Justin Trudeau says these two things need to happen for Canada have a ‘normal’ summer | COVID-19

Justin Trudeau says these two things need to happen before restrictions can ease and Canadians can have a more 'normal' summer.

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    1. @Seamus O’Leary unfortunately you have been dupped to believing the opposing science is “anti science”.

    2. @g cotta This is why this can only be done under the cover of a virus, eventhough we can all see the crime.

    3. No more inhumane entities running rampant without worry, whatever the fudge they ALL are… they can’t stay.

    1. @Edward Riley can we thus infer after this length of time that you are unable to produce any of this science you refer to?

  1. We’re not gonna have normal again, until he gets what he wants. I dunno what’s taking place in September, honestly don’t care..

    1. @Adam The Confused I guess thats true Adam. Forty years ago I was starting out my life, I wouldn’t have known. I sure had fun in the 80’s & 90’s though. Starting around 2014-2015 you definately knew things where going to be different.

  2. From what I see no one cares anymore…I see gatherings every weekend….is the end game to eliminate small business,because it’s working 😓

    1. @Dannerooo they have been closed a few times. We’re currently under a stay at home order. They also sell gift certificates which I can buy when they aren’t open so that they can continue to pay the bills until they’re able to serve customers again. Several new restaurants have opened in my neighborhood during the pandemic and I’ve been getting take out from those that I like for the same reason.
      It’s not perfect but it’s more effective than complaining on the internet.

    2. @Patty Gould You’re talking about something entirely different. Your troll game is weak. Peace.

    3. @Edward Riley Give me your email address and I will send you verification that your claims are false.

      I will hand you PROOF on a silver platter. Edward.

  3. How about a “one dose” uprising of fed up Canadians at his doorstep? Seems like that might work, too. Hasn’t been tried yet.

    1. No ones brave enough to do it because they’ll attack you and say you’re trying a coup/insurrection. You’d be Imprisoned for life.

    2. @Edward Riley A punk like you is too afraid to leave his house without 4 masks let along curb stomp someone.

    1. @greengargoo May not be the flu but they sure are alway quick to count the flu, cancer, heart attacks, strokes, car accidents and everything else as CV as often as they can.

      Try to keep up, you are embarrassing yourself.

    2. @Sarah Lunafire Sorry was I talking to you? But yeah, ever heard of a comorbidity? Sometimes Doctors have to do that in the case of uncertainty. You’re making yourself look like an intellectual toddler.

    3. @R G Not a doctor, not my job, p.o.s. You could google “COVID vs. Influenza” as a start though.

    1. @Edward Riley ok eddy. time to post a reference to any of your science. how about the 1 (one) we talked about regarding masks?

  4. Come on guys, we can do it! Just 2 weeks to flatten the curve and everything will be back to normal! 🤣🤪🤣🤪🤣🤪🤣

    1. I’ve been waiting for the promises of normal from day one of covid, now it’s just normal to hear that promise

  5. JT speaks like he’s the be all,end all. I’ll go about my usual routine this summer,thank you very much.

    1. I mean, I stopped trusting him after the two weeks turned into 20 and our airport was still open for “essential travel”

    1. @jon keating
      What does that article have to do with the question I asked? What should Trudeau be charged for?

  6. “More normal”
    Aka not the normal.
    These restrictions will never be lifted at this rate, and riots will start happening sooner then later. Ugh

    1. @Drew Martin they really r underestimating the anger and resentment toward Castreau! They ignore to their detriment

  7. We all want to go to our summer homes and fly where ever we’d like to fly…like politicians.

  8. How about we just stop listening to the government. They have failed every step of the way.

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