Poilievre | Trudeau is “hurting Canadian’s faith in democracy”

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre responded to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's criticisms that he's sowing chaos in the political system.

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    1. @Gary Haggquist
      Harper was an excellent PM Gary, unless you were a tree-hugging earthmuffin with no concept of fiscal prudency.

  1. When is the next vote of non-confidence? Quite clearly, this PM has no clue what constitutes a “conflict of interest”. He’s been in this situation multiple times already. Enough is enough!

    1. There is difference between a true conflict of interest and a potential conflict of interest that you do not seem to understand

    2. @Bob Crane If a company is being investigated for a crime. The Police would not call them and ask them to please assign the investigator of their choice to carry it out.

    3. @Bob Crane When you want to boost the public’s confidence in an investigation, putting yourself into a position where even a “potential conflict of interest” is possible is NOT the way to go about it. That’s why Justin has proven himself to be clueless. Any politician that makes such rookie mistakes is unfit to be on a school board, let alone the top position in government!

  2. When Trudeau hires a family friend and then severely limits what they can investigate, you know he’s guiltier than usual.

    1. @mark smith The polygraph would explode trying to comprehend Trudeau’s constant blabber of “uhhh… ahhh… peoplekind…”

  3. I hope you hold this government to make all evidence public. Talk is cheap. You need to make this happen Pierre, Canada needs this.

  4. “Follow the money” as they say… and everything seems to lead to Beijing … who here is surprised?

  5. As much as Trudeau isn’t helping he is being propped up by the NDP … so there’s blame to go around

    1. @Trillium Grandiflorum you realize you vote for mps in your riding who win by popular vote correct so how does that make sense?

    2. @ryan radcliffe you say the craziest stuff. You vote for a party and that’s it. There are like 3 MPs in all of Canada that actually represent their ridings. The rest might as well be from the moon.

    3. @Censorship4all every mp represents their riding and if they don’t vote them out it’s literally that simple but I guess stating facts is considered “crazy stuff” nowadays

  6. This whole process is just a joke and a waste of time. Nothing will come of this. The part that makes me the most mad is that no one seems to care, and I worry that Trudeau will still somehow win the next election.

    1. I got a call from the Conservative party seeing if I wanted to renew my membership, they have been told by the party to start preparing for a fall or possibly summer election so I think polievre is preparing to pounce, we will see though I guess, that’s just what they said on the phone

  7. I took our democracy for granted until Trudeau came along. Having your employees telling you how to live your life.. NO THANKS.

    1. The money from that foundation should be seized and used to pay down the national debt.

  8. Way too many Canadians have thought there was never a reason to pay attention to politics as well as politicians for the last 50 years, and that is why we are in this mess that we have now.

    1. What happened to “we stand on guard for thee”!? Snakes are always slithering about and we didn’t address them when they rose their ugly heads.

  9. This is the greatest national security threat in our nation’s history.
    Canadians will accept nothing less than an open, public, transparent, independent, and non-partisan inquiry.

  10. Poilievre is not accusing the personal integrity of former GG. He is only bringing to attention that he is not the right person to be a Reporteur, because he is a family of the Trudeau family and a member of the Trudeau Foundation.

  11. We all respect David Johnston…but most Canadians want a “Public Inquiry”…A poll done a few days ago says 70% percent want a “Public Inquiry”…

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