Justin Trudeau, Erin O'Toole square off over the surging cost of home ownership in Canada 1

Justin Trudeau, Erin O’Toole square off over the surging cost of home ownership in Canada

Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government of making home ownership unaffordable for Canadians.


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    1. More than likely they are only going to talk about it. Just like living conditions for seniors. Talk, talk, talk.

    2. What?? More taxes on speculative buying will do what for the housing market?? Lumber prices presently going through the roof. Build more public housing with I guess even more and more borrowed money.

    3. Don’t expect govt at any level to get it right. They say they care about it but when you count all the taxes, levies, regulations, etc, those add up quick.

    4. @Janet Pelletier123 No housing for Seniors, I went a few yrs ago and was told there was housing but not for me, then who are the houses for???

  1. Softwood lumber issue with the States? That has been going on for years and years. It’s a favourite whipping post of the Americans to bring it up on a constant basis.

    1. Consider the fact that it’s being done on purpose…it’s the only way that any of it makes sense.

    2. Yea well clearly he only cares about himself and his pride. On a side note, it amazes me how the Conservatives elected this O’Toole guy as their leader. Didn’t they learn anything from having Scheer as their poster boy… smh

    3. Of course he does !! Just like every other politician. They care greatly, that the price continue to go so tax revenue can continue to follow

  2. The clueless irish drunk vs momma’s boy school teacher. You call this “Squaring Off”? LOL When do the slappy hands come out?

  3. It is not just the cost of buying a home. Rent in Ontario is absurdly high! Something needs to be done to bring rent costs down.

    1. It’s everywhere. I live in Nova Scotia and since last year rent has been sky rocketing. Even in undesirable neighborhoods. Rent has gone up to $1400-$1600 to what it was the previous year from $600-$800 a month in these areas. Middle to higher end areas have gone up quite a bit too, but it’s most noticeable in lower end areas.

    2. It’s messed up and I don’t understand why we
      Need job when these AI replaced by human in work places and our life remains same some cases worse than before. How come only specific individuals getting full benefits from these AI and some like me about to get evicted

  4. They talk about it and that’s it Trudeau stands up run his mouth off and you won’t hear another word till next year

  5. Politics… all questions, no answers. If I have to listen to deflect and avoid out of Trudeau’s mouth any longer, I’m going to scream

  6. Both leaders are quite underwhelming. Whether it be on the national and international impact level. – Honestly, I’m more excited to see our independent political options.

    Sooner, rather than later.

    1. So isn’t the cheap heartless conservative’s who eat the poor and close hospitals,,,Viva my Primister

    1. I you regularly dressed in blackface and took a “shave your whole body day” while the country’s imploding you just might be leader of the Liberal party of Canada.

  7. All the liberals have done I’d run up debt. Taxes have made it impossible to get ahead in Canada. They have to go.

  8. Rather ironic that despite the claims that they care about unaffordable home ownership, they changed the mortgage again that will further hamper it just a few days ago which will apply June 1.

  9. O’Toole brings up the housing market, Blackface’s rambling response doesn’t even mention it. Yup, sounds about right.

    1. To be fair and as a strike against O’toole, he asked (after making a speech), Why is this government making it harder for Canadian families to get ahead? Ask a direct question, otherwise he let’s Justin just ramble on.

  10. Notice how he didn’t include petroleum industry workers, whom he’s given the royal shaft to !

  11. Why does he keep that ridiculous “ every step of the way “ response? Can’t He just step down from ruining Canada already?

  12. This is a waste of effort. Trudeau will win again easily against the tool. And that’s unfortunate

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