1. Let’s hope others in the Republican Party can follow this mans great courage of taking a stand

    1. @Mark Green https://youtu.be/l3HLqRp2xg4

      He also ran with Trump endorsing him… He’s a turncoat but honestly I don’t know how anyone in their right mind would go from the right to the left right now.. the lefts platform is so far left they’re close to being classified as communists

    2. @capatga ..oh, should we digress to a discussion about English because you have weak ideals?
      I speak 3 languages turd burglar and i don’t like to capitalize my ‘I’s.
      In regard to my appearance, those are things i can’t control.
      I’m 47 and can’t help it if i look young (I admit the pick it 7 or 8 years old but YouTube self appointed it).
      You however, could stop being a beta baby modern day house slave with a safe space.
      These are things you have a choice with right?
      Anyway, here is something you can sing when you’re cleaning up the piddle in your safe space slave baby.
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  2. In Europe, we all know what happened ,..

    You’ve elected a criminal, narcissistic, lying con man. 😳

    1. @Dorientje Woller We do! About 2/3rds of this country did NOT vote for him. He lost by over 3 million votes. It’s just that our laws have been twisted and changed little by little over time in favor of the right. How else could we elect an idiot Republican with fewer votes? Same thing happened with Bush Sr, and George W Bush. Both Republicans and both lost the popular vote. Almost every recent historical repulican President has lost the popular vote, destroyed our economy, and has created a war. Then we put a Democrat in to clean everything up, then the right complains and calls him a socialist. Happens every time! Trump isnt to blame for the whole state of this cluster f*** were in, but hes a huge symptom of it. The problem lies with just the general knowledge and empathy of the population. If we cant find a way to fix stupid, then we’ll end up electing Trump for a 3rd term🤯

    2. @jeffs1000 Man,terrorists kill fewer people in Europe in 10 years that mass shootings in the US in 1…

    3. @Roshan Kumar Trump will point that you’re an illegal immigrant from those ‘*****ole countries and put you in cages.

    1. Oh and did I mention they’re not drinking toilet water or suffering horrible conditions at the border

    1. @philly philly Trump’s putting someone down by name-calling reveals his own low self-esteem.

    2. @texas thunder sure sure dude …stats are skewed ….u are afraid of everything …..then tttthe Democrats.

  3. At least someone in the Rebublican party has a moral compass & backbone. Don’t agree with his politics but anyone who stands up to the conman in the Whitehouse has to be applauded.

    1. @kim ama You think abortions mean infanticide? Please search up what the term abortions mean before you comment on this thread.

    2. @kim ama No, we celebrate a woman’s right to body autonomy and being able to choose what is best for her. Honestly, it’s nobody else’s business.

  4. Huge credit to Amash. I hope the Republican party one day will have more politicians like him. It would be very good for the country and they could do a great job

    1. @katwil89 That is until he wanted to become president at which point he switched because he knew Democrats weren’t stupid enough to elect him.

    2. @Binod Ghimire LOL, did you hear about Jeffery Epstein the child molester? he’s the Clintons best friend. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    3. *Statistically the GOP will no longer exist in the near future. Only so many old white boomers left and they’re dropping like flies.*

    4. @Puppet Master The young generation of Trump supporters will replace the old. You accept HOMOSEXUALS correct?

    1. @TJ Abston ha ha ha ha ha, you idiots really believe CNN? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha MSNBC? ha ha ha ha ha , FOX ha ha ha ha ha ha CABLE FAKE NEWS

    2. American Loyalist have banned together! They do not represent color ~American Loyalist are everywhere! Take back the Senate, Blue 2020!

  5. Amash is a real man. He stood up for our Constitution, country, and people when no one else would. I am a Democrat, but I can see that this is an honorable man.

  6. Justin’s great response, mature and exactly to the point. Trump’s response, as always, is what 1st and 2nd graders name calling. Every person who disagrees with him is “no IQ, dumbest”. People always call out others what they see in themselves to feel better. Deflecting. Mentally and racially.

    1. RIGHT? Well Said! here is a good time for that one commenter that always writes Trump; “The J. stands for genius” to chime in

    1. keyboard freedomfighter Yeah but where was this oposition on the rep party side 2 years ago,its like they waited and waited untill even they felt uncomfortable with the level of open curruption DJT displays.

    2. keyboard freedomfighter oh really….six years of Obama’s presidency the republicans spent blocking every democratically posed initiative….blocked a Supreme Court nomination….blocked Obama from talking about investigations into trump……blocking. Nice try there.

    3. @Dave Schultz You little one know that traitor Trump was a Democrat for a while, right?
      You wouldn’t be so stupid as to think that traitor Trump is a real conservative, right?

