JUTC Strike | Water Waste in St. Ann Jamaica | TVJ Midday News – Nov 29 2021

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  1. Police Dem a Tek out Dem problem pan civilians because Dem waa razor pay n cyaa get ,Suh Dem a turn to civilians now🤧🤧

  2. The police are out of control. They have no one to answer to. They break the law and they get a pat on the back for their bad behaviour. Good job to the JUTC drivers on coming together and standing up for injustice. The police department needs to apologize to the bus driver.

    1. It’s seems The driver of the JUTC Bus refused to follow the police instructions. Most people in Jamaica don’t respect the law and i don’t think the heads of police should apologize..

    2. @Sylvester Wade The bus driver asked the officer to move his car and he refused and told the bus driver to reverse but he couldn’t because there was another vehicle behind of him

  3. Why in this 21st century we are still without potable water in Jamaican communities….this is so embarrassing…we need transformational leaders to move Jamaica forward.

    1. It’s all about money and control. If one is dependent on the Gov’t then they have the control and get the money.

  4. So, the police will get pardon for their bad behavior but the jutc driver should be charged??? Boi, johncrow seh the world nu level yet !! Respect goes both ways. Police nave none fi civilians. Feel like them too high and mighty.
    Jps uno nu better than the private technicians cause uno hike people bills like crazy and even wan OUR give uno raises which they always do. 😕😕

  5. You never see police treat a bus driver like this in New York the police was very aggressive and disrespectful

    1. Listen bro I’m Jamaican don’t let this police officer prove anything . The police force here is soft and is made up of criminals . They only do this because they think they are above the law

  6. with this new incident involving Jamaica bully the poor police force i withdrew my support for these unprofessional police. PAY ONLY THE POLICE WITH RESPECT FOR THE PUDLIC

  7. Me glad me never from Jamaica because I couldn’t take that push around I would. First with the police big time real talk

  8. I said it once and I’ll say it again The Police force in Jamaica is just crumpling piece by piece . Some of dem police bouy yah soft they only pick pan those who are weak . A shoulda me

  9. This is a disgrace, so what have they charged the driver for what laws has he broken by asking the police to move their vehicle. They the JCF are totally out of control, something has seriously gone wrong within the JCF.

  10. Why the police love to disrespect the Jutc Drivers please Mr officer give them a break u are wrong for a law man and it’s not the first time this happened to Jutc Drivers I thanks God u guys stand up for each other love you guys always

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