PM Andrew Holness Addresses Crime Concerns in Jamaica | TVJ News – Nov 28 2021

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    1. I’m waiting for that too, but I don’t think it going to happen our country need change, and once these people are in power there’s no hope.

    2. @milli b So you telling me those old retired people and those innocent people that was killed didn’t know how to live?

  1. ‘Anyone found with an illegal gun should face the death penalty’ Hon Andrew Holness. The day you pass that law will be the day we begin to make Jamaica a safe place to live.

    1. @Peter Russell you have no idea how that made me feel as a Jamaican, I’m Almost embarrassed to even say am Jamaican when everyone else is so proud of their country.

    2. So wah woulda happen when you get found guilty for a gun police plant on you, cause we know that’s a common culture for them to do.? Wapm if a police don’t like you, or judge you unfairly because of where you are from or how you look? This is a thin line to trod .

  2. The witness makes up is mind to bring down the gang in fear of they was getting too dangerous. Is Andrew really taking credits for the trial of the gangster. Hey I’m not surprised

    1. It may be 30+ members but still only 1 gang. They’re dozens more gangs and hundreds more gang members still deh a road.

    2. Indeed! My thoughts exactly. Let’s see if they’re able to convict them. They were handed to them on a silver platter, let’s see what happens (I WILL NOT HOLD MY BREATH)

    1. @Marv antony we either sink or swim but I am looking forward to the day when the hanging is televised. Bring the dutty criminals to halfway Tree Square and string them up. Broadcast the hanging in prime time 8pm. It would be televised world wide. Countries would be paying Jamaica government for the TV rights. The government would make a huge amount of money. Millions. The TV rating would be very high. This is the correct way to make money off them stinking criminals for all the money they cost tax payers and society. Hang them high.

    2. @Marv antony Jamaica either sink or swim. My suggestion is to hang them in half way tree square and televise it to a world wide audience. The TV ratings would be very high and countries would pay Jamaica government huge amounts of money for the TV rights. This is a good way to make back money from all the damage these criminals have done. Hang them high.

  3. Them parents need to warn them children about it, cause they not going to cry for them when they are doing the wrong.

    1. 🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏Just like when him say we will be able to sleep with doors and windows open…just another fib…why him not pass that law now, what the wait for?

    2. @anevia gibbs Of course we can sleep with the doors and windows open but not the front and back doors though.
      He must be talking about the bathroom and kitchen doors and windows.
      They really take people for fools.

    3. Wow please mr P M this is right but please am asking you please sir please give the police officers some Bobby cameras 📷 stopping them from planning guns an innocent young men’s please get this thing right cameras 📷 cameras 📷 please and thanks Mr PM

  4. Taking crime seriously should have been done long long ago. Tougher penalties for gun crime and illegal guns.
    Social programs for the youth in vulnerable areas.
    Better pay and compensation for law enforcement officers.

  5. I don’t like his attitude very casual, he doesn’t come across as serious about crime. Not even an apology to the families who have lost their lives. These implementations that he is proposing should have been in place already. I believe this is his second term. If things are not radically different this time in 2022 HE SHOULD STEP DOWN!!!

    1. Rodrigo Duterte stated that; if you are in government for two months and you haven’t stopped corruption, then even if you are given 10 years you will not be able to stop it.
      So you gwaan wait on Holness, it’s over 6 years now him a govern….see what President Rodrigo was saying yet??!!

  6. When have you seen so much murders? The PM should not be praising himself. Look at the dismal state of murders.

  7. The logic is we are so dependent on us and other countries we let them tell us when to eat and when to sleep which should not be the case because the moment we decided to take drastic actions to fight crimes in our own yard we have humans rights activists breathing down our neck. The moral of the story is keep out of our business let we handle our situations and punish these criminals in the harshess manner because they are way out of hand now. Your ppl are not the ones that are been destroyed and remember you don’t have friends only interest.

  8. I haven’t heard that robin hood and his merry men have been in parliament having sleepless nights to pass new and tougher laws against; shottas, dons, extortionists, loader men, gang financiers, druggists and scammers!!!
    I heard that they did so for the DRMA act tho!
    Tells me all I need to know.
    Let’s see if Jamaicans will fall for words or action in 2021 and come 2022!?

  9. Easy for Holiness to say “don’t worry”. Try telling that to the families that have lost their love ones to the gun. Tell that to the people who are under pressure from those two footed animals that cause them to run from their homes. Holiness is all talk and no action who lacks the balls to clamp down on crime. You all can get your hopes up with his hype but this dude has no confidence in this man.

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