    4. jeffs1000 none of that is happening….it’s still Obama’s economy…trumps moves have only hurt the economy…..and as for taxes…starting in 2021 every tax break that was just passed for middle class people stop…..the taxes will begin to rise…..because the tax breaks for huge corporations and people who own yachts and golf courses are permanent…….the lost revenue will be made up when the middle class start paying for it starting in 2021……but republicans aren’t worried about that because their voters are fucking retards who won’t remember.

    1. @ihave35cents you damn people are no different than terrorists. Its your way or nothing. I haven’t seen one of you bitchrs even mention the national debt which chump has added FIVE FING TRILLION IN 3 YEARS. FU

  7. As long as Justin shows his Constitutes his decisions are in their interests, that’s what they should vote on, not Trump’s lies.

  8. Hold your head high. You stood up to a bully. More than we can say for 99% of the republic party. Gutless.

    1. @Mercedes Lewis buy giving aid to the anti American anti constitutional Dems. of today. They love to have A Rep switch sides to the party controlled by emotional cripples.He does know that be do this he is sacrificing his honor.

    2. @brian gardner Twisted reporting against the president? I’m sorry, but he provides plenty of ammunition to the news outlets. No need for embellishment…at all.

    3. @brian gardner What are you even talking about? You are just sitting there making up bullshit, just to make up some bullshit….. wtf is wrong with you?

    1. @anne bruce you think you would worry about your own s*** hole we live way better than you do over there are poor live better than a middle-class Scots. I’m glad my family decided to emigrate out of that s*** hole

    2. @anne bruce when we say we don’t know who he is you take it literally that’s how dumb you are

    3. @anne bruce I would start worrying about your own crap hole we’re doing great over here.Saturday 01 April 2017

      Evictions in Scotland have soared to levels last seen during the recession as Generation Rent struggles with “sky-high” housing costs and welfare cuts.
      Almost 40 people and families a day are now being forced out of their homes, with a near 40 per cent hike in the number of eviction cases being started at court in recent years.
      And there are warnings the situation will worsen in coming years as welfare cuts take their toll.

      The aftermath of the sub-prime mortgage crisis and stricter lending rules has seen a massive shift towards renting in Scotland, mainly from private landlords, while homeowner numbers have fallen.
      Graeme Brown, director of Shelter Scotland, said: “The sky-high cost of housing is stretching many people’s budgets to breaking point and it only takes one life event like losing a job or illness for people to build up arrears and face the threat of eviction.

      “Tenants should prioritise paying their rent, but when they do get into arrears we urge landlords to do all they can to help people stay in their homes and to make eviction a last resort.”
      It emerged last week that 14,690 evictions were started in Scotland’s courts last year (2015/16). The figures have risen from 10,532 in 2012/13. Before this, as the recession continued to bite in 2010, they stood at 14,160.
      A total of 13,905 eviction actions were completed in courts last year, up by more than 1,000 on the previous year.

      Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) said it advised on more than 1,000 eviction issues in the first nine months of 2016/17 – an increase of 41 per cent on the same period in the previous year.
      CAS policy manager Keith Dryburgh said: “It is worrying that the number of evictions has started to increase again, and is now back at the levels that we saw during the recession in 2010. This suggests that changes in income and austerity could be starting to bite harder again.”
      Most evictions come about as a result of rent arrears, but can also be initiated by a breach of tenancy agreements or when the tenancy comes to an end and the occupier refuses to vacate the property.
      It emerged last month that rents in Edinburgh and the Lothians have soared in recent years to an average of £726 a month, the highest in Scotland. The number of Scottish households in serious arrears now tops 10,000, according to YourMove – higher than in England and Wales.

      John Blackwood, chief executive of the Scottish Association of Landlords (SAL), said: “With more people choosing to rent through the Private Rented Sector, SAL believes there is a need to provide more information and education to reduce the need for evictions by ensuring both tenants and landlords understand their rights and responsibilities to help ensure problems, when they do arise, can be solved quickly and amicably.”
      A spokesman for local government body Cosla said: “There is no denying that more and more households are struggling to pay their rent as a result of a squeeze on household incomes and the financial pressures resulting from policies such as Universal Credit. Councils are braced to have to deal with this situation becoming worse in the coming years.”

    4. @ihave35cents a historic listed building in a fantastic city centre. Retired at 58, travel abroad 4 months of the year. Free prescriptions and screening, and healthcare. Can live on my superannuation till I get my government pension in 3 yes. Lucky me, I have a theory, the harder I worked in scotland, the luckier I seemed to get. One job paid all my Bill’s. In america how many jobs does the average person need to just get by???

  9. Who cares what they say privately? If they are too cowardly to say or do anything publicly, what’s the point?

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