      Discriminate and it surely will, even the Supreme Court just said.

    2. @ARJUN BROOKLYN Nope. Some professions will not let you work with pink and green hair and long bizarre fingernails. Sorry, dude. I can always find someone more qualified.

    3. @The Ropes of Renovation
      Well if the only way you qualify is by looks them you better get yourself a good, expensive Constitutional lawyer.

  5. Robert’s how about seeing trump’s taxes. Stop siding with trump which is an enemy of democracy and makes you the same.

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Wow, that was some nonsensical gibberish, cadet bone spurs would be proud. Whiny amerinazi republican’t.

    2. @einkerl no law requiring them too though. Only law that says they have too is if Congress asks. And the only reason they’re asking is because the Democrats can’t accept that they lost. They need to get over it already.

    3. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr
      I’m sure after the impeached, constantly butthurting Twitterer-in-chief is voted out, a new law regarding the the mandatory disclosure of all candidates running for office will be passed.

    4. @red rover117
      All Presidents since Nixon have chosen to release their returns publicly. Trump may be forced to finally open his books like he promised at various times during his candidacy.

    1. Just let the Republicans just get our of the way. VOTE THOSE OLD DRIED. UP BIGOTS OUT OF OFFICE. LET US MOVE FORWARD NOT BACKWARD

    2. @John w Amen. The time is now! We, the people, want our fellow citizens treated with respect, honor, and equality. 2020 is the year for change.

  6. Great news, but why the heck wasn’t the decision unanimous? This means that three out of nine
    Supreme Court justices are pro discrimination against LGBTQ+ people! Just let that sink in for a moment.

    1. No, they might have had a different take on the language by supported the overall issue of not firing the worker.

    2. @brian gardner Is that where they get to make up excuses in legalise for why they are pro discrimination against LGBTQ+ human beings?

    3. It seems representative of the US in general, around a third of the population are backward racist fascists.

  7. I have little problem with Gorsich. It’s Kavanaugh I don’t trust. He’s
    A Trumper and should be e removed if the Presidency and Senate changes.

    1. @michael gregory Kavanaugh has to go. He’s a joke and will never be taken as more than a puppet for Republican issues. That’s why I want to see how he votes on Trumps taxes. That is pretty cut and dry. I was never a fan of lifting the filibuster being lifted. But I’m not a fan of McConnell holding up everything because Obama is black. Anybody that’s only goal before he takes office is too keep him from getting re-elected is a problem.

      I voted for Trump and change. I knew he had a dark past but the US needed change. He did the exact opposite of his platform, and the Helsinki meet. Was enough for me.

      Trump has set up the next Presidency to abuse everything and basically eliminate oversite. That was the difference with Shumers play. There use to be e oversite to stop things like this from happening. That’s on Moscow Mitch.

    2. @Gailynn Carroll you are wrong. With the correct information. Yes he can be removed. Especially Kavanaugh and some of the recent appointments that McConnell has shoved through. Purgury under oath is a Federal offence.

    3. a. barker No Supreme Court Justice has ever been removed—one was impeached, found innocent, and one resigned, but not one has been removed. Other federal appointees may be but Kavanaugh is with us for a LONG time. I wish it was otherwise but the bar for removing someone from the Supreme Court is too high.

  8. No one sexual orientation should affects their employment same go for someone’s race should not affects their employment

    1. @Keenan Thomas abortion is murder the city of New York City those 9-month abortions expect to be hit really hard by the Lord Jesus Christ expect to be hit really hard that’s absolutely disgusting absolutely disgusting that this country agrees with 9-month abortions we got some sick motherfuking people walking around f****** SOCIOPATHS

    2. MARY HARTMAN, MARY HARTMAN as a Christian is believe in the separation of church and state. The state should not tell the church what to believe or how it should run, and church who doesn’t have a problem believing that during tax season, should tell the state what to believe or how to run. That’s what your vote is for. It highly inappropriate, hypocritical and heresy for a preacher to discuss politics with his congregation. The same for a politician to discuss religion to his constituents. Less we live like people in the Middle East with our women covered head to toe like it says in the Bible.


