Mulcair: Poilievre needs to behave himself in question period now that he’s leader

Former NDP leader Tom Mulcair says that Pierre Poilievre will need to behave himself in question period now that he leads the Conservatives.

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  1. How about the liberals start answering questions in question period? How about they take responsibility for his actions

    1. You must be new to following politics. ANY and EVERY sitting government, regardless of political party, has those exact same sort of non-answers and repeated spin. In fact, when the MP for Carleton was a cabinet minister in the Harper regime, he was well-known for the exact same behaviour you are complaining about.

    2. @Larry Portelance I can send you an actual barrage of videos showing otherwise but even then probably wouldn’t change your mind anyways right

    1. Obviously their ideology is more aligned then a conservative did you forget he was an NDP politician they are on the opposite sides literally

    2. @ryan radcliffe Yes, but there is also ethical journalism. This is nothing more than an opinion piece like some trashy National Inquire

  2. “Trudeau, the seasoned veteran…” 😂 That’s laughable. Time in leadership does not necessarily make you a successful leader.

    1. I need you to get back to reality. Trudeau and his party have won the last three elections. He’s a veteran politician. If conservatives start to underestimate him, then you’re doomed.

    1. @pdtugs He can explain the cause of inflation, he understands how an increase of taxes impacts every day Canadians – even specific demographics, he has a vastly superior knowledge of economics compared to Trudeau.

  3. Lets go pierre…freezing bank accounts is something that I would never believe a leader of canada would even consider…

    1. its easy to be the attacker but not so easy to defend – If he gets in as PM it will be interesting to see when the tables are turned. He will be no different

  4. Hey, Tom, why is Jagmeet Singh on the one hand sharply criticizing Trudeau while on the other hand continuing to prop up the Liberal government?

    Can you explain this blatant hypocrisy?

  5. I am glad the right questions are being asked. I think we are in an economic mess and this PM of ours keeps spending. This must stop.

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