1. @Greg House fat jokes are literally the lowest of low, it’s the easiest target and it’s not funny.

    1. @J B well
      It’s something that is not communicable, but has a genetic component….and rhymes with numb

    1. @Truth seeker 204 I’ve been up around bears and wolves and always be armed. It doesn’t happen often but you can just disappear. Spray is a secondary to a rifle.

    2. @Chicken Leg Absolutely I’m not disagreeing with that. All I’m saying is the government wants to take away any way we have of defending ourselves and it’s already illegal to defend yourself against a criminal. Should not be that way!

  1. What’s a brand new mother doing on FB? Doesn’t she have enough to do looking after her newborn baby?

    1. @Raven Bond I get the sarcasm – but isn’t exactly this case the best reason to avoid FB? This poor woman would not be in this terrible situation had she devoted less time to FB and rather spend it looking after her newborn.

  2. as it was in the days of noah……………after that the world was a washout and a new start

    1. Please. Karla Homolka is a thousand times worse than his baby stealer and she was allowed to freely reproduce and have multiple kids. No questions asked.

    2. @Jason ya for sure! But unfortunately they let her out. And damm it all someone didnt get to her. We can always hope

  3. I love how pleasant everyone sounds…like every day a stranger walks upto you messes a nursing mother and walks off with their baby…really!!

  4. Wow! What a horrible story! How wonderful that woman’s neighbours are!! She’d better start Neighbour Appreciation Day in her area – STAT!!

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