    4. @Keenan Thomas If WE WERE living like that, we would not have HALF. the troubles we have in the U S A.

    5. @15k DOW 2022
      The DEPLORABLES are proud to have their KLAN rally on the day after the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States in 1865.

      Don’t you think it’s a coincidence?

    1. It is Trump’s win. This didn’t happen under Obama. And Trump picked Gorsuch, who supported the decision.

    1. @brian gardner Not among many of those who describe the Bible as a book of love. It is more often used by Bible Thumpers. Probably thumped the Bible a few times yourself. But only out of love for the sinner in need of your wisdom.

    2. @Oliver Skatt
      Yet, the US is still suffering from the repercussions of Slavery, Jim Crow and systemic racism.

    3. @Polo Life
      So you people *do* admire totalitarianism regimes like China, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Venezuela, Cuba and Russia, Russia, Russia.

    4. Brian Gardner I’m doubting you’d have the same opinion if the IS was at #1 in this scenario. But let’s be real, the US isn’t “the best country in the world. There are several areas with dangerous drinking water, areas with third world conditions, highest wealth gap since the Gilded Age, most of the country can’t afford a $400 emergency, thousands and thousands die each year because they are uninsured and can’t afford health care, thousands and thousands go bankrupt over medical issues, and so much more. The only thing that the US is #1 in is the military and that’s because the administration prioritizes an unnecessarily high military and defense budget over education, helping the homeless, helping veterans, and basically every person in the US.

    1. @MARY HARTMAN, MARY HARTMAN I havent said anything about free speech or restricting it. What’s your deal?

    2. @T. R. Campbell the president is not exempt from the emoluments clause. He didnt even argue that, he just called it phony. You can’t admit when you’re wrong.

    3. Christopher Parks Christopher read the constitution. This pertains only to members of the House and the Senate. You will find this in article 1 section 6 clause 2 of the constitution. The wording is very clear.

    4. Christopher Parks When I’m wrong I am wrong and I readily admit it. But in this case I am correct. All one needs to do is read the constitution and it specifically states members of the House and Senate but not the president and vice president. I’ve done some research on this, I study of the constitution and I find it most interesting. It takes on a new meeting when you read the papers of the founders who were arguing various provisions.
      Here’s a good one for you Article III, Section 2 of the constitution spells out the duties of the court. Read it. There is nothing whatsoever in the constitution that gives the court the power to declare laws passed by elected representatives of the House and Senate and signed by the president, to be unconstitutional. By what authority does the Supreme Court have to declare a law unconstitutional?

    1. Read the dissenting opinions. Edit: read ALL the opinions. There’s seems to be confusion as to what this case was REALLY about.

    2. lol could you even imagine Alito and Thomas siding with the majority on something like this? Those two are so conservative that they’re still debating whether or not fire can be started by mere mortal men or if it’s always sent from the heavens.

  9. Im republican, but wrong is wrong! No one should be fired on basis of sexual identity/preferences whatever!

    1. muadhib001 They’re not only ignorant bigots. Many of the GOP bigots aren’t ignorant at all, except for their belief in god, their delusional religiosity, and their false piety. They’re very intentionally and deliberately racist, bigoted, and prejudiced. It’s just how they are.

    2. guitarista67 you have nerve calling someone a bigot! You insulted me on here because of political disagreements, yet I’m the bad guy? You reassure me by your disposition, that I’ve chosen well.

    3. But I am glad because God showed Obama up again. The Christian was so busy blaming this man and he had nothing to do with it.

      Let see what they going to say now. People do not get it. The S.C do not play.

      Now I believe that some will change. But I have often said this was a test from God. Just to see are we going to love them the way Jesus has loved us or we going to throw stones.

      Because he without sin cast the first stone.

      I am just glad that God showed up Obama to God be the glory

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