Justin Trudeau expected to debate Pierre Poilievre in question period today

Mike Le Couteur has the latest on today's question period, where Justin Trudeau is expected to square off against Pierre Poilievre.

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  1. JT never answered any questions. You can literally ask him “what time is it right now?”, and he’ll go on and on about Covid, “protecting Canadians”, lgbtq and other unrelated nonsense.

    1. What Trudeau is likely going to do is attack Poilievre for “supporting an insurrection” referring to the Convoys, attack him for some EI mumbo-jumbo they crafted to make him look bad, and ask the speaker why Poilievre supposedly wants to take money away from the very families Trudeau wants to slam with painful taxes to get his CERB money back.

    2. “Mr. Speaker, while the conservatives sit here focusing on such things as what time it is, we’re here protecting Canadians against such things as climate change”

    3. @Canadian Breeze he should definitely start with a time and date question. Have Trudeau answer it correctly, and then follow it up by saying “Oh so you do know how to provide a direct response to questions?!”

  2. Poilievre is going to ask him the same question 100 times and Trudeau is just gonna beat around the bushes and not answer any questions with a straight answer, just like him and Freeland always do. There should be a law In place to answer questions plainly and at face value in the house of commons.

    1. I think that you are right – unfortunately for Canadians! The Liberals should get NAILED for all of the damage which they have done!!

  3. Trudeau won’t answer anything he’ll just try to bash Pierre about Bitcoin. When Pierre literally said he’s not giving financial advice about Bitcoin lol. Trudeau has nothing else to say. He’s finished

  4. The liberal government has miss judged so many issues in the past two terms it’s frustrating and it continues to spin outta control more taxes more $$ for mistakes

  5. No, you mean he will be asked a question and then he will say that everything is perfect and everything is fine or just completely ignore the question and give a pre-recorded statement

  6. Pierre: “How much?”
    Trudeau: “er, ah, um, eee, oohhh, ree”
    Pierre: “How much?”
    Trudeau “You’re racist!”

    Imagine this going on for all of QP.

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