PM Trudeau calls for immediate release of journalist 1

PM Trudeau calls for immediate release of journalist


PM Justin Trudeau on arrest of journalist Roman Protasevich: 'The behaviour of the Belarus regime is outrageous, illegal and completely unacceptable.'

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  1. The airports????? You should be more concerned about your own country and Canadians. Just a another photo op for votes .

    1. @Pixel Soulmate She has been at OUR lake house for two years. She built herself a 2.5 million dollar mansion and spent 8.5 million on renovations with our money.

    1. Sit down and read from the paper
      So sad
      Most prime Minister or government officials cannot read a sentence or statement without paper

  2. This guy has no right to say anything about another country. He should be on there talking about Christian pastors getting arrested … what a door knob !

    1. @L I’m sure that’s what they often said behind the iron curtain. The point is rights are being stripped in the name of COVID-19, and somehow that makes it all okay.

    2. Belarus is going through the same as Ukraine. Just because someone said he is journalist, it doesn’t have to be that way.

    3. @L I’m not religious at all but if you think the laws of this country are not enforced unevenly then you have not been paying attention.

  3. You know that’s rich? Journalist within Canada get arrested too especially ones that Neo liberals don’t like.

  4. Where are the 2 Micheals? Condemnation of Belarusian action is proper, sure, but the condemnation of the Trudeau government is as potent as the wrath of a kindergarten teacher. Your weakness precedes you Sir.

    1. He doesn’t meet with any World Leaders, how can he with an ankle bracelet on…He’s a sham , nothing more.

  5. I can’t hear him talk any more. Goes in one ear out the other. I think he likes to hear himself talk.

  6. Whatever Belaruse did, I’m sure it’s quite reasonable, and that Justin doesn’t know what he’s saying when he calls it an “attack on democracy”.

  7. Canadian citizens being denied their right to re-enter Canada, being told to stay in a quarantine facility before they’re able to come back.

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