Justin Trudeau blasts Pierre Poilievre for supporting ‘Freedom Convoy’

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took shots at Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre while at a press conference in Windsor, Ont.

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  1. Your handouts won’t buy my vote Justin. Stop printing money and piling on debt for our children and grandchildren.

    1. @Tammy McLeod  yes and no. Yeah the money is ours (and we get over-taxed like crazy to fund NONSENSE lol don’t get me started). But something like ~20% of all Canadian money was printed in 2020-2022.
      Edit: fixed date.

  2. Poor Trudeau, he is starting to run out of issues and has nothing else to say but keep repeating the same things over and over. We need new ideas not old politics, Trudeau is old news.

  3. It’s better it invest $2 billions in a non existing company.
    That will help Canada to get onto the right track

  4. ALL Canadians need a voice for what they believe in.
    Trudeau won with less than 40% of the popular vote.
    He does not represent ALL Canadians, only the ones that agree with him.
    I like the think that those lemmings (that follow him) are getting fewer

    1. 32% actually. He is not a leader. Last seven years should have shown that 32% by now, I’d think. 68% already knew!

    2. So?

      You know how rare it is for a prime minister to get 50 percent.

      84 the last time

      We have 5 parties that get at least 5 percent

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