Justin Trudeau blasts ‘horrific partisan attacks’ on David Johnson

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended his appointment of David Johnston as special rapporteur amid Conservative criticism.

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  1. It blows my mind that JT thinks he is actually right on this issue. Mr Johnson has several conflicts of interest issues here, there is NO way he should be involved. you cant in, any reality, think that appointing a close personal family friend of JT and liberal headliner is not sending the wrong signal here.

  2. If he had any integrity he’d recuse himself due to his close ties with the Trudeau foundation and Trudeau himself. Canadians are fed up with this garbage.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking a guy who has none of these traits,but thinks he does telling you he can vouch for someone else having these traits 🤔

  3. What trudeau doesn’t realize is that it is horrific that he would put such an outstanding Canadian citizen and friend in such a horrific situation!

    What I am surprised about is that Mr. Johnson would agree to be a part of this type of investigation and not suggest a public inquiry involving some non-partisan members!

    It does smell fishy to me!!!!

  4. I can just picture Justin standing in front of a huge mirror rehearsing this little ditty with Gerry and Katie off to the side shouting instructions. “More Cowbell Dumbbell.”

  5. Appointing a close family friend and a member of the Trudeau foundation was just brilliant nobody’s ever gonna see through that

  6. It’s to the point that listen to JT is like looking at a cat meow. There’s a lot of noise, but nothing intelligent or constructive comes out. It’s time JT gets fired. He and his government has taken Canada to a lower level at the expense of many hard working Canadians.

  7. He talks about facts but dismisses recordings of prc diplomats influencing municipal, provincial and federal elections as “unverified intelligence”… now that is horrific.

  8. Let me assure Canadians I am going to do my best to cover up as much information and facts that I possible can.

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