1. @John Wang let’s mix bleach and ammonia…. they’re both cleaners……what could go wrong? (mustard gas)

    2. @Greg House Look up heterologous prime-boost to confirm the doc’s “precedence” statement.

    3. @COVID 19 We’re talking about the doc’s “precedence” statement. That precedence is not simply theory, it’s reality.

    1. At what rate are COVID cases hospitalized in Alberta? 1 in 5? 1 in 10? 1 in 20? The answer, according to the Alberta government’s own data:

      1 in 25 cases has ever been hospitalized
      1 in 141 cases has ever been admitted to an ICU

      If you look at only those cases in persons under 60 year of age (three-quarters of the provincial population):

      1 in 47 has ever been hospitalized
      1 in 254 has ever been admitted to an ICU

  1. The science was in before they discovered blood clots . Seems kind of funny that governments have shown a record of incompetence and then following up with the scientific evidence is in until next week

  2. Alberta Needs to Hold a Referendum and Fire Their Government
    The rest of Canada would Follow Suit after

    1. The unfortunate thing is all governments are inept and they always will be. That’s why you want as small a government as possible. Ours is way to big…

  3. I think Canada needs to halt both vector Covid 19 vaccines. mRNA is shown to have the best results. Safe and effective.

    1. @Name Name you mean we shouldn’t pay any attention to the conspiracy nonsense that the WHO and CDC put out?

    2. @John Smith it’s actually called the p1 variant. It’s 4-7 times less effective. However, it’s the mRNA vaccines that are actually easier to modify than the vector vaccines. mRNA, although older, is next level armour in the fight against disease.

  4. confusion ? Whatever you can get in your arm ? Sounds alarmist . This guy is quite the drama queen . Over 17 states in the united states open already and ontario should be wide open NOW . No excuse for Any delay–do you hear that doug ford?

    1. There are three possibilities in regards to Ford:

      (1) Ford is too dumb to realize he’s being conned by his COVID advisors
      (2) Ford knows he is being conned but is too afraid to do anything about it
      (3) Ford is in on the con.

  5. Deaths in Canada (all cause mortality)

    2016 = 262,090
    2017 = 274,240 (+12,150 from 2016)
    2018 = 283,770 (+9,530 from 2017)
    2019 = 287,460 (+3,690 from 2018)
    2020 = 300,210 (+12,750 from 2019)

  6. According to the Alberta government’s own COVID data:

    — only 1 in 25 cases in the province has ever been hospitalized
    — only 1 in 141 cases in the province has ever been admitted to an ICU
    — the survival/recovery rate for cases under 60 years of age is 99.93%
    — only 2.4% of deaths had no comorbidities

    Not quite the apocalypse some seem intent on portraying it to be.

    1. Canada’s case fatality rate is 1.9%, actually. Considering death as the only negative outcome of coronavirus infection is a sign of medical and epidemiological illiteracy. Covid minimizing serves no one.

  7. Russian roulette, who wants to play.
    The crisis in Canada is our government not the virus.

  8. Nuremberg 2.0 trials are underway.
    I can’t wait for these medical bureaucrats to be put on trial for Crimes Against Humanity.
    The reporters and their handlers as well.

  9. In case you wonder what Normal is “normal, typical, natural mean being of the sort or kind that is expected as usual, ordinary, or average. regular stresses conformity to a rule, standard, or pattern. the club’s regular monthly meeting normal implies lack of deviation from what has been discovered or established as the most usual or expected ” .